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Face Death With Dignity / Western Animation

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  • In Avatar: The Last Airbender, Admiral Zhao chose to die with dignity rather try to let Zuko save him as the Ocean Spirit dragged him down to his watery grave. Subverted in that being killed by the partner of the spirit he failed to kill is a pretty undignified death, but Zhao's pride makes him incapable of realizing that to the bitter end.
  • Dinobot in Beast Wars, by virtue of a Heel–Face Turn from the Predacons, is in no danger from their meddling time travel ways and didn't need to fight them all in single combat with no support and damaged beyond repair systems. In fact, a good deal of his troubles would be dealt with if he did nothing about it. But then there's what he could have done, and what he did.
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  • Codename: Kids Next Door: When Maurice turns 13, he accepts his decommissioning and the loss of his memories. Note that Maurice is the only KND agent show in the series who accepts his decommissioning, where others betray the Kids Next Door when they turn or before they turn 13 years old. Because Maurice accepts his decommissioning, he is rewarded with his reputation and legacy being left intact, with all of his former teammates and fellow operatives sending him off with honor. Note that even Numbuh 86, a boy hater and Head of Decommissioning, treats him with respect and is sad to see him go. It is implied that because he loyally accepts his fate, he is allowed to keep his memories and become part of a secret sect of teenagers who are still loyal to the KND and do undercover work to help them from behind the scenes.
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  • In the most badass instance ever in his animated filmography, Donald Duck does this with great patriotism and pride in the short "Commando Duck".
  • Quite a few characters in Exo Squad.
  • The Family Guy episode "Road To Las Vegas" revolves around Stewie using an experimental teleporter to take himself and Brian to Las Vegas for a Céline Dion concert. Unbeknownst to them, the teleporter actually creates a set of copies which are sent to Vegas, while the originals remain behind and are forced to use air travel to Vegas, thinking that the teleporter didnt work. The original Stewie and Brian have an increasingly miserable time until they find themselves in debt to a loanshark with no means of paying him back and decide to face death on their own terms and commit suicide. However, Stewie wusses out at the last moment, leading to only Brian dying. Meanwhile, the copies have a very successfull Vegas trip, until Stewie is murdered by the loanshark the originals hired, with only Brian surviving. He ends up reuniting with Stewie at a bus terminal where they figure out what actually happened.
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  • Kinda adverted, but in the series finale of Gravity Falls, the reporter Shandra Jimenez broke into Bill Cipher's lair, and when she was being turned into stone by an eyebat, she just accepts it, probably knowing that it would happen eventually. This is later adverted again with Bill who freaks out when he is being erased from inside Stan's mind
  • Hercules: The Animated Series: In the episode "Hercules and the Prince of Thrace", Adonis disturbs Gaia, so Gaia places a curse on him to die which can only be removed by the Golden Apples in the garden of the Hesperides, and only a god can take the apples. After Hercules fails to get one, they have Atlas get it instead while Hercules holds up the sky. When Atlas suggests just leaving Hercules, instead Adonis tricks Atlas into holding up the sky again, who in turn injures Pegasus so he can't fly. Seeing that there is no way for Pegasus to fly again, Adonis accepts his fate. When Hercules tries to think of a way to help, Adonis calmly tells him that he did all he could and lays down on the grass to die. Fortunately, the pair are able to summon Gaia in the garden and appease her wrath, lifting the curse from Adonis.
  • A variation on this in The Legend of Korra: Lin defies Amon to the very end and suffers what is, for many benders, A Fate Worse Than Death. Unlike every other victim of Amon's, she doesn't beg or plead, she just calmly closes her eyes and accepts it.
  • Canard Thunderbeak from The Mighty Ducks, when it looked like the team was going to all be eaten alive by a giant energy absorbing monster. He decided to give the thing something else to eat, himself.
  • Happens twice with Mike Chilton in the Motorcity finale. First when he's falling from a building after Kane tosses him, we see him shut his eyes calmly before he's rescued by the Duke of Detroit. The second is a subversion though as he appears to self-destruct Mutt with himself inside to blow up Kane's machine, although he manages to escape with Chopper-Mutt as planned.
    Mike: *to his dog bobble-head* "Sorry girl, we had a real good ride though, didn't we?"
  • Sheriff Silverstar in My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic. When out of ammunition (pies) and faced with a charging Buffalo chief, he just takes off his hat and closes his eyes. He is saved by a fellow townspony, but still counts.
  • Pinky and the Brain's The Brain's left defeated, picking garbage out for his meals, after outright losing—not just failing to take over the world, but losing it—to an Evil Counterpart. He's then greeted by a pack of alley cats. His intended last words, from inside a cat's mouth: "Go on, end it now!" The cats decline, and when he finds he's alive, he finally gets into the third act to save his world.
  • Samurai Jack: In the series finale, Aku finally captures Jack and plans to execute him in front of the entire world. Every single ally and friend Jack has made over the course of the series goes out to save him, knowing full well they are signing their collective death warrants by opposing Aku. Many of them die in the battle but they give Jack enough time to finally return to the past and destroy Aku, preventing his dark future from existing in the first place.
  • Star Wars Rebels has Governor Pryce in the series finale, who refuses to evacuate the command center (which the rebels have just set to self-destruct), choosing instead to simply stand there calmly and defiantly with a look of hate on her face as everything explodes around her.
  • Tom and Jerry short "The Duck Doctor" has it happening to Tom. Having no hope to escape a falling anvil, Tom dug himself a grave, blindfolded himself and had a last smoke. Then the anvil hit him on the head, making him fall inside his grave, which made the dug Earth jump onto him, completing the burial and then the anvil fell in a position to serve as a tombstone.
  • In the Season 6 premiere episode of The Venture Bros., Jonas Venture Jr., already dying of cancer, and General Treister go out in a blaze of glory, moving the reactor core of Gargantua-2 to a safe distance before meltdown. Jonas says one last goodbye to his brother Rusty (making the trademark "Go Team Venture" gesture) and calmly shuts his eyes as the end draws near. Treister rides the space station into the wild yonder, exulting in the fact that cancer isn't what's going to kill him.


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