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  • Grin, the demonic antagonist of 70-Seas, takes a kunai through the eye, but just laughs it off.
  • 8-Bit Theater:
    • "Rock–Paper–Scissors in the eye!"
    • Additionally:
      Matoya: I'll save you from the gruesome details, but suffice it to say that when a demon comments that he'd like to see things through your eyes, he's not speaking metaphorically.
    • And then there's this little gem:
      Red Mage: Wait, you murdered your own blind brother?
      Black Mage: It would have been cruel to let him live after what I did to his eyes.
  • Inverted, astonishingly, in this strip of The Adventures of Dr. McNinja.
    • What's even more astonishing is that this is not Dan McNinja's first inversion of this trope, nor is it his last.
  • In chapter 24 of Ava's Demon Odin Arrow tries on Ava Ire's damaged See-Thru Specs, only to get a tiny piece in his eye. This allows him to partially see some of the demons possessing the main characters.
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  • Awful Hospital: How the protagonist defeats the Kidney Stone Mother.
  • Blonde Sunrise: When we see the flashback in which Cyran loses his eye to a basilisk while saving Leonard's life, we see the basilisk's fang pierce the roof of Cyran's skull and push out his eye in gory detail.
  • In Book of Lies, there is an entire chapter all about a man who cuts the eyes out of his victims.
  • In a Boy and Dog strip, Rowan pokes Murphy in the eye. Murphy says that it hurts and so Rowan tries to see for himself by poking himself in the eye. He then says, "I agree with your assessment!".
  • Brawl in the Family:
    • In Marshy, Mario and friends set up camp on a hill, and Mario unwittingly drives a stake into its eye.
    • Implied by Phantoon Has It Rough. Going to the dentist is a much scarier experience when your eyeball is in your mouth.
  • But I'm a Cat Person: Frederick Oliver, the former owner of the Tiger, has a long scar that passes over his right eye.
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  • In chainsawsuit, a man gets a popped champagne cork in the eye here.
  • Charby the Vampirate: Charby sinks oversized hooks into Captain Blackheart's eyes.
    • Munchie's eyes are sewn shut, he pops the stitches off one of them when he gets whacked across it with a large tree branch.
    • Sadick accidentally lodges a toothpick in the eye of someone who startled him at a bar.
    • What happened to Victor's eye is implied to have been quite painful before being confirmed and shown in the side comic Here There Be Monsters.
    • When Tony's eye is slowly swelling shut after being injured by a possessed Zeno it looks quite painful.
    • Evidently the lower lid tears Kavonn sports are something of a habit of his hat.
    • Sadick is shown in a flashback shortly after the loss of his eye that led to his current use of an Eyepatch of Power.
  • In Crepuscule, Neal has had his eye ripped out by Navarus as 'punishment'. Twice.
  • The Purple Shirted Eye Stabber from Cyanide & Happiness. Subverted in one strip where the guy getting stabbed is a fan and is happy to get his eye stabbed.
  • Cuanta Vida: Poor, poor, Liam. And it was done by the Spy who replaced Gabry, his lover.
  • When Daniel blinds Wayne with some kind of heated poker the reader is given a horrifying first person view of the last thing he sees.
  • Inflicted in Dead of Summer on Dr. Light.
  • In the bonus arc of Deities Death gets an arrow shot in his eye in this strip by War.
  • In Digger, it's mentioned to be a "kindness" to sew shut the eyes of acolytes who display second sight, possibly so they aren't constantly trying to untangle it from their first sight.
  • In Dominic Deegan:
    • ...When the Infernomancer reveals that the blindfold he's wearing features two very long spikes...
    • A later arc has one-time villain Urban Eddie demonstrate how dangerous he's gotten by (thankfully off-panel) pulling one from a underling's head.
    • Another villain's backstory involves him removing his own eyes.
    "That... hnh... wasn't so bad."
  • The Dragon Doctors has Goro confronting a woman with Eye Beams. Goro is badly hurt in the fight, but proves very handy with a pair of scalpels.
  • Used to distract Jer'kol by Ariel to allow Kormaril to strike at him in this strip of Drowtales. He got better. His eye did not, and Ariel finished him off the next time he tried to kill her.
  • Ennui GO!:
    • Narrowly averted when Asher cuts Hashim's face with the broken whiskey bottle, as the cuts weren't deep enough to damage his eye.
    • Asher himself completely loses his left eye when Izzy hacks off half his face with his own cleaver.
    • Noah's final opponent in the Arcanus: The Widening tournament stabs himself in the left eye solely so he can put the ball of tiger's eye that was the grand prize in the socket.
  • In Fairy Dust, a deserter who had been ordered blinded and mutilated bargains for a Mercy Kill, and gets it by being stabbed through an eye socket so it would look like the original orders were being obeyed.
  • Girl Genius:
    • Jiminez Hoffmann takes a shot of acid from a clank in the old Corbettite vault to the face. Since the acid is centuries old and lost much of his potency and Agatha and Violetta started eyewashing immediately, he's left only mostly blind, and his face thankfully isn't melted off either. He and Agatha cobble together a temporary vision aid out of the clank's optic sensors, and he knows an oculist spark at the University that may provide a more permanent remedy; he goes with cat eyes to be able to see in the dark.
    • One panel of Count Beausoleil's Death Montage shows one of his remote bodies in mid fall just about to be impaled through the eye by a spiked floor.
  • Abbey in Gnoph usually goes for the eyes first when fighting, with gory results. Three examples here, here, and here.
  • This happens a lot in Goblins.
  • In Godquest, Galvan has to wear a mask over his eyes because he lost one of them confronting a demon.
  • In Godslave, Edith takes down her first Blacksmith by piercing his Heru-eye.
  • In El Goonish Shive, Elliot defeats the first Goo by punching its eye out and lighting it on fire.
  • Grrl Power:
  • Guilded Age: Von Carnaj is killed this way by Gravedust.
  • Gunnerkrigg Court:
    • Invoked: to scare Paz, Mort creates an illusory Circus of Fear, where all the mannequins are missing their eyes. Except for the clown, brandishing a rusty saw, who says (in Spanish) "What lovely eyes you have, Paz. Will you give them to me?"
    • Zimmy and Diego's eyes are commonly mistaken for no eyes at all when they're really a shadowy sort of blockage which is possibly meant to be from her little Crapsack World.
  • From the "Midnight Crew" intermission in Homestuck:
    • Also, Rose attacks an ogre in the eyes with knitting needles, blinding it. Then uses the yarn as reins and rides it.
    • Her alpha counterpart does the same to Guy Fieri. It's a tad bloodier this time.
    • We eventually learn how Terezi was blinded: mind-controlled to sleepwalk outside and stare into the sun until her corneas burned out. (Fridge Brilliance: Pyrope means "fire-eyed".) This was in revenge for Terezi having caused another character to lose an eye and an arm to an exploding cue ball.
    • Sollux's eyes are taken out completely by a blast from Eridan, leaving only empty eye sockets.
    • The Big Bad mind controls Human Session Alpha Jack Noir into stabbing his own eyes out.
    • It's hinted that Jack knifed them because he couldn't stop staring.
  • Jack: Anakin does this to Jack in one strip.
  • Parodied in John And John.
  • Shuugo of Juathuur gets his eyes gouged in a flashback. You can view it in all its gory glory here.
  • How Sul lost his eye sight in Kiss Wood. After setting his house on fire, he realises Ro (a butterfly) is trapped in the house. He goes in to rescue her, but gets stabbed/burnt in the eye by a burning piece of wood that falls from the ceiling.
  • Melvina's Therapy: Melvina's first successful "therapy" made her friend Grethel rip her own eyes out.
  • In Men in Hats, Aram puts deadly poison into Gamal's eye while teaching him about "Word of the Day" fun.
  • Matt from Murphy's Law fires an arrow into a dragon's eye.
  • This page in Namesake.
  • The Order of the Stick:
    • O-Chul broke out of his cage at an opportune moment and used one of the bars to take revenge on his torturer, Redcloak, by shoving it through his right eye. (Even better, had Redcloak not teleported out of the way first, it seems like O-Chul wasn't going to stop with the eyes...) This parallels Start of Darkness, in which Redcloak's younger brother lost his left eye when paladins attacked their village. While Redcloak can heal said wound, Xykon forbids him from doing so as a reminder of his failure to properly protect his Phylactery.
    • It is a bad idea to say "I think there's something in my eye." when Belkar is within (dagger) range.
    • Eagle-Eye Pete learned that it was a bad idea to choose a nickname based on something he couldn't afford to lose. Twice.
    • Lacking anything else to use as a weapon at the moment, Roy smashes the phial of the healing potion he just chugged down into Thog's eye. Even a raging Barbarian can't shrug off broken glass in the eyes.
  • Our Little Adventure:
    • A female imperial mook the group was fighting in this comic gets shot by Julie in the eye right after this mook lost her arm.
    • And in one of the later battles against an Angelo Kid, this magician cast blindness on Angelika. Instead of something traumatic happening to her eyes, they completely disappear from her face.
  • Penny Arcade:
  • Pixie and Brutus: What happened to Brutus' eye remains unexplained but he bears a scar over it and the eye beneath is clouded, implying he was injured there somehow. It eventually gets explained. Back when he was working as a military dog for a man named Sergio, they experienced a surprise attack as a terrorist pulled out a gun and shot Sergio. Brutus attempted to stop the attacker, resulting in his eye getting damaged along with other severe injuries.
  • In Prophecy of the Circle, one of the tekk gets a spear thrust into its eye. We don't see the impact, but the aftermath — half of the spear's shaft stuck between bloodied eyelids — isn't too pleasant.
  • Queen of Wands, here:
    Grammar Nazi: How are you feeling now, Jimmy?
    Jimmy: Like I just fucked Jocasta!
  • Rosebuds: When Rosa asks Maria to clean the windows, she warns her to be careful with how she holds the window spray which Maria brushes off. Predictably, Maria holds it the wrong way and sprays herself in the eyes.
  • Sequential Art has possibly the cutest Eye Scream ever. Stoopid candee cane.
  • Schlock Mercenary:
    • See this strip.
    • In fact. eyes are lost pretty often: Aardy, Chisulo (on purpose, no less, by Tagon), and Captain Tagon himself. Nano-surgery and rapid regrowth makes it a non-serious injury, though.
      • Turned into a Moment of Awesome here (the above probably helped to prepare him for that):
        Tagon: * schllluk!* Thank you. Now I have a knife.
  • In Slightly Damned:
    • This is (sort of) used as a gag when Buwaro first hears the words "ice cream".
  • Sluggy Freelance: "Keep your eyes peeled." The damage leaves Acey with an Eyepatch of Power.
  • A Softer World: In this world there are two kinds of people. People like me, with knives, and people like you, with eyeballs.
  • In Stand Still, Stay Silent, the Plague Zombie creatures display eye worms of sorts.
  • While Starslip doesn't explicitly show how Cutter loses his eye, the implication is pretty clear.
  • Dante from The Story of Anima had his eye gouged out by his brother. the trauma ultimately caused his Animus power to develop.
  • String Theory (2009) has Dr. Schtein, who had his eyes melted out of his head by a plasma burst in an experiment gone terribly wrong; however, he receives working red-on-black prosthetics. Schtein is still unhappy about his appearance, though.
    Schtein: The only thing that happened to me is a plasma arc burnt the front of my face and melted my eyes out of their sockets.
  • Suicide for Hire: A (rather doped-up) man loses an eye after receiving a lap dance by a stripper with implants. No, really.
  • In the Team Fortress 2 comic "The Naked and the Dead", after Medic revives Miss Pauling by reinserting the blood she had sucked out of her body by robots, a hug from Scout causes the blood in her head to shoot out through her eyes and blow her glasses off.
  • Bam from Tower of God cuts up Hwaryun's face with his Defense Mechanism Superpower. A clean, deep cut right through the eye.
  • UNA Frontiers: Cyberna is troubled by recurring visions of a woman with gouged eyes, which come from the carried-over memories of the woman whose brain patterns served as her personality template.
  • Unicorn Jelly: Eye am not eye!
  • Unsounded: Duane's having a bad day.
  • Wapsi Square has this lovely little strip.
  • Your Throne: Perion taking out his own eye with the tip of a sword. Ouch.


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