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Eye Scream / Fairy Tales

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  • In one Arabian Nights story, a prince is practicing archery and shoots at a bird that's perched on the vizier's house. He misses, and hits the vizier in the eye. The vizier being a typical example of his profession, this doesn't work out so well for the prince: the vizier usurps the throne, has the prince captured and plucks out his eye. No, he doesn't use any instruments to do so. He literally sticks his finger in the prince's eye and plucks it out.
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  • The Brothers Grimm telling of "Cinderella" has Cinderella's cute little bird friends pecking out the eyes of her wicked stepsisters after they try to pass themselves off to the prince as Cinderella.
  • In "Rapunzel", the prince loses his vision after falling from the tower into thorn bushes, regaining it later thanks to Rapunzel's Swiss Army Tears. It's kept in more than once version, like the Grimm's Fairy Tale Classics retelling that gives the viewer a lovely view of the Prince falling into the bushes, with the thorns as the last thing he sees...
  • In Madame d'Aulnoy's The Princess Mayblossom, the titular princess kills the evil ambassador Fanfarinet - who is trying to kill and eat her - by stabbing him in the eye with a dagger.
  • In traditional fairy lore, it's not uncommon for those who spy upon fairy revels to lose the eye through which they watched them.
    • In many versions of Tam Lin, the Queen of Fairy vows that if she had known Tam Lin would try to escape her, she would have plucked out his eyes.
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    • An Older Than Print fairy trope is that of a human who inadvertently gains the ability to see through fairy glamour, usually through anointing an eye with a magic potion. When he meets the fairy later on and greets it, the fairy asks which eye the mortal sees them through; when he tells them, the fairy immediately puts his eye out. (In later versions, the mortal is Genre Savvy enough to claim that he sees the fairy "through the eye in the back of my head," i.e. an eye that doesn't exist. Sometimes the fairy congratulates the mortal on his cleverness, and lets him be; sometimes the fairy is angry but powerless, and tells him that if he'd given any other answer, he would have lost the eye.)

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