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  • Arrowverse:
    • Jake Simmons (AKA Deathbolt) shoots plasma laser beams from his eyes as his main power.
    • Supergirl (2015) as usual keeps the heat vision as part of the standard Kryptonian superpowers, although in this series it appears more blue/cyan than the traditional red from the comics and most other incarnations.
      • In this series, the over-use of heat vision, which Clark terms a "solar-flare", can temporarily "burn-out" her or Clark's super-powers, temporarily causing them to revert to human.
  • The Boys (2019)
    • Billy Butcher finds a baby hooked up to an IV of Compound V being kept inside a laser-proof incubator, due to having been born with the ability to shoot blue beams from its eyes. Several mooks with automatic weapons then burst into the room, and in a classic Boys Black Comedy moment, Butcher picks up the baby and uses it to blast them in half.
    • Homelander's red eye beams are his most common weapons, which he uses to kill a building full of terrorists and bring down a plane. The reason he uses them is because they require the least effort for him to use and because he is frankly lazy, which fits with his characterization as a truly villainous Smug Super.
  • The villain from the Charmed (1998) episode "The Truth is out there, and it hurts" has a Third Eye that sends out a beam of burning energy. It targets the same area that the victim's third eye would be.
  • Doctor Who:
    • The Silurians from the classic series had a Third Eye they could send an eye beam from which could kill, stun, or operate machinery.
    • "42" has the bad guy running around with these (beams of heat, in this case), with a visor that seems to be a direct Shout-Out to Cyclops.
  • One of the villains of the week on Farscape was a blind Mad Scientist specializing in light, so naturally, he could shoot lasers out of his eyes. And cling to walls.
  • Although Heroes, surprisingly given the many different superpowers, does not have any characters with eye beams, in the season 3 episode "It's Coming", Elle shoots Sylar with so much lightning at one point that lightning actually comes out of his eyes while he's being electrocuted. Good Thing He Can Heal.
  • On How I Met Your Mother, Lily has the "You're dead to me look", which causes her eyes to glow and the object of her glare to (appear to) vaporize. Given the look's similarity to Dark Willow eyes, this is possibly an Actor Allusion to actress Alyson Hannigan's former character.
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  • The short lived comedy show The Idiot Box featured a bit called "Damn These Eyes", about a scientist who, after a telescope mishap, was cursed with Eye Beams that he could not turn off. The beams — actually dotted lines — did not actually do anything, but they would let anyone know exactly where he was looking (such as at a woman's chest), destroying his life.
  • The Mr. Potato Head Show: During the superhero episode, Mr. Potato Head's "Spudman" character has the ability to fire lightning-like purple rays from his eyes; he used them to create a Bullethole Door to enter the villain's lair. He showed this ability once backstage, too.
  • Cindy Crawford was able to do this when she appeared on Muppets Tonight, and did it to vaporize two rather annoying Muppets, one a Loony Fan who asked if supermodels had super-powers, and during the last scene on a guy who kept introducing himself (over and over).
  • Night Man's costume includes (among things like a bulletproof bodysuit, an Anti-Gravity belt, and an Invisibility Cloak) an eyepatch of sorts that grants him night vision and can fire a laser. He's not shy about using it to kill, though. At one point, he uses it to merely stun a bad guy, knowing the guy was going to take a two-story fall headfirst.
  • Red Dwarf's Rimmer contracts a holovirus in the episode "Quarantine", it drives him mad(der) and he puts on a red and white checked gingham dress, army boots and a penguin puppet, Mr. Flibble. The holovirus gives Rimmer Hex-Vision, with which he can shoot beams from his eyes. He can also transfer the Hex-Vision to Mr. Flibble...
    Rimmer: Mr Flibble is very cross... you shouldn't of run away from him... what are we gonna do with them Mr Flibble?
    Mr Flibble quivering whispers something in evil Rimmer's ear
    Rimmer: We can't do that (shocked)... who'd clean up the mess? (both their eyes glow red).
    • The first time our heroes get shot at with the Hex-Vision, the Imperial Stormtrooper Marksmanship Academy trope is lampshaded. Fridge Brilliance would suggest the reason the bad guys can't shoot straight while using Eye Beams is because their optic nerves are overloaded by the energy needed to destroy their target, so they can't see a thing.
  • Olly, from The Sifl and Olly Show, has a pair of these installed at one point. They come with the ability to read minds. Side effects include extreme curiosity.
  • In one of the later The Six Million Dollar Man made-for-TV movies, Steve Austin's long lost son suffers a tragic accident and gets a bionic eye — that can shoot lasers.
  • Smallville: Clark Kent, obviously. He develops them in "Heat". Also Bizarro, Ultraman, and any of the dozens of Kryptonians that pop up during the show. Heat vision is invisible to the naked eye and the beam effects are only for the audience's benefit, allowing them to use it in public without anyone noticing. And for the Kryptonians, heat vision is heavily associated with sexual arousal, with some of them activating it by accident when becoming too aroused.
  • Countless Ultra Series kaiju possess beam attacks fired from their eyes.


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