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  • Miho in Megatokyo seems to fashion herself as an Evil Counterpart to Yuki. She has the same powers, and when she awakens Yuki to her powers, says that Yuki's are based on love, while hers are lonely and dark. But then again, no one ever knows what's with Miho.
  • Celesto Morgan to Dominic Deegan.
    • Karnak (now the recently deposed King of Hell) and Dominic's father Donovan. Both were orphans raised in foreign lands by a different race/species (orcs raised Karnak and elves raised Donovan). When the two of them met they even became friends, though Karnak never did appreciate Donovan's sense of humor. Unfortunately, they both fell in love with the same woman, but Miranda only loved Karnak as a friend and had already given her heart to Donovan. This frustrated Karnak so much that he grew to despise Donvan and invoked a brutal tradition of orc culture and tried to kill Donovan and take Miranda for himself.
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  • Universe 13 Kakarot in Dragon Ball Multiverse. At some point in his universe, Goku regained his destructive instincts, wiped out humanity, and proceeded to Go Mad from the Isolation. The end result is terrifying.
  • In Fans!, Keith Feddyg to Rikk.
  • Homestuck plays with this in the form of the trolls, who have mixed and inverted elements of the kids' personalities.
  • User Friendly has the Crud Puppy, a scalpel-wielding Evil Counterpart to the Dust Puppy.
  • The Order of the Stick has the Linear Guild, a team of Evil Counterparts to the titular band, led by Elan's Evil Twin Nale. After their first defeat, Nale recruited replacements to purposefully continue the "evil opposites" theme.
    • Taken to its logical conclusion with Yokyok, who is actually a GOOD counterpart to the Chaotic Evil Belkar Bitterleaf.
      • Belkar is interesting example in that so far he had four evil counterparts, two of which (Yikyik and Yukyuk) were pretty much like him and two of which were his opposites - good Yokyok and Lawful Kilkil.
    • Crystal to Haley.
    • Redcloak seems like he is Hinjo's evil counterpart.
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    • Roy however insists that Thog is not his Evil Counterpart and is merely just different from him, stating that there has to be more to it than just Roy being a Genius Bruiser and Thog being Dumb Muscle.
    • From Empire of Blood we have General Tarquin, who is evil counterpart to both Roy (being intelligent fighter and competent leader) and Elan (as they share their love for storytelling and drama) and Lord Shojo, as they both rule their kingdoms through deception of being powerless, Shojo by faking being senile and Tarquin by pretending to be The Dragon to easily-manipulated Empress of Blood. There is also Durkon's evil counterpart Malack. Later on, we meet two other members of Tarquin's former adventuring party: Laurin Shattersmith, whose Hair-Trigger Temper and fondness for blasting things with powers make her quite similar to V with a touch of Fantastic Racism, and Miron Shewdanker, whose blunt sarcasm, penchant for nicknames and method of dealing with problems makes him a human, magic-wielding version of Belkar.
      • Elan also considers Tarquin to be an evil counterpart to Julio Scoundrel, since he sees them both as father figures.
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  • Penny and Aggie contains a team of Evil Counterparts to Penny's clique gathered by Penny's social rival who read way too many comic books before her makeover into an Alpha Bitch thanks to Penny and Aggie.
  • In Sluggy Freelance Kusari serves as the Evil Counterpart to Oasis. They're both superbly skilled, (seemingly) immortal assassins created/raised by Hereti Corp, and Kusari even claims they're sisters. While Oasis is largely pointed against the bad guys and only poses issues for the heroes when her Berserk Button gets pushed, Kusari works directly for Hereti Corp and doesn't break with them until the very end.
  • Lord Tedd in El Goonish Shive along with Shade Tail. Ellen tried to be this for a while but quickly gave up on it.
  • In 8-Bit Theater with the main characters being the Evil Counterparts of the true Light Warriors which travel the world since then stumbling from one disaster into another. Also, there are the other warriors which are also (mostly) way less evil than the protagonists.
  • Rezz & Co Bounty Hunters - Adam Tezlaar the "Armored Mercenary" is this to Rezz Kara. They both have similar training and power armor, but one is an assassin while the other one is only a bounty hunter.
  • Shortpacked! gives us McAwesome's Parasailing and Chocolate Bakery... or, more accurately, the titular store is the Evil Counterpart to McAwesome's. Gustavo, Evan, Rose and Zaph are well-adjusted expies of Galasso, Ethan, Amber and Faz. Ronnie's counterpart is Franklin D. Roosevelt, Ninja Rick's is a pirate, and Robin's is Agatha from her original SEMME team. The others so far don't have counterparts, but Mike moonlights there, and gets drunk to do so, so he's his own counterpart.
    • Sydney Yus' designed her Axes of Something to be this. The first included Dawson (Ethan), Walter Mondale (Ronnie) and Faz (...himself?) The Axis of Something 2.0 included Angie (Malaya and Ken's roommate, mostly there because she's pissed at the former), Evan (for Ethan, now a cyborg and only slightly evil), Mike (again, for himself) and Leo (Leslie's AmicableEx, who was lured there by claims that it was for Bible study).
  • Sonichu has a few for both its titular character and the Author Avatar. For the titular character, there's Metal Sonichu and Black Sonichu/Blachu/Blake, though Blake turns good. For the Author Avatar, there's Naitsirhc, whom takes Evil Counterpart to a major extreme.
  • The titular characters of Bob and George. While George is depicted as god of electricity, Bob is depicted as god of fire. George's "true" form is called Blitz (originally Spark) and Bob's true form is called Napalm. They both got their powers from their mother. In the story, Bob/Napalm calls himself "the destroyer of civilisations" and George/Spark/Blitz believes in justice. Also, in the end, they get help from their respective protectors; Bob from Helmeted Author and George from Shadowy Author. Also, it's revealed that both of them were protected by their mother.
    • The Author and the Helmeted Author/Fistandantilus are also good and evil versions of each other.
  • Raven Red, as in her original comic book incarnation, serves as the evil aviatrix counterpart for the T-Girl heroine of Jet Dream, Harmony Thunder.
  • White Dark Life Dark Matt is this to(of course) Matt, and most of his actions have him reinforcing this image(ie, Matt mimics heroes, while Dark Matt mimics villains.) Though he's not truly evil and only does bad things to keep himself from being purified. Dark Matt drops this trope after the Time Skip anyway.

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