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  • Defection: is a setting where travel between dimensions is relatively common, albeit only truly available to those on the larger end of the power pool, thus resulting in a lot of alternate versions of the same person.
  • Trey and Troy, the "bad" Dimensional Guardians from the web fiction serial Dimension Heroes often pick fights with the protagonists.
  • In the Global Guardians PBEM Universe, The ambitious and brutal Blackstar was thrown out of the Guardsmen, the intergalactic superhuman police force, and is now the sworn enemy of the heroic Guardsman, defender of Earth.
    • The Tyrants are a "mirror universe" version of the Global Guardians.
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  • That Guy with the Glasses has multiple, mostly due to a lack of actors. A list: Dark Paw, Black Lantern Spoony One Prime, Ask That Guy with the Glasses, Phelous D1, Suolehp, Mechakara, and Judas Liz.
  • Among LOLCats, Basement Cat to Ceiling Cat.
  • A lot of villains and heroes in Shadowhunter Peril serve as counterparts to each other.
  • The Insanity Wolf meme to Courage Wolf.
  • 1d4chan has created an epic inversion with Brighthammer 40k, a reimaging of Warhammer 40,000 that replaces the Grimdark future of Warhammer 40k with a bright happy Star Trek-esque universe where the everything is going great and instead of war, there is only HIGH ADVENTURE. Essentially, it takes Warhammer 40k from the cynical side of the scale and slams it down to the idealistic side.
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  • In The Cartoon Man, Simon becomes Roy's evil counterpart when the same black ink that caused Roy's cartoon transformation turns him into a mustache-twirling cartoon villain.
  • Lord Vyce to Linkara on Atop the Fourth Wall. Both are extremely powerful due to using both magic and technology, both are convinced they are in the right, and they both have Pride as their Fatal Flaw. The difference? Linkara realizes he is going down a dark path — Lord Vyce never did.
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  • In Red VS Blue, we have the Big Bads of Season 15, the Blues and Reds. It doesn't seem like it at first, though, because they first act genuinely polite and friendly towards the heroes, the Reds and Blues. Later on, it's discovered that Church's Evil Counterpart is a Serial Killer that plans on destroying the UNSC. His name is Mark Temple and he is the leader of the Blues and Reds. Almost every member of the Blues and Reds is an evil counterpart to every member of the Reds and Blues (Surge to Sarge, Gene to Simmons, Buckey to Tucker, Loco to Caboose (sort of), Temple to Church, Cronut to Donut). Here, we have a rare case where not only the evil counterparts came chronologically before the heroes, but also where not all of them are evil and where not all of them meet at all (Biff and Loco, despite being Caboose and Grif's counterparts, aren't really evil themselves. Also, Biff and Church both died before Season 15, so neither of them met their respectful counterpart from each opposing team).
  • The acquisition of Eevee was one of the most controversial moves ever made in Twitch Plays Pokémon Red. Its evolution into the False Prophet Flareon later solidified it as one of the stream's primary villains. The Eevee in Twitch Plays Pokémon Crystal serves as its Good Counterpart: his arrival was greeted quite fondly, it is believed that he is destined to redeem Flareon's legacy, and now that he's evolved into Espeon through The Power of Love, he serves as The Heart to the TPP Crystal team.
  • In RWBY, Mercury Black can be seen as this to Yang Xiao Long. They're both Blood Knights who serve as the muscle for the bad guys and the good guys respectively. Mercury is a Dance Battler with Armed Legs, Yang is a Boxing Battler with Arm Cannons. Yang is warm and friendly outside fights, while Mercury is a Faux Affably Evil Sociopath. Mercury's legs are robotic prosthetics, and Yang, after losing her arm in Volume 3, gets a prosthetic replacement of her own. Both have issues with one of their parents; Yang's Missing Mom Raven, and Mercury's Abusive Father Marcus. Maybe Mercury should have been named Yin.
  • Whateley Universe: Tansy is sort of one to Ayla, as they're both rich, went to the same schools, are about as smart as each other... Could have had the same friends, like She-Beast...
  • The Most Popular Girls in School: In Season 5, the French team is this to the Cheer Squad. All even more jerkasses than them.
  • Dragon Ball Z Abridged, due to changing quite a bit from the source material, has some cases of this that weren't present in the original series:
    • In the series proper, Raditz was one to Goku. In Abriged, he's one to Yamcha, as evident by Vegeta saying that Yamcha "Sounds a lot like Raditz". Nappa, on the other hand, believes that Raditz is one to Krillin, saying that "at least your Raditz is stronger than our Raditz!"
    • As a result of Raditz not being Goku's evil counterpart, the role gets shifted to Nappa, who is shown as being as idiotic as Goku, but more malicious. He shares this distinction with Vegeta.
    • In an odd example, Mr Popo is this to Blue Popo - the latter a result of Bowdlerization of Popo in the 4Kids airing, which turned Popo's black skin blue.
  • Dreamscape: Kaila is the Evil Counterpart to Keela. Both of them are demons from the Unworld. The difference is Keela is a Demon of Human Origin from the Master of the Dammed turning her into one, while Kaila is a full-fledged demon who was created by the Master of the Dammed.


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