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Evil Counterparts in theatre.

  • Creon's story in Antigone very closely mirrors that of the title character of prequel work Oedipus Rex. Both start out as kings on top of the world, but their stubborn pursuit of their goals despite the advice of those around them causes their entire lives to come apart. However, whereas Oedipus is motivated by the pursuit of justice and the well-being of his people, Creon is interested mainly in protecting his own power.
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  • In the Screen-to-Stage Adaptation of Mary Poppins, Miss Andrew is the polar opposite of Mary, and has the Villain Song "Brimstone and Treacle" opposite "A Spoonful of Sugar".
  • In the Mrs Hawking play series, Mrs. Hawking has hers in Mrs. Frost. Neither one is socially permitted to lead the kind of life she wants, but the former reacts by trying to dismantle the system to free people, while the latter manipulates the system to her own ends at the expense of others.
  • Christine and Meg were friends in The Phantom of the Opera but by the time of Love Never Dies, Meg has become bitter that her career never took off, and her love for The Phantom had become obsessive.
  • In Der Ring des Nibelungen, Alberich the Nibelung Dwarf is apparently an evil counterpart to Wotan, ruler of the Gods. While Wotan rules above, Alberich rules below. Alberich has renounced love for power, as cursing love enabled him to forge the Ring of Power. Wotan almost renounces the Goddess of love Freia for Valhalla, symbol of his power. However the play shows they are Not So Different; eventually Wotan calls himself Light-Alberich and Alberich Dark-Alberich.
    • Hagen could be considered the evil counterpart to Siegfried. While Siegfried is the Heroic Bastard son of Siegmund and Sieglinde's Twincest, Hagen is a Bastard Bastard of the forbidden union of Alberich and Gutrune, when Alberich bought Grimhilde's love with gold. The Walsung line were started by Wotan, Siegfried's grandfather, to get the ring, while Hagen was born to get the ring. While Siegfried is strong and youthful, Hagen uses his cunning and has an aged appearance.
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  • In Twice Charmed, Franco DiFortunato is one to Cinderella's Fairy Godmother. Franco is a Wicked Fairy Godfather, and his deals come with a destructive catch.

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