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Evil Counterpart / Professional Wrestling

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  • After Tiger Mask was defictionalized, he found himself with at least three evil counterparts in Black Tiger, Michinoku Pro Wrestling's Masked Tiger and Tiger Shark.
  • Psycho Sid was this to Diesel after the latter struck out on his own while the former replaced him as Shawn Michaels' bodyguard. They both even have the Powerbomb a their finishing move.
  • The CIA Plantains of Kaiju Big Battel, grown by the CIA to discredit Los Platanos. The CIA Plantains actually appeared first, leading Los Plantanos to have to clear their good name.
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  • Kane was brought in to be the evil counterpart of The Undertaker. Yes, the evil counterpart to a satanic, psychological tormenting zombie who was also the embodiment of death.
  • Daizee Haze was brought into Gateway Championship Wrestling as the good counterpart to MsChif, because what better to fight The Fair Folk than a New-Age Retro Hippie Granola Girl? As Haze befriended the tree hugging Johnny Greenpeace MsChif trained The Pig Pen Jackal and Monster Clown Cabal to serve as the evil counterparts to them.
  • In Women's Extreme Wrestling, Lucy Furr from the "erotic heavens" was the evil counterpart guardian angel Heaven Sent and Angel Williams from "The Canadian Heavens". More like eviler counterpart to Williams though.
  • In CMLL, La Ola Azul and La Ola Blanca found themselves up against La Ola Amarilla, invaders from New Japan Pro-Wrestling.
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  • While The Human Tornado has had stints as a baby face, he is at his core a violent pimp. Ricky Ruffin shares his passion and talents for funky dance music but contrasts his predecessor in being an All-Loving Hero, making him the good counterpart.
  • Sin Cara Negro was the evil counterpart to, Sin Cara Azul, though he started as a costumed copy cat before distinguishing himself with a black mask.
  • The Triple Tails were the evil counterparts to Syuri's dance group Apple Tale. The Triple Tails initially had no direct connection, as Apple Tale were in SMASH and Kana met with the Sexy Purple Thunder Sisters in NEO Women's Wrestling but seeing how Kana called Syuri her "arch rival" when she and the Shirais did show up in SMASH, it can be reasoned the name wasn't chosen by coincidence. On the flip side Syuri-gun\Narcissist-gun was a good counterpart to Kana-gun\Piero-gun in REINA.
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  • La Rosa Negra was the evil counterpart to Sumie Sakai in the PWS. Ironically, after the Majestic 12 Tournament Arc most of their encounters did not happen under the company's banner. They tagged in World Wonder Ring STARDOM!
  • When Shocker became a rudo in CMLL, the mini estrella Shockercito remained a tecnico, making the second the good counterpart.
  • CHIKARA created an entire stable out of this concept - GEKIDO. 17, The Shard, and The Swarm (combatANT, assailANT and deviANT) were respective counterparts of CHIKARA's top faces (Mike Quackenbush, Jigsaw, and The Colony {Soldier Ant, Fire Ant, and Green Ant}).
  • Hudson Envy is an evil counterpart to the president of World Wonder Ring STARDOM's USA branch, Cheerleader Melissa, being from the same region of the country and having a very similar wrestling style but fighting with Oedo~tai to takeover the promotion.

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