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  • CHEVALIER (hosted here) : Princess Faere in this fantasy adventure is a prime example.
  • Misfile: Lampshade Hanging on the whole phenomenon is done in the 2006-03-24 strip by James in response to Cassie wearing a top that says "PRINCESS":
    What's wrong is that you're aspiring to be the medieval world's equivalent of a political bargaining chip and a baby machine.
  • Subverted in 8-Bit Theater with the princess taking over the Big Bad duties due to the absurd levels of incompetence shown by the rest of the villains.
  • Played straight so far in Last Res0rt with Princess Adharia Kuvoe, complete with Orphan's Plot Trinket. Oh, and we forgot to mention, she's blonde with pink fur. Possibly a Rebellious Princess as well. Given that she's in some kind of cahoots with Veled in order to go gunning for her throne, she's accelerated a few notches.
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  • The Princess Planet is... well, exactly what it says.
  • Lampshaded pretty thoroughly in the Punyverse of Sluggy Freelance. After all, who would ever have guessed that Secret Angel Princess-Princess is really... Princess Princess-Princess?
    "Boy, that sounded stupid when I said it out loud!"
  • In Drowtales, maybe 1/3 of the cast is either the daughter, granddaughter, adopted daughter, etc., of an Ilharess; plus there is Vaelia, advertised as "An Emberi Princess", and "Queen Liriel Blueberry the Third". Partial aversion as well: only a handful (if that) have personalities that fit this trope.
  • The second alien Bob ever met in The Inexplicable Adventures of Bob! is the beautiful Princess Voluptua. The first was... ahem, the three-legged talking jellyfish she was being forced to marry. Ew... Of course, she's not really humanoid ''either'', but they're still physically very different.
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  • The first arc of I Was Kidnapped by Lesbian Pirates from Outer Space is an attempt by the crew to find their long, lost Lesbian Princess. Which they do — it's just not the person they expect. The second arc appears to be about returning the princess to her mother.
  • Tower of God: You are facing a giant carnivorous eel in an environment that's thicker than water? Yuri Zahard is here to dynamically enter on your face and give you an ultimate sword. You best friend is dying of blood loss, but the exam won't be stopped because of something as trivial as that? Androssi Zahard is here to kick the examiners ass (a legitimate way of making your team pass the exam)! The team's power houses are about to be humiliated and killed? Enter Yuri Zahard with her Glowing Eyes of Doom. Yes, Zahard's Princesses kick ass.
  • In No Rest for the Wicked, November really is a princess (specifically, the princess from The Princess and the Pea); unfortunately, no-one believes her, because traveling through the woods on her quest has made her look too ragged. (She can tell who really has royal blood and who doesn't, but that doesn't seem to be a common ability.) She subverts this trope at times and also plays it straight.
  • Averted in Cwen's Quest, where the princess is quickly exiled by her father and becomes a tough-as-nails fighter to get revenge. Also, later she ends up the very young Queen of the kingdom next door.
  • Justified in Erfworld with Jillian Zamussels, since her side was destroyed by Stanley and the rules of the world mean she couldn't become queen. Of course, that's changing...
  • Homestuck
    • Feferi Peixes is never referred to explicitly as a princess in the comic, but considering that she's next in line to become empress of the galaxy-spanning Alternian Empire, wears a tiara at all times and lives in a giant undersea palace, she belongs on this list.
    • In addition to this, every player of SBURB is a prince or a princess of Derse or Prospit, the kingdoms of light and darkness warring in the game. That makes Feferi, accordingly a princess of Derse, a double princess.
    • Another character, Eridan Ampora also possibly counts as a prince of the same empire (or at least aspires to be by getting in a redrom relationship with Feferi), is also a prince of Derse, and his game title is the Prince of Hope, making him a triple prince. Except, as it turns out, everything's not better with him around.
  • In The Devil's Panties Jenni, the main character has, in addition to the traditional Angel and Devil on her shoulder a Pink Princess representing her girlie side.
  • Princess Amazia in the Show Within a Show in +EV.
  • Princess Kaira from Restaurante Macoatl might be only princess in name, as the city her family ruled is now abandoned. That doesn't stop the rest of the cast from calling her princess.
  • Played straight as an arrow with Samurai Princess. If this comic did have a princess or two in it, the comic would probably need a new name.
  • In Sinfest, when Slick managed smooth, for once, he called Monique "princess".
  • Laughed at in Dubious Company's Evil Tower of Evil story. Princes Daunting and Winsome mistake Priestess Sal and Tiren for kidnapped princesses and are mercilessly disappointed when the girls dash their dreams. Walter, Leeroy, and Elly don't let them off easy either.
  • In Dragon Mango, the priestess sticks a sword in the stone because she foresaw the arrival of a princess to change the fate of the world.
  • In Cucumber Quest, one underling tries to give the Big Bad a queen instead. The Big Bad is not pleased. He needs a princess.
  • In Commander Kitty, CK certainly seems to believe this.
  • The Erlking's Daughter (yes, this is her actual title, her name is Aisling) in Roommates is a literal fairy princess, who is quite badass and magical... and uses her powers mostly for the noble cause of shipping the cast.
  • In Brutus, not only is Mirabelle a princess "studying undercover" at the school, her friend Narcissa is as well.
  • In Suihira, we have princesses Wahida and Hadima of Iona.
  • Bound Adventures: The kingdom of Boundaria is currently ruled by Princess Irina.
  • The Fuzzy Princess is about a cat princess.


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