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Everythings Better With Princesses / Comic Books

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Even a world with superheroes is better with a princess.

  • Princess Diana of Themiscyra, a.k.a. Wonder Woman. The only thing she has in common with most on this list is the tiara (though she has been known to break out the dress for formal occasions).
  • Princess Projectra (Vauxhall-Wynzorr) of the Legion of Super-Heroes is a fabulously rich illusion caster from the treasure-planet of Orando. (Until her homeworld was blown up.) To be fair, though, the first incarnation of Princess Projectra did eventually become Queen Projectra.
    • To drive the point home, when her husband was murdered by his archenemy, Projectra invoked the royal right to execute him, and instead of using her powers to do so, she snapped his neck with her bare hands.
  • Teen Titans has had a surprising number of princesses join their team: Starfire, Donna, Terra and arguably Raven. Parodied here.
  • Runaways: Although she has no royal blood at all, Princess Powerful would like to have a word with you.
  • Princess Silvy of Illusitania in the Italian comic storyline Mickey Mouse and the World to Come.
  • Princess Iolande of The Green Lantern Corps
  • Amethyst, Princess of Gemworld
  • Archie Comics' Sonic the Hedgehog has Princess Sally. There's not much princess-y about her, so probably the only reason she got the title in the first place was this trope (though the comics eventually expanded on this backstory). She was princess of the kingdom before it was taken over by Robotnik so it actually makes sense that she's still princess. She won't become queen until they take back the land and she can be crowned.

    In the comics, once they did take back the land, her parents were revealed to be alive, the powers that be tried to kill her off but got an Executive Veto, and an older brother popped up out of nowhere. Pretty strong evidence of a conspiracy to keep her a princess. And hilariously, it ended up causing problems down the line when her subjects decided they wanted democracy. It wasn't quite as big a mess as Civil War but it did end up with the leader of the revolution (Tails' father) in a swordfight with the current king (Sally's brother) until Sally came in and told them to act like adults.
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  • Crystal is a princess of the Inhumans Royal Family due to her sister Medusa being their queen. She is also a superhero that served as a Fantastic Four member and an Avenger.


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