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  • The Archotek Project revolves around playing as dinosaurs and setting up a prehistoric environment.
  • ARK: Survival Evolved is all about surviving on a dinosaur infested island, Jurassic Park style
  • Saturn Bomberman traded the adorable kangaroos for equally adorable dinosaurs as the Power-Up Mount of choice. They're also available as alternate choices to the roois/ruis/Louies in Bomberman Fantasy Race.
  • The entire premise of the multiplayer FPS Primal Carnage.
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  • The game King of Dragon Pass is vaguely based on old Norse traditions and mythology. So, naturally, you can train dinosaurs as battle mounts.
  • Final Fantasy:
  • Dragon Quest has the recurring Hackasaurus (or Battle Rex), an axe-wielding, fire-breathing tyrannosaurus. Dragon Quest VI, in particular, has Lizzie the Hackasaurus, whom you can get to join your team in a special encounter; in the DS remake, she's the only non-Slime you can recruit.
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  • Despite taking place in the modern day, Dead or Alive 4 has an area populated entirely by dinosaurs.
  • Command & Conquer:
    • The Covert Ops has a secret mini-campaign which involves dinosaurs, both fighting them and fighting as them.
    • In Red Alert 2's expansion Yuri's Revenge, the first Soviet mission deals with time travel and you're accidentally sent back to the dinosaur period to fight off hordes of T. rexes. This of course includes the fate of the game's antagonist Yuri in the same campaign who after stealing the time machine from the Soviets tries to use it to "command and conquer" the world and all its history. Unfortunately for Yuri, the Soviets still had the command codes for the time machine and depleted all of its energy reserves to send Yuri back to the dinosaur era while he was gloating. Then Yuri lets off a Big "NO!" as a T. rex smashes through the time machine to devour him.
  • The first Tomb Raider game had dinosaurs and a T. rex as enemies for no particular reason other than Rule of Cool, though an FMV later in the game implied that they were created by the Scion. The dinosaurs returned without explanation in Tomb Raider 3.
    • Tomb Raider 2 and its Gaiden Game Golden Mask both feature secret, difficult-to-reach battles with more T. rexes, the sole reason being that they were considered the coolest part of the first game.
  • Rad Gravity had a dinosaur planet as one level.
  • Turok would just be another FPS if it didn't pit you against dinosaurs.
  • World of Warcraft:
    • There are Raptors as fairly common animals (and mount for trolls), and gigantic T. rexes, called Devilsaurs, as a rarer sort. They only appear in a few areas (Un'Goro Crater, where there are only about five of them at any given time; The Netherstorm, where a single Devilsaur rules over an eco-dome filled with raptors; Drak'Tharon Keep, with the optional boss King Dred; and Sholazar Basin, home of the rare-spawn King Krush). For being such enormous beasts they move like ninjas, and many players have had their adventure cut short by a sneak attack.
    • With a later patch, Beast Mastery Hunters can tame one of these giants (although it inexplicably shrinks to a more manageable size in the progess). It's undoubtedly the coolest of the exotic class pets (although that isn't saying much when the competition consists out of prime choices like bugs and worms).
    • There are also Dragonspawn, bascially flightless dragons.
    • With the reveal of patch 5.2 in the Mists of Pandaria expansion, WoW is taking it Up to Eleven. The Zandalari trolls have revealed they have dinomancers, complete with Devilsaurs, Triceratops, and Pterasaurs. All of which have awesome armor, and some with cannons strapped to their sides. Say it with me again: Dinomancers. You wish you were that cool.
  • Guild Wars introduces a dinosaur-rich jungle in its Eye of the North expansion. Being a fantasy game, it includes feathered Raptor Assasins, Armor-plated ceratopsians with shoulder-horns, Tyrannosaurs, therapods with multiple heads and tails, and other bizarre reptiles.
  • The Super Mario Bros. series of games already had Bowser as some sort of dragon-dinosaur-turtle hybrid, and then in Super Mario World along came Yoshi and his friends. Super Mario Bros. 2 introduced the cute bruiser Birdo. The series also has Dorrie and Plessie, who are Plesiosaurs that offer Mario and his friends a ride. Super Mario Odyssey adds a Tyrannosaurus rex to the mix, in a less cartoony style than previous examples.
  • Pokémon uses several dinosaur and related species-themed Mons over the years: Lapras (Plesiosaur), Aerodactyl (Pterosaur), Tyranitar (Godzilla with some hints of T. rex), Meganium (Diplodocus or other sauropods)), Groudon (vaguely T. rex-ish), Torterra (an ankylosaur crossed with a tortoise), Cranidos/Rampardos (Pachycephalosaurs, not T. rex), Shieldon/Bastiodon (Triceratops or other ceratopses), Rhyperior (an ankylosaur crossed with a rhino), , Archen and Archeops (Archaeopteryx), Amaura and Aurorus (Amargasaurus) and Tyrunt and Tyrantrum (very unambiguously based on T. rex). Galar opts for Mix-and-Match Critters instead with Arctovish, Dracovish, Arctozolt, and Dracozolt, with parts based on a Velociraptor (the "-zolt" part), a Dunkleosteus (the "-vish" part), and two ill-defined prehistoric creatures, most likely a Mosasaur (the "Arcto-" part) and some kind of Stegosaurid (the "Draco-" part).
  • Barkley, Shut Up and Jam: Gaiden: The One-Winged Angel form of the last boss is T-Rex Barkley. Many gamers laughed for a good three minutes after the reveal.
  • Adventure Island, from the second game onward, gave Master Higgins dinosaur buddies that granted him extra powers.
  • The Triscene terror units from X-COM: Terror from the Deep: cyborg monsters equipped with technology to allow them to breathe underwater. Since they cannot roar, they also carry "Sonic Cannons".
  • Dino D-Day displays this trope, showcasing an Alternate History version of World War II where the Third Reich unleashes their new secret weapon: Nazi dinosaurs. With guns. Another Source Mod, Jailbreak, has this as part of the premise: It's Dinosaurs vs Robots.
  • The Monster Hunter series has a lot of these. Note, however, that in this case, everything may well be worse with these dinosaurs.
    • The first and second games introduce the Velociprey, Genprey, Ioprey and Giaprey, raptor-like Bird Wyverns with a "-drome" variant serving as a King Mook.
    • The first game introduces the Yian Garuga, a Bird Wyvern reminiscent of a fire breathing, beaked pterodactyl, who loves to scream at potential prey and fling its venomous tail around.
    • The first game also introduces the Diablos, a perpetually pissed off Flying Wyvern who likes to gore things with his horns and has frills like a triceratops.
    • The second game introduces the Tigrex, a hyper-aggressive Flying Wyvern that resembles a quadrupedal, winged T. rex. While it's not exactly a dinosaur, the Barioth counts too, since it's a quadrupedal Flying Wyvern that heavily resembles a saber-toothed tiger.
    • The third game also introduces the Jaggi/Jaggia, Baggi, and Wroggi, Bird Wyverns that have a "Great" specimen functioning as the pack leader, much like the above -drome monsters. It also introduces the Deviljho, a perpetually hungry T-Rexpy-Not Zilla hybrid who burrows up in search of food and proceeds to decimate anything in the area.
    • The fourth game introduces the Glavenus, a fire-breathing T-Rexpy with a freakin' sword for a tail, which it can heat up to the point it glows red-hot (which will thus lead to it hurting when it hits you. A lot.)
    • Generations Ultimate introduces the Maccao, a jumping Bird Wyvern led by a "Great" specimen like some of the above examples. However, this one differs because it's actually a threat.
    • The fifth game introduces the Anjanath, a fire-breathing T-Rexpy that lives in the Ancient Forest.
  • Dwarf Fortress has various types of dinosaurs (as well as several other well-recognized prehistoric animals such as pterosaurs and Dimetrodon) are fairly common base creatures for the Procedurally Generated titans and forgotten beasts, despite the fact that vanilla dinosaurs are not among the creatures able to spawn in the current version of the game.
  • Chrono Trigger's dinos actually appear in 65 million BC (along with people, oddly inverting that trope) as well as in a 600 AD bonus dungeon (where millions of years of underground living have made them tough as nails).
  • Dinosaur Jungle from Sonic and the Secret Rings are filled with dinosaurs. At one point, Sonic must evade the jaws of a rampaging Tyrannosaurus rex (with horns). The game is based around Arabian Nights.
  • Mother 3 has Dragos, which are a more or less friendly species of T. rexes. The Mecha-Drago on the other hand...
  • Neverwinter Nights 2: Storm of Zehir allows Level 3 Ranger classes to automatically receive the 'Animal Companion' feat. Which is all well and good until you get to Level 5 or so, and you discover an optional upgrade: 'Dinosaur companion', which switches your animal to a Deinonychus. Even if it will stunt your character growth, you just have to have it. Druids are allowed the same feature, given that they also receive an Animal Companion.
    • There are also dinosaurs that can be encountered as monsters. While their inclusion is justified since the jungles of Chult are famous for them, they aren't important to the plot here any more than any other random monster. There are a couple of minor quests involving them though.
  • Supreme Commander 2 features a ''giant Godzilla-sized cybernetic dinosaur as an experimental unit.
  • Fur Fighters had the characters discover a whole advanced society of Dinosaurs living under the surface of the planet. The plotline had something about the Big Bad stealing the advanced technology and selling it for cash but it didn't really work out. Oh, and the heroes were on a popular children's TV show for some reason.
  • Star Fox Adventures, among the many other things that separate this game from the others in the Star Fox series, is set within a prehistoric planet inhabited by dinosaurs that can speak their own language (which Fox is unable to understand, but he eventually receives a translator from Slippy that allows him to listen to the spoken words in English). This planet is revisited in one of the missions of Star Fox: Assault.note 
  • Mass Effect:
    • The krogan are vaguely dinosaur-like. The first Krogan you recruit as a party member is even named "Wrex." The turians are also described as resembling the link between dinosaurs and birds.
    • In Mass Effect 3, a Side Quest provides salarian scientists with an alien dinosaur's skull. They clone it, Jurassic Park-style, giving your krogan troops dinosaurs to ride into battle. It's an Offscreen Moment of Awesome as we never manage to see the krogan using them.
    • Part of the wildlife in Mass Effect: Andromeda include dinosaur like creatures. Which really like the taste of humans. And spit acid.
  • Champions Online, being inspired by nearly every generation of comic books ever, has Monster Island - the western section of Monster Island is covered with raptor-sized "Teleiosaurus hatchlings" of various kinds, and the island is also home to the ginormous (30-40' tall) Teleiosaurus, a dinosaur egg several stories tall, and Mega-Terak - a ROBOT dinosaur.
  • Riptor in Killer Instinct
  • Primal Rage is a fighting game with dinosaurs as playable characters.
  • The Everquest games feature velociraptors, normally found in deserts and jungles.
  • Take Resident Evil, but make the main mooks dinosaurs instead of zombies. You end up with Dino Crisis.
  • The Cera Terror and Tyrant Rex dream eaters in Kingdom Hearts 3D: Dream Drop Distance, who can be friend or foe.
  • In Batman: Arkham City, when Batman enters the museum Penguin is using as his base, he is almost immediately confronted by a menacing tyrannosaurus. It's just a robot, though.
  • Rimgal of Star Gladiator
  • Learn Special Relativity with Velocity Raptor! She can run at 90%c! (Or more correct, the evil Professor Rex can reduce c to about the running speed of Velocity.) You'll soon learn that running at 90%c has certain unwelcome effects...
  • The "snappers" and "razors" from Gothic look like small T. rexes, only without any arms. The "biters" also resemble dinosaurs.
  • In The Deadly Tower of Monsters Dr. Peculiar has created a genetically engineered army of dinosaurs.
  • The Elder Scrolls
    • Throughout the series are Clannfear, a form of lesser Daedra with animalistic intelligence and the general appearance of raptors with frills and beaks. As Daedra, they are technically immortal beings who can manifest in any form they choose, and no reason is ever given for their appearance. As far as can be told, Nirn never had dinosaurs.
    • Morrowind includes several dinosaur-like creatures native to Vvardenfell, including the Guar, Alit, and Kougouti. Each is bipedal and vaguely theropod-shaped.
    • Skyrim has mammoths and saber-toothed cats as part of the natural fauna.
  • The "mastyxes" from Runescape are Stegosaurus-like creatures.
  • The Prehistoric Isle series, which are Shoot 'em Up games with dinosaurs.
  • This is part of the thrill of the Lost Kingdom park, which contains many dinosaur-themed rides.
  • No Man's Sky features fauna on some planets that resemble sauropods and Stegosaurus alongside more conventional animals.
  • Carnivores would have been just another Deer Hunter clone if it weren't a hunting simulator where the player can hunt dinosaurs.
    • Subverted in Carnivores Ice Age where the dinosaurs are replaced with Cenozoic birds and mammals, and Carnivores Triassic where, while dinosaurs exist, other groups of prehistoric reptiles are more dominant.
  • Dawn of War has the Greater Knarloc, best described as the offspring of a Tyrannosaurus rex and a terror bird as the Tau's Relic unit. Unfortunately it's a major case of Awesome, but Impractical as it's slow and lacks a ranged attack, meaning it spends most of its time turning around to chomp things.
  • The fauna of Lords of Xulima includes predatory raptors and herbivorous dinosaurs used as mounts by the goblin-like Askary.
  • Momo fought a T. rex that was a boss in the original Wonder Momo arcade game.
  • A T. rex appears as a part of the Overkill in Slash's stage in Eternal Champions and it's Sega CD sequel.
  • Zoo Tycoon and other such games usually include at least one dinosaur-related expansion pack or DLC.
  • Plants vs. Zombies 2: It's About Time features a time period world called Jurassic Marsh, containing dinosaurs as the world's stage gimmick. They're initially a harm to the player, as they're invincible and help zombies use Dungeon Bypass or make them faster, but once they're charmed by the Perfume-Shroom, they turn against the zombies and One-Hit Kill them.
  • Boomosauri from Piratez are dinosaurs with incendiary rocket launchers mounted on their backs.
  • In EarthBound, a man in Fourside's Dinosaur Museum insists that live dinosaurs exist. They indeed do appear once Ness finds his way into the Lost Underworld.
  • One of the Movies/Labyrinths in Persona Q2: New Cinema Labyrinth features dinosaur-themed shadows as enemies.
  • in the Big Al Game you play as an Allosaurus in the Jurassic Period
  • In Durango: Wild Lands you are attacked by a T-Rex on a train, then find yourself thrown through a warp hole into a world where stranded human survivors share the land with dinosaurs and other extinct megafauna. You can tame them. And ride them into battle.


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