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  • Our Miss Brooks: In "Life Can Be Bones", Miss Brooks interests Love Interest Mr. Boynton in a fossil dig in her backyard, by describing to him a bone of what might be a prehistoric "missing link". For some reason, on said dig Miss Brooks, Mr. Boynton and Mr. Conklin forget about the "missing link" and dig up presumed dinosaur fossils. It turns out the fossils were planted by Walter Denton, in place of the entirely unconvincing soup bones Miss Brooks herself had buried for the "archeological expedition."
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  • Primeval was advertised as being about dinosaurs despite none appearing in the first series. Presumably they thought saying it was about giant centipedes and flying lizards wouldn't draw in as many viewers.
  • The Super Sentai and Power Rangers franchises have had a lot of dinosaurs involved:
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  • Kamen Rider OOO has the PuToTyra (Pterodactyl - Triceratops - Tyrannosaurus) Combo, a dinosaur-themed Super Mode. Part of the idea is that while OOO's usual powers have animal themes, this Super Mode is the antithesis to them and so its theme is animals that no longer exist.
  • From Pee-wee's Playhouse, Pterri, Pee-Wee's talking pet pterosaur, and the (unrelated) Dinosaur Family.
  • In the minds of many, Barney completely averts this. The less said the better.
  • What if Barney was green, female, Australian, much less obnoxious, ate roses, and actually likeable by people over 6? You'd have Dorothy the Dinosaur, one of the extended cast members of The Wiggles.
  • Top Gear (UK) had a car review that, for no apparent reason, incorporated dinosaurs into the usual shots of Clarkson driving the car, including one where he is briefly pursued by a tyrannosaurus. It's actually very well done for a series that doesn't really use special effects very much.
  • In the Doctor Who serial Invasion of the Dinosaurs note , London is under martial law in response to the dinosaurs that have been mysteriously appearing there, brought by a conspiracy, using time travel technology.
    • Season 7 features an episode titled "Dinosaurs on a Spaceship". Honestly, what more could you ask for?
    • Deep Breath, Peter Capaldi's first episode, opens with a T-Rex appearing in Victorian London and coughing up the TARDIS. Its mysterious death a short time later sparks the episode's plot.
  • Torchwood had a chocolate-loving pterosaur as the team pet. Why not?
  • iCarly. Yeah. The episode where Carly almost moves to Yakima, where Spencer says to the granddad: "These are all the vitamins she needs to take. I only give her the ones shaped like dinosaurs." "...Why?" "...Dinosaurs are cool."
  • DANGER 5 revolves around the eponymous team's efforts to stop Hitler and the Nazis from taking all of Europe. Given the nature of the show, this involves facing various oddities including bullet-proof women and Nazi-controlled dinosaurs.
  • Sliders has two episodes prominently featuring dinosaurs.
    Maggie: We just saw dinosaurs and you're rattling on as if nothing happened.
    Quinn: Been there, done that and we got the T-shirt.
  • Tim Haines from The BBC wanted to make a Mockumentary on prehistoric mammals. They went on to produce the highly successful and influential Walking with Dinosaurs because dinosaurs sell better. Then, he got to make the series he originally wanted, Walking with Beasts.
  • Wash's introduction in the pilot episode of Firefly consists of him playing with plastic dinosaurs whilst the rest of the crew is pulling off a heist. The same plastic dinosaurs remain arrayed around the pilot's console for the rest of the series and even the Big Damn Movie, and are kept as a sort of memorial after Wash's death.
  • The Ultra Series has had plenty of kaiju based on dinosaurs and Mesozoic animals (or even be outright prehistoric). Some of the notable ones include:
    • Gomess from Ultra Q, the very first Ultra kaiju, was made from a modified Godzilla 1964 suit.
    • Red King from Ultraman, a brutish, dinosaurian beast with a skin texture like mutated corn-on-the-cob. He's a very recurring monster in the franchise due to his popularity.
    • Another super-popular dinosaur kaiju from the original Ultraman is Gomora, a powerful, ancient kaiju with a nose horn, a beaked mouth and two horns behind his head that look somewhat like a frill, giving him a vague resemblance to a ceratopsian. Because of his popularity, he's had more heroic roles in later installments of the franchise.
    • Jirass (also from Ultraman), being made from a recycled Godzilla suit, is pretty much the Big G himself with a frilled lizard's neck frill.
    • Oddly enough, the original Ultraman's final enemy Zetton is labeled "Space Dinosaur" yet looks more like an insect. Then again, he's an alien...
      • Made more hilarious by the series Ultraman Mebius, where another alien kaiju named Dinozaur shows up at the very first enemy, and he does look more like an extraterrestrial dinosaur. Fittingly enough, his name is Polish for "dinosaur".
    • Dinosaur Tank from Ultraseven, a dinosaur with a tank body where his feet should be. Yeah.
    • One of Ultraseven's Capsule Kaiju, Agira, resembles a bipedal one-horned Triceratops.
    • All the kaiju made from Baragon's suit (Pagos, Neronga, Magular, and Gabora) qualify as well, giving Baragon himself was established as a surviving dinosaur in his debut.
    • Kingsaurus III from Return of Ultraman resembles a hybrid of a Spinosaurus and a Triceratops with atomic powers.
    • Ultraman Tiga's first enemies Golza and Melba are a pair of prehistoric kaiju resembling an armoured theropod and a pterodactyl-dragon respectively. However, they're only 30 million years old, meaning they come from after the non-avian dinosaurs' extinction.


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