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Everythings Better With Dinosaurs / Anime & Manga

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  • Muka Muka Paradise revolves around this trope.
  • The random and gratuitous dinosaurs are practically everywhere in the Dragon Ball and Dragon Ball Z setting. "Fly home safely, and look out for rampaging dinosaurs!"
  • A Mazinger Z spin-off applied this trope. The Big Bad used an army of dinosaurs to try and conquer another lands.
  • The Prince of Tennis: Tezuka's amazing tennis move is what really killed the dinosaurs.
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  • The Yu-Gi-Oh! card game has a dinosaur type. Among the animes, Dinosaur Ryuuzaki (Rex Raptor), GX's Tyranno Kenzan, and Zexal's Rikuou and Kaiou use dinosaur-themed decks. VRAINS' Go Onizuka eventually switches to a Dinowrestler deck, which are dinosaurs combined with different martial arts.
  • Digimon: To date, four of the seven main protagonists have a dinosaur Mon. (two Agumons, Guilmon, and Shoutmon)
  • Chibi-Usa of Sailor Moon befriended a Nessie-like dinosaur in one episode.
    • Technically, that would be a plesiosaur and not a dinosaur, but close enough.
  • An episode of Saber Rider and the Star Sheriffs took place on a planet populated by dinosaurs. The episode was titled "Oh Boy! Dinosaurs!", appropriately enough.
  • The Five Star Stories has dinosaurs on a few of the planets, which are inexplicably identical to various species that once roamed the Earth. The level of dinosaurs a planet has is actually a pretty good way to measure its age. The young planet Juno has quite a few, although they're now threatened by humans and other introduced mammal species; the older Delta Belune also has dinosaurs, but they're small and birdlike; Kallamity, supposedly the oldest inhabitable planet, doesn't seem to have any dinos at all.
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  • Dinosaur King isn't a strict example as it's focused completely on dinosaurs, not just throwing them in for Rule of Cool. But consider this: In Japan it was preceded by an insect-battling game called Mushi King. Then the designers sat down to plan a spinoff and asked themselves "What's better than insects?" before concluding that Everything's Better with Dinosaurs.
  • Getter Robo. Just... Getter Robo. If there's room for a dinosaur at any given time, then they will be there. And it will be awesome.
    • What's even better than dinosaurs? Dinosaur mecha piloted by dinosaurs. You can't get much better than that.
  • The School Festival arc in Mahou Sensei Negima! has the engineering club construct a robotic T. rex because it would make the festival parades that much more awesome. This fooled The Hero at first since it was so life-like. They occasionally go berserk (though no one is ever hurt), giving the author the opportunity to have the lead heroine slice off its head with her BFS since it was a robot.
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  • In Law of Ueki Plus the main characters ride into the Big Bad's lair on a Tyrannosaurus rex, destroying a tower and defeating a bunch of guards all in one fell swoop.
  • Gon has a miniature T. rex for a protagonist, fighting large modern mammals most of the time. No, palaeontologist did not hang himself so that you could use his corpse as a swing.
  • One Piece has "Red Flag" X Drake, a pirate captain and former Rear Admiral of the Marines that has eaten an ancient Zoan Devil Fruit that allows him to transform into an allosaurus. This is pretty much par for the course in One Piece, though.
  • Doraemon and the main cast often encounter dinosaurs in their adventures. It helps that the series has a Time Travel theme.
  • In JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: Steel Ball Run, the Stand Scary Monsters enables Diego Brando to transform himself and others into dinosaurs.


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