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Characters with standards in fanfiction.

  • In Amazing Fantasy, Bakugou bullies and belittles Izuku constantly, but he draws the line at actually watching Izuku die. After Izuku is bitten by a spider and gets sick from the venom, Bakugou immediately kills it with an explosion and rushes Izuku to the hospital. He doesn't bother Izuku on his first day back at school either, simply telling him to keep quiet before walking away.
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  • In A Horse for the Force, despite being rather amoral herself, Nabiki is very disapproving of Akane cheating on Ranma and that she only stays engaged to him because she doesn't want to "lose" to Ranma's other fiances.
  • The Frozen fanfic A Marriage Of Convenience. No matter how much Elsa, Anna and Kristoff may hate Hans at first, they're utterly horrified by the abusive and sadistic manner his father and all but one of his brothers treat him.
  • Ambience: A Fleet Symphony:
    • Damon is very lax as far as discipline is concerned, but even he draws the line at the ship girls physically coming to blows with each other.
    • Kasumi is far from a fan of Damon, but the antipathy Akebono demonstrates in chapter 280 is so great that even she thinks it's going too far.
  • In Antidote for the Poison, Red Hood is his usual brutal vigilante self who memorably shoots and beats his adopted brothers. But he's horrified when he finds some drug dealers tried to kill Tim by making him overdose on heroin, and later confesses he didn't follow his usual method of murdering the scum because ten-years-old Damian was right there and the kid didn't need to see that.
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  • In Anything Goes Game Changer an unnamed Ashikabi tries to pick up Ranma, thinking her a Sekirei. Unlike most later attempts, when she declines he accepts and moves on, thinking to himself that he's not the type to try to force himself on a woman and she's clearly not reacting to him.
  • In An April Advisory, the Loud siblings don't like Luan's April Fool's pranks, but they're all horrified when Luna visciously beats up Luan in retaliation for pulling one of those pranks on her despite Luna specifically asking her not to. Leni and Lynn even rushed into the fight in order to keep Luna from injuring Luan even more.
  • Molestia is very much the Anything That Moves type, as well doing quite a few that don't move, but she does have a few fetishes she doesn't engage in, such as vore or necrophilia, and won't violate those who are underage.
  • In Avenger of Steel, while Clark/Superman naturally tries to protect and save all lives, regardless of their criminal past or recent actions, he has encountered two cases where he has been particularly pushed to his limits;
    • J. Jonah Jameson’s "vendetta" against superhumans is so frustrating Clark can’t imagine anyone with the patience necessary to put up with him long enough to work for him.
    • When Clark learns what Kilgrave did to Jessica, Clark reflects that he truly hates Kilgrave for causing so much emotional and psychological pain to Jessica that he compromised her faith in herself to be a hero, while also reflecting that he didn’t even hate Zod or Lorelei that much.
  • Azumanga und Panzer:
  • Unlike canon, the students taking photos of the aftermath of the Shinjuku Massacre in The Black Emperor aren't excited by all the death and destruction but instead are horrified and are documenting things to keep Britannia from sweeping it under the rug.
    • Cornelia is shown to suffer night terrors from the civilians killed because of her refusal to negotiate with terrorists. She also makes a point of personally executing any rapists under her command.
  • Kurama from Blackkat's Reverse openly admits to be a bloodthirsty monster - actually more of a Jerk with a Heart of Gold, but still a Humanoid Abomination without any qualms regarding threatening people to eat their corpses. He thinks Itachi is fucked up.
  • In Boys und Sensha-do!, Anchovy doesn't think much of Miho and is desperate to win against her to prove that her school's "not a joke", but she's horrified when Miho accidentally gets shot.
  • Btvs: Seasons Rewrite: The Scoobies may be hunters of monsters, but in Season 4, they acknowledge that not all demons are bad, and are disgusted by the Initiative treating them like lab rats, particularly after a vampire is chipped and is driven so crazy by being unable to hunt or feed that he begs Cordelia and Doyle for a Mercy Kill. Angel and Xander sum it up best:
    Angel: That's inhuman. I know none of us are saints, but I don't think we deserve to be experimented on to the point of rendering our survival impossible.
    Xander: Angel's right. We've come across enough demons in our time to know that not all of them are bad. At least when you dust them, Buffy, they don't suffer.
  • Calvin and Hobbes: The Series: Socrates is noted to have very few standards when it comes to pranks, one of which is serious injury (as in broken bones).
  • In the Torchwood/Smallville fic “Captain Jack Comes to Smallville”, when John Hart ‘seduces’ Lex Luthor and Lana into wanting to have sex with him, he gets Lana so worked up that she doesn’t even care when he admits that he’s had sex with poodles, and then Hart whispers to Lana that even after doing the poodle, she’s so repugnant to him that he still wouldn’t have sex with her or Lex.
  • The Child of Love: Gendo had done plenty questionable or horrible things, but in this story he mixes Asuka's LCL with hormone-boosters so that she has sex and gets pregnant -despite of being only thirteen-. Then he modifies her foetus genetically in order to create a new Super Soldier lifeform he plans to use like a weapon as soon as Asuka gives birth... additionally, Asuka may die when she delivers her baby, who is accidentally his granddaughter, but Gendo does not care. Everyone is so disgusted and sickened with him -including his lover, his right hand and his puppet who had had helped him loyalty until then- that they turn against him. Even Rei -who had been absolutely and unconditionally faithful to him- said she rather obey Misato because she was "more human".
  • In Code Geass: The Prepared Rebellion, Cornelia is mentioned by Lelouch to have personally sent her Royal Guard after a noble with 'questionable' tastes in bed partners.
  • Code Prime - R1: Rebellion
    • All of the Autobots, even the ones who distrust Lelouch, are disgusted when they learn what Charles did to him when the boy confronted his father over his mother's death.
    • Lelouch, in turn, vetoes the idea of using the Autobots' Ground Bridge to get to Pendragon and assassinate his father, as the chaos that would result would probably cause the world to burn.
  • In Confidence Lost, Neal immediately shoots down the possibility of impersonating the long-missing son of a billionaire. a living person is fine, a dead person is fine, but preying on a grieving family still clinging to the hope their loved one will be found safe and sound is too ruthless for him, no matter the wealth.
  • In the Harry Potter fic Corvine even Mad-Eye Moody is disturbed by Dumbledore's growing delusions and paranoia.
  • A Diplomatic Visit: Pinkie Pie shocks Twilight by revealing there's a group she won’t throw a party for. The group in question is a pony-supremacist one - racists who hate all non-ponies.
  • In Entropy, Tamaki is very uncomfortable with the various fanservice in the DVD of the series they're watching as the girls are generally underage at the time.
  • In FateBlack Reflection, Soul Society may make some very morally reprehensible decisions when it comes to protecting the balance of the world, but even they are put off by the amoral, sociopathic mindset that's so common among magi. Ukitake is downright disturbed by just how many of them behave like Mayuri Kurotsuchi.
  • In Love Hina For His Own Sake Anyone from the outside seeing the antics of the Hinata tenants.
    • The headmistress of St. Clavius Academy does not have a good opinion of Seta and called him out on his uselessness at disciplining his own child and shoving the responsibility off onto her and the school. But still she feels pity for him when Sarah disowns him as a father and feels disgust for Sarah viewing her as hopeless child and vows to make her see the mistake she made.
    • Naru's mother Saori admit to Naru she does not have a great relationship with her ex husband Naru's father Ushio, but she tells Naru she was disgusted with the way she treated him and tells her she understands why he did not take her (Naru) in.
  • Fred and George Weasley back out of their relentless pranking of Malfoy in For Love of Magic despite being paid to do so, because they feel it's crossed the line into bullying and they're pranksters, not bullies.
    • Harry eventually grows into a borderline sociopath but even he finds some things abhorrent, the most notable being cognivores: creatures that devour thoughts until they leave you a vegetable. Not only is the concept horrific, but the brains that were used to make them came from homeless people who were murdered for said brains.
  • Lagoon Company in general (and Dutch in specific) are pretty damn used to (even a bit jaded of) dealing with Blood Knight-types (because Roanapur doesn't seems to attract any other sort of criminal), and none more bloodthirsty than the local leader of Hotel Moscow, Balalaika, but in A Gentleman's Game, when Dutch discovers that Balalaika only hired them to deliver her the stolen plans of an advanced Kill Sat (a mission that had them fight The A-Team of all people) so she could set the plans on fire and gloat that for the foreseeable future wars will still be fought the way she likes them (which is to say with massive bloodshed by the infantry) Dutch for once is too weirded out and wants nothing more than to leave her office as fast as he can.
  • None of the Black Knights in God's Gambit like the idea of Child Soldiers. Sugiyama openly states that the underage members of the Blood of the Samurai splinter group won't be fighting in the upcoming battle and Minami would've just left the remaining members to die if not for spotting teenagers as young as fourteen among their number.
  • In The Greatest Generation, Dakota may be an incorrigible prankster with a malfunctioning filter, but in chapter ten even she realises that she might have gone too far.
  • Colonel Yang from Halo: the Art of War is an eccentric Bunny-Ears Lawyer of an engineer and lenient with Spearhead's antics, but even he thinks Serena is too nuts to be allowed Spartan augmentation, and he also had Thom-293 taken off Noble for pushing his luck too many times.
  • Harbinger (Finmonster): Dash is his usual Jerk Jock self from the series, but he defends Mitch and Scott from a group of homophobic jerks, and even gets himself beaten up in the process until Danny (in Phantom form) comes to the rescue.
  • In Heated Storm Yields a Wild Horse's Heart, Nabiki was only joking when she rented Ranma to Kodachi, not thinking the girl would actually have 300,000 yen on hand. Similarly, Ranma feels uncomfortable manipulating Kodachi when he sees how much she enjoys even slight affection.
  • Everyone who hears about Genma Saotome in How I Learned to Love the Wild Horse thinks he's a total scumbag. And even Alpha Bitch Mandy thinks Kodachi is a bitch, remarking she wouldn't risk accidentally exposing Ranma as she's not willing to be an accessory to manslaughter.
    • Likewise Mandy, Carolyn, and Dominique are all horrified that Nabiki would frame Ranma for rape over the accidental destruction of some concert tickets.
  • Kage (a crossover between Jackie Chan Adventures and W.I.T.C.H.): While Jade is quite familiar with being a Combat Pragmatist and Guile Heroine, she is disgusted at the Guardians for framing Raythor of treason and getting him banished to the Abyss of Shadows, feeling that there are some things a hero should not do, and that doing that to someone as honor-driven as Raythor is worse than killing him.
  • Master Roshi in Legend Of The Monkey God quickly becomes uncomfortable when he realizes Bulma was underaged when he was perving on her.
  • Frozen fanfic Let the Storm Rage On does this frequently with Hans. He frequently lies, manipulates, cheats, and even kills for his goals, but he despises pointless cruelty and self-indulgence, either with greed or when he and Elsa are kidnapped and sexually molested by a Depraved Bisexual. He also frequently blasts the concept of Screw the Rules, I Make Them!.
  • Robin Wood in Love you to the Moon and Back may have cheated on his girlfriend Faith with many of the younger Slayers but he never went after a girl under eighteen and always backed off if they turned him down. Though it is pointed out that the latter is less upstanding than it sounds as many of the girls came from third world countries and weren't aware they could turn Robin down or that they weren't expected to "show their gratitude" via sex.
  • In Loved and Lost, Twilight Sparkle is manipulated by Prince Jewelius into losing her trust and respect toward her friends, brother and Celestia in retaliation of their treatment of her during the course of "A Canterlot Wedding". She supports Jewelius as Equestria's king against her former loved ones who are now fugitives. Fortunately, despite having given up on them, she takes no satisfaction in their misfortunes, hates seeing Shining being flogged (despite rejecting him the previous night) and tries to speak on his behalf, and when Celestia gives her a heartfelt apology while facing the gallows, she starts protesting against the hanging of the fallen princess. Before Twilight comes to her senses and reconciles with her former loved ones, she doesn't exactly agree with the way Jewelius seems to become obsessed with ruining their lives to the point of making the entire town of Ponyville suffer for their mistakes and doing nothing for the escaped Changeling army.
  • In The Magic of Torchwood, Jack muses that Umbridge is a rare creature because she's "a human that even Jack Harkness found so utterly repulsive [that he] would rather kiss a Weevil than even look at her"; when the rest of his team learn this, Jack notes that there are things even he wouldn't do.
  • The Many Dates of Danny Fenton:
    • In The Many Dates of Danny Fenton, Jen would normally go for someone like Dash Baxter, but she's offended that he hits on her without even bothering to get to know her, his rude attitude to her date and how he mocks the last girl Danny dated (Violet Parr) by calling her a spazz.
    • In The Many Dates of Danny Fenton, Tucker, despite how desperate he is to find a date, was completely appalled when he learned about Cree being a child hater that he didn't hesitate to stand her up on their blind date.
    • The Many Dates of Danny Fenton, as much as Danny hates Dash, he does not want him to face Katie's wrath and even tries to warn him, to no avail.
    • Speaking of which, despite how crazy she is, Katie becomes disgusted with Dash after he hits on her and threatens Danny and she doesn't hesitate to tell him to get lost, choosing Danny over him.
    • In The Many Dates of Danny Fenton, Danny, despite the many girls he has gone out with, rejects adult women trying to make a move on him. He rejects Poison Ivy trying to kiss him before he found out about her Kiss of Death. He's also creeped out by the Space Biker Tammy flirting with him.
    • In The Many Dates of Danny Fenton, even the Warners were shocked when they heard that Katie got her brother injured.
    • In TMDDF: Danny and Kara, Tucker finally stops going along with Sam's blatant jealousy and refuses to help her when she continues outright stalking her.
    • In TMDDF: Danny and Kara, even Sam isn't jealous enough to wish physical harm on Kara.
    • In TMDDF: Danny and Kara, despite Sam's jealousy and flaws, Tucker believes that, even at her worst, she would never give up Kara's secret.
    • In TMDDF: Danny and Kara when Vlad offers to work with Sam to get rid of Kara, she reacts in disgust and outrage, saying that even if she can't stand Kara, she wouldn't stood low to hurt her or Danny.
    • In TMDDF: Danny Chooses Alex After the Many Dates, it's implied that Clover was dating Dash just for his looks and status as a football player, however when Dash told her that he does not plan to be a famous football player when he grow up and instead will probably work for some nerd, she was disappointed. She later becomes disgusted with him when he and Kwan refused to believe that Sam plans to become a journalist and does her own homework because to him and Kwan, pretty girls are not smart. Clover and Sam angrily dump them after that.
    • In TMDDF: Danny Chooses Alex After the Many Dates, despite Clover's dislike for Tucker, when Dash blames him when he and Kwan were caught trying to attack Danny because Clover and Samantha broke up with them, Clover is disgusted with him and wonders if Dash was obsessed with blaming other people for his actions.
    • In TMDDF: Danny Chooses Alex After the Many Dates, when Paulina thought that Alex was only dating Danny so she can humiliate him later with a prank at prom, Clover thought that it's too immature to go out of our way for such a prank!" Clover said "Just ignore the losers and tell them to take a hike.".
    • Sam greatly dislikes Alex for dating Danny. However, during the TMDDF: Danny Chooses Alex After the Many Dates So Totally the Drama arc, when Alex got a Little Diablos doll Sam was worry for her safety and called Danny to warn her.
    • In TMDDF: After Many Dates: Danny and Phantasma when Danny tells Phantasma about Cree and Vicky, Phantasma "disrelished". Not even a ghost would like child beaters.
  • In the Harry Potter fic Lord of Darkness, while Harry freely acknowledges that he could be considered a 'Dark' Lord by certain criteria, he has never killed anyone who had not in some way caused or attempted to cause harm to himself or those he cares about.
  • Necessary To Win
    • Teru is a relatively cold and detached individual, but when her fellow vice-captain Erika chides Hisa for walking away from a tankery match three years ago, Teru tells Erika that certain people have parts of their pasts that they would rather not discuss, something that is very much true for Teru.
    • In spite of treating her own sister coldly, Teru is shocked to hear that Shiho is considering disowning Miho if she fails to win the semi-finals, believing that no reason Shiho has could justify doing such a thing.
  • Ned Stark Lives: Tyrion Lannister has never gotten along well with Joffrey, who he considers an incredibly selfish and violent Royal Brat who would bring the Kingdoms down along with him; even so, he is disgusted and outraged when he hears that Joffrey didn't die from his fall into the Blackwater Bay at the Fall of King's Landing, but that he was slain in single combat by Stannis Baratheon, despite being crippled and half-conscious at the time. It's one of the few things he and Cersei can agree on by that point.
  • Kaworu in Neon Metathesis Evangelion is furious over being forced to kill Lelliel while the latter is retreating. After doing so, he kills the man who ordered him to do so.
  • Pokémon Reset Bloodlines is not a Paul-friendly fic and does not shed away from the view that the guy's an utter jerk, but even he isn't homophobic. If you're skilled, he couldn't care less what direction you swing.
    • This extends to Ash himself, even more than in canon. While he remains an all-around Nice Guy and All-Loving Hero, it's a sign of his maturity that he doesn't sit back and tolerate everything bad from other people, Paul included.
  • Nightmare in Arkham:
    • When Batman is investigating the Scarecrow's death, Alfred points out that while his death was tragic, as is any death, this will make his work a little easier, with one less fiend to worry about. Batman says that while it is true, he points out that his goal isn't just to save Gotham from these crazed madmen; it's also trying to save the crazed madmen from themselves. If he took pride in the Scarecrow's death, as the Scarecrow would have done with his, he'd be the same masked criminal that the Scarecrow was.
    • Batman, who deals with madmen on a daily basis, is completely horrified and disgusted with Freddy Krueger's crimes when he learns of them: that he murdered and mutilated hundreds of children, and his crimes were the most horrible he ever heard of. When he read a report of a police officer who almost shot Krueger and his wife asked "What stopped you?", Batman almost agrees with her. When Batman learns how Krueger was burned alive by Springwood residents, he wonders if he would have stood alongside them as they sent this unholy abomination to Hell where he belonged. The only villain that got Batman this angry was the Sewer King, and he even admitted the The Joker hadn't even displayed the amount of sadism that Fred Krueger had.
  • The Pieces Lie Where They Fell: In the sequel Picking up the Pieces, Night Blade's brother Deep Blade admits that he may flirt and sleep around, but not with women who are already in committed relationships.
  • In Prodigal Son, when Astrid asks Snotlout to teach for her in the Killing Arena, he agrees on the condition that she names him better than her at being a viking, a sailor, a skilled warrior and poet. It is not until he tries to get her to say that he is the best lay does she lose her patience, break his nose and force him to tell everyone in the Great Hall that they have never slept together before more or less forcing him to honor his side of the deal.
  • In Queen of Hearts, Makoto Niijima and her sister/legal guardian Sae have an even more strained relationship than in canon, since Sae is shorter tempered and more prone to arguing with Makoto in this fic. Things don't get any better when Sae ends up having to interrogate Makoto, who's the leader of the Phantom Thieves in this fic. However, Word of God states that Sae would never consider physically harming Makoto, even in a fit of anger.
  • Cologne in Ranma: Happenstance Gone Right does not condone true mind control (the Red Thread is borderline as it made Ranma feel for Shampoo what she feels for him), and is both outraged and horrified that Shampoo and Ukyou made Ranma sign marriage certificates while under the effect of the Lady-killer Band-aid.
    • She later gives Mousse a What the Hell, Hero? for using a bomb against Ranma in a residential district, lambasting him for doing so in an area that he couldn't possibly be sure was free of non-combatants.
  • Wanda Maximoff of all people defends Tony Stark in Sam Councils Communication when she learns that Steve hid that Tony's parents were murdered. Despite her own dislike of Tony, dead parents hits too close to home for her.
  • Turns out in the Danny Phantom / Beetlejuice Crossover, Say It Thrice, Betelgeuse didn't realize how young Lydia was during the events of the movie. He was not happy when he finds out what he almost did.
    • He also doesn't like Sanduleak's preferred methods of interacting with the living. Especially since he tried to drag Betelgeuse into it without telling him what he had in mind. Betelgeuse made his displeasure known quite clearly.
  • In Danny Phantom fanfic Resurrected Memories: Sam who despite expressing annoyance and jealousy over Danny and Amberline’s growing feelings for each other is disgusted when Paulina suggests they team up. Sam’s first reaction is to slap Paulina and explode, explaining her disgust that Paulina would even suggest that she would betray her friend. It ends with a girl fight between the two in the girl’s bathroom.
  • Roar of the LION: Ovan starts out as a bit of a Jerkass and is firmly in the Good Is Not Nice camp even after he mellows out, but it doesn't stop him from being disgusted by Weiss' bigotry towards Faunus.
    Ovan: Wow, and you call me a monster.
  • In So Wrong, Nick Fury himself admits that he's not a good person (which is somewhat of an Understatement), but even he is troubled when he finds out that Carol Danvers is obsessed with Peter Parker, who is less that twice her age.
  • The Stalking Zuko Series
    • June the bounty hunter is quite honest that she's Only in It for the Money, much to Toph's disappointment. That said, when she realizes that the Gaang wasn't kidding about Ozai's plan to destroy the Earth Kingdom, she redoubles her efforts to find Aang so that they can prevent that from happening.
    • Mai notes that even the twin-fish, fish that are born in pairs, in which one eats the other by the time they're juveniles, would find Zuko and Azula's sibling relationship to be utterly dysfunctional, even by their standards.
  • According to Luffy/Ranma in Stallion of the Line, sailing under false colorsnote  is despicable even for pirates.
  • A Starstruck Phantasmic Romance: In this crossover between Danny Phantom and Teen Titans, Starfire becomes a Stalker with a Crush to Danny. Despite how her overly strong affections are making him uncomfortable, Danny doesn't like seeing her get her feelings hurt and gets angry at Val-Yor still saying bigoted things about her.
  • In The Steep Path Ahead, pulling an I Surrender, Suckers is utterly despicable even to mercenaries. You might be fighting with or against your current opponents the next day so you have to be able to trust that they'll honor your surrender or guard your back in either situation.
  • Tales of the Undiscovered Swords: In his "The Reason You Suck" Speech delivered to his Stalker with a Crush Hatsuzakura, Ōkurikara states that while he doesn't appreciate company and views others as all sorts of "irritating", he never goes so far as to outright hate anyone, and Hatsuzakura who repeatedly intrudes on his privacy will be the first exception to that rule.
    Ōkurikara: I tried not to hate you, because I don't go around actively despising others. I don't roll that way. But now that you insist on jeopardizing my life with your non-stop stalking, I have nothing but complete hatred for you.
  • Teenage Jinchuriki Shinobi:
    • Raphael smacks Michelangelo on the head everytime the latter says or does something foolish, but even the former is disgusted by how poorly Neji treats Hinata.
    • Similarly, Raph gets outraged when Itachi, while fighting Sasuke, tries to pull a Not So Different moment.
  • This Bites!:
    • Soundbite is a prankster who doesn't care a whit about being racist with the voices he gives to other animals. He does, however, have the decency to be sensitive and somber when it comes to matters involving death. Notable is his utter disgust when Vice Admiral Onigumo orders a battleship destroyed in hopes of killing Luffy.
    • Christmas brings out the best in everybody; the Baroque Works agents call a truce with the Little Garden giants (albeit at Miss Goldenweek's…insistence), Kohza and Cobra acknowledge a Christmas truce, heck, even Crocodile gets in on it by spending an extortionate amount of money to buy Robin a gift. The only one who's not shown being kinder is Doflamingo...and even he's a small step above his typical tyranny for those who know his true colors.
    • Cross himself is an adrenaline junkie that laughs in the face of near-death, but even he freaks out when he sees a ghost ship worthy of Davy Jones (complete with Soundbite-assisted theme music).
    • Cross and the Straw Hats are willing to do anything to save Merry... except agree to B.R.O.B.'s suggestion of the Ivankov treatment.
    • Boss, Manly Dugong that he is, balks at the idea of jumping into an abyss and landing on an arcing Rocketman to cross the gap to the Tower of Justice.
    • Cross normally just laughs at Luffy's stupidity... but when it transcends the Shonen genre, he completely loses it.
    • Sengoku hates Akainu and his methods and would've tossed him into Level Six of Impel Down years ago — unfortunately, the ever-growing number of pirates means that Akainu's monstrous strength is needed, much to his regret, as he admits to Tsuru and even Akainu himself.
  • Turnabout Storm:
    • For all the blatant cutesy-ness of Equestria and its inhabitants, they still consider that the pink heart-shaped Equestrian attorney badge is far too excesive in that regard.
    • Despite Trixie's Jerkass tendencies, and not being the most honest pony herself, she shows a dislike for liars that lie to save their own hide. This shows when she abandons her own witness after a very long string of lies, and later when she helps Phoenix to further expose another witness despite having already done so herself, which only serves to give an opening for Phoenix's case.
    • Turns out that Ace Swift was an invincible racer because he blackmailed the living hell out of any potential competitors so they would let him win. His assistant Sonata was OK with this... until Ace demanded one of his competitors to quit or he would cut the life support of his ailing sister. Sonata decided that this was just something too cruel to stand behind, regardless of the consequences to herself (his "murder" was an accident triggered when he was trying to kill her, even).
  • Universe Falls: Stan Pines will readily admit to having a well-deserved reputation as a greedy crook, but as seen in "Like A Comet", even he thinks Greg's old manager Marty was a money-grubbing sleazebag.
  • The Originals of The Universiad are to a man Combat Pragmatists who cheerfully advocate There Is No Kill Like Overkill, but the results of deploying a Witch during the "Starkiller" Black Star incident were so brutal that even normally The Unfettered Gideon 020 was forced to reconsider the morality of doing so.
  • In Vapors even the epic Dirty Old Man Jiraiya refuses to perve on his god-daughter Aiko. Naruto's Aiko-based Sexy no Jutsu actually disgusts him, and he cringes away from her breasts when he needs to examine a seal on her chest.
  • Wandering Pilot has Menace, who deeply cares for Shinji as a "servant". When she finds Melona mercilessly abusing his newfound Healing Factor and raping him in the process. She obliterates the slime girl without a second thought.
  • Despite planning on breaking up Harry and Wednesday so he can shag the latter in When Harry met Wednesday, Cormac McLaggen has no desire to bed the girl who wants to hook up with Harry as she's way too young and "A kid with a great rack is still a kid".
  • Where Talent Goes To Die,
    • Hoshino is a brutally honest and rude individual who says some incredibly harsh and even cruel things to his fellow classmates, be they living or dead. However, he noticeably holds back when he's dealing with someone who's about to die, as he does with the first killer between their conviction and execution.
    • Kurogane, the Ultimate Shogi Player, is extremely bitter about Miura defeating him in shogi despite her never having played before, frequently sniping at her, refusing to accept her apologies and giving her a vicious "The Reason You Suck" Speech. In spite of his antipathy toward Miura, Kurogane points out that he wouldn't seriously consider killing her or anyone else.
    • In School Mode, Kurogane is willing to calm down enough to spend time with (and eventually reconcile with) Miura, partly because doing so is necessary to escape, and partly because he doesn't think even she deserves to be trapped inside the school, since everyone in question is unaware that the school was originally designated as a shelter from the Tragedy.
    • It turns out that since Talent High School was founded so that the people who established the school could send their children and relatives to a prestigious and exclusive high school, its admission standards are surprisingly lax, at least when it comes to anyone related to the board. That said, it's suggested that they do reject some of the more outlandish Ultimate candidates, such as one "Ultimate Pirate," even though said boy was the nephew of one of the board members.
  • In XSGCOM, X-COM is considered short a few marbles by almost everyone else... so "When the guys in charge of X-COM think you’re too nuts to be on a UFO Retrieval Team, then you’ve got some serious issues."
  • In XCOM: Second Contact, the Citadel races think Humanity Is Insane, but even Udina is stunned when the former talk of cloning fertile Chryssalids.
  • In Zero no Tsukaima: Saito the Onmyoji, even Headmaster Osmond finds the "Deflowering Punishment" abhorrent, and only includes it in Saito and Louise's master-apprentice contract because he has to. He notes that those who set the rules regarding such contracts were disgustingly perverted even by his standards.
  • In Secret Sunshine, while Ryuuko is resentful towards and furious with Satsuki to the point of wanting to spite her, she isn't sure how to answer Shiro's suggestion of marrying to her to make things right.
    Ryuuko (narration): "I wanted to spite her, yes, but marrying her boytoy is a step too far, especially now."
  • In "Trauma", even the usually insensitive and arrogant Ethel Hallow realises that she went too far when she provoked Mildred into admitting in front of the rest of the school that she had been raped over the summer holidays and was now pregnant with her rapist's child.
  • While much of Snotlout's more heinous qualities in Lost Boy are ignored or covered up, the last straw for everyone was when he turned one of the catapults (a device he has no experience or clearance using) and fires it into the village with claims that he was targeting dragons. Not only did this endanger the people in the village, but it also leaves the Thorstons homeless and the village forge unusable. It is implied that this was a direct attempt at killing Hiccup by making it look like an accident. Not even his father is on his side this time. The final nail in the coffin was driven when Snotlout threw Hiccup under the bus and had him be held hostage by Alvin when, as heir, it was his duty to the village to step in when Stoick was injured.
  • The Raven's Plan: Doran Martell hates the Lannisters, but even he feels sorry for them when he learns that Joanna Lannister was killed by the family's Maester (as part of a far-reaching conspiracy) and takes vindication in the knowledge that they'll soon have revenge for it.
  • I Hope You Have Unlimited Text Messaging:
    • Tony is incensed when he learns that SHIELD elected to tell Steve about his seventy-eight year old half-sister that he never knew existed via dossier, instead of telling him in person and easing him into it.
    • Likewise, Steve, while understanding, is not happy to learn that Tony's parents sent him off to boarding school without telling him why. After all, it's one thing to hide from your adult friend/love interest that their long-dead parents were murdered by terrorists, especially when you learned about the information while in the middle of a crisis. It's another to send them off to boarding school without telling them that someone was making repeated attempts to murder their father, that their Honorary Aunt was a casualty of one of these attempts, and that they're terrified of him being a casualty of another. He's also not happy to learn that Peggy was complicit in this.
  • This Captain Underpants fanfic features both Krupp and Melvin demonstrating this trope. Krupp may hate the CU comics but when George and Harold make an issue with a monster based on internalized homphobia, he's genuinely worried that someone is harassing them and when Harold admits to struggling with the topic, the principal surprisingly gently tells Harold there's nothing wrong with him or the way he feels. Then when an alien ray gun brings the comic's monster to life based on Harold's internal struggles, Melvin not only encourages Harold by pointing out that homosexuality has been documented in numerous species, making it perfectly natural (even specifically citing dolphins, Harold's favorite animal, when asked) and when asked if he hates both Harold and his homosexuality, Melvin states "I don't like you, but just because you're annoying. Not because you're gay. That's just mean."
  • In Harry Potter and the Unethical Binding Contract Harry gets involved in the Triwizard Tournament at eleven, and almost everyone is too horrified at the idea he'll have to compete in a tournament that had been originally suspended for the death toll to even consider he tried to get in on purpose (of the named characters, only Draco Malfoy seems to think it, but he's The Bully and eleven himself), to the point that Rita Skeeter (a notable Hate Sink in the source material) doesn't even consider to write any of her sensationalist stories on Harry, focusing instead on the fact Harry was somehow dragged in the tournament.
  • In the Harry Potter fanfic A Light in the Dark Hermione is actually a demon incarnated as a human trying to achieve redemption and has lost her sense of good eons before the incarnation, but even she is appalled at how Neville's relatives treated him to try and get his magic out. Also, one of the things demons retain from their past as angels is complete respect for pacts, or at least their letter, so she's quite vexed at the current status of house elves, as it's a complete corruption of the original pact that neither side is aware of anymore.
  • A Possible Encounter for a Phantom:
    • Mr. Lancer normally sides with Dash and favors him. But when Dash threw a cooler full of grape juice in an attempt to publicly humiliate Kim and Danny took the hit for her in the gymnasium, he was disgusted with Dash. Realizing Kim was right about Dash's behavior, he decides to let Kim beat him up.
    • Even though Danny finds her less appealing than Paulina, Danny defends Bonnie from the verbal abuse she gets from her sisters by calling them out on not being as smart or pretty as they think they are.
    • While they usually pick on their sister when it comes to boys, Jim and Tim and pretty uncomfortable when she makes a Stalker Shrine for Danny while under a spell.
  • Blood! Rusty AU: Rusty will kill most cats who cross his way, but he takes exception for young kits and pregnant mollies.
  • Unity (Finmonster): While GoGo has no qualms in sneaking 18-year-old Violet into a nightclub for Girls' Night, she draws the line at bringing 12-year-old Riley and Tip there.
  • In the Ranma ½ fanfic Same Time Next Year, even money-grubbing Nabiki is disgusted to hear what Genma put Ranma through while the latter was growing up.
  • In A Peaceful Afterlife Husk is usually an apathetic drunk, but he refuses to kick out Kira, because he would be conscripted to help purge the west side residents of hell. Husk feels the hotel staff would be partially responsible for all those who die.
    • Angel Dust finds the Cenobites to be freaks, stating he'll do anything for money, but they do it for fun.
  • In this Hazbin Hotel/Helluva Boss crossover fancomic, even Angel Dust — the living embodiment of All Gays Are Promiscuous — thinks that Stolas is coming off too strong in his phone calls with Blitzo.
  • In Professor Arc: Student of Vacuo, a group of Huntsmen hired by the SDC (including Jaune and Neo) revolt when they spot the mine's guards shooting faunus workers and leaving them to die. They kill every guard they find and help the faunus workers hole up in the barracks long enough for the White Fang to arrive.
  • Pokémon: A Marvelous Journey: Lakeisha Knowles constantly bullies her little sister Merlin because she's on the Autism Spectrum, and it eventually escalates into Lakeisha videotaping one of Merlin's meltdowns on her phone without anybody else's knowledge or permission so she could spread it around and make people think she's a Spoiled Brat. However, she only texts the video to her friends because she thought that posting it on the internet would be taking it too far. It winds up saving Lakeisha from an even worse punishment when all of said friends are disgusted with Lakeisha for violating Merlin's privacy like that and one of them tells a teacher what happened, forcing Lakeisha to face the consequences for her actions.
  • Blackbird (Arrow): The driving point of the story is that Dinah Lance learned that Sara was with the League of Assassins, and gave Laurel to them in exchange for Sara's release. An act of betrayal that extreme tends gets this reaction a lot:
    • Nyssa, despite being the Heir to the Demon and having been raised in the League her entire life, finds the way Laurel "joined" to be morally appalling. The fact that Ra's kept Laurel in line by telling her if her "performance" was in any way unsatisfactory he'd kill her entire city just added to the issue. Her refusing to start a relationship with Laurel, despite indications of feelings on both sides, may also count.
    • Moira Queen would do anything for her children, but even she's horrified when she learns of this. As a mother herself, she can barely stand to think of it.
    • To her credit, Sara is also well aware of how horrible this exchange was. She's visibly haunted by it, and has spent the past several years physically and emotionally wasting away.
  • In Learn to Live With the Unimaginable, the Punisher has no problems gunning down people, but throw a couple of Child Soldiers at him and the man goes almost catatonic from shock and horror. For a man who treasured his own children to the point he completely lost it when he failed to save their lives, willingly breaking a kid into a weapon is THE Moral Event Horizon, and he spends the whole fic trying to protect both kids away from danger and giving them some shreds of normalcy by taking them to the arcade.
  • In Mall Rats, a fanfic of The Loud House, Lincoln is said to break promises sometimes, but never a promise made on Christmas.


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