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  • Chip Skylark from The Fairly Oddparents. One of his biggest fans is none other than Timmy's father as well as Cosmo.
    • "Ladies, and... Timmy's dad!"
    • Timmy's 16-year-old persona, Gah the Norwegian Male Supermodel in Love at First Height.
    • Not just his 16-year-old persona either, but his normal ten-year-old self if the way Sanjay acts around him is any indication and let's not forget the Gender Bender episode where A.J. was attracted to Timmy's Timantha persona.
    • Timmy's Dad once dressed as a woman to enter the Miss Dimmsdale pageant. Adam West fell in love with him and knowing the truth did nothing to stop his feelings.
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  • 2D from Gorillaz, especially from Murdoc's point of view, who called him 'pretty' more than once. Well, Murdoc is a Depraved Bisexual, after all, but he hates 2D, which means calling him 'pretty' actually says something:
    Murdoc: When he stood up... wow. What an image. Tall, pretty, blue spikey hair...
  • Colby in Dan Vs.. Dan remarks how "dreamy" he is and spends an episode admiring him. But then again, Dan sexuality is up for debate.
  • Parodied on an episode of The Simpsons, like everything else. Homer flirts hopelessly with a "sensitive but rugged" manatee lover, completely failing to understand why Marge isn't in love with him.
    • Homer does this pretty much to every man in whom Marge shows interest. In another episode, Marge (with Laser-Guided Amnesia) starts getting along with a smart, charming, kindly man:
      Homer: He's Marge's and my dream man!
    • Lisa climbs a red wood tree to impress a good-looking humanitarian. When Homer yells at the guy for his good looks, the boy says Lisa did it on her own, and Homer replies "I'm sorry, I was lost in your eyes!"
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    • Homer himself believe it or not. He has shown that when he has hair and looses weight he's actually not bad to look at. He's married to Marge and has managed to attract numerous beautiful woman throughout the show. He has also been kissed by another man on two separate occasions who had developed feelings for him, and while clearly surprised didn't react negatively either.
    • Ned Flanders. Homer has said that he's sexy (he's the Trope Namer for Stupid Sexy Flanders after all) and he's also hugged and kissed Ned and filmed him naked in the shower.
    • In "Hungry Hungry Homer", while Homer is convincing Sherri to go to a dance with Bart she says she would rather go with Tommy and Homer comments "Well duh! He's breathtaking."
    • Millhouse seems to be Ambiguously Bi for Bart, in addition to his attraction to Lisa. Ralph also has called Bart his "boyfriend" and has considered becoming homosexual after seeing Bart skateboarding naked.
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    • Averted with Hans Moleman, as no one is gay for him. Context 
      • That said, when Moleman Magooed his way into a gay nightclub in "Three Gays of the Condo," note  a man dressed in a military-themed costume did show quite a bit of interest in him.
      Large gay man: You're coming home with me.
      Moleman: [salutes] Yes, Colonel.
  • In the American cartoon adaptation of Darkstalkers a running gag would have people tell Rikuo that he is "strangely attractive" for a fish man. Mostly it was the guys who said this.
  • Total Drama:
    • Justin is so attractive that nearly every contestant gets distracted by him at some point. Even Chris, the host, seems to think Justin's last name is "McGorgeousness" and objected to him being voted off.
      Owen: There are two syllables for hot, "jus" and "tin". Man, that guy is just so hot I could kiss him! (pause) Because he's a good teammate! D'oh, why did I say that?
    • World Tour introduces Dashing Hispanic Alejandro, whose Establishing Character Moment is making both male and female contestants swoon in one fell swoop. Bridgette even brings up this ability when Geoff scolds her for kissing him in the first Aftermath.
      Geoff: Imagine if it were ME in the same situation!
      Bridgette: YOU'D KISS HIM TOO!
  • Lampshaded in The Xtacles, when President Stan wants a new statue design that won't end up being raped by Rape Ape. One candidate redesign has so much Ho Yay factor that Stan objects by saying, "I practically want it!"
  • In a Family Guy episode, Peter Griffin is so taken with Bill Clinton that he ends up damaging his relationship with Lois, his wife. By the end of the episode, both of them have been physically seduced by Clinton as well, both saying afterward, "You're a very persuasive guy."
    • In one scene Peter responds to Christian Bale's statement of "We're done professionally" with an excited "Are you asking me out on a date?"
    • Stewie said "Bing, bong! Hello!" when he saw Tom Brady in the shower through the peephole that Lois drilled in his room.
    • Peter gets this from James Woods in "Peter's God Woods" where James acts like a Crazy Jealous Guy to Peter. He also had his doctor hit on him with the following: "I'm telling you you're fine (he explains that he means both in the attractive and healthy sense) And Bill Clinton seemed very satisfied after he willingly had sex with Peter. Another scene parodying Sixteen Candles had Jake Ryan and Peter acting out a romantic scene together with both leaning in for a kiss before Jake shoves Peter off the table, takes his shirt off, and jumps after him. Then there's when a guy tackled him in football and asked afterwards if Peter wanted to get some breakfast acting as if they had sex. He's also been sexually assaulted by a bug when he shrunk himself, the fumes from a pie, and a male bull who later acted like they were in a relationship. Or when a guy thought he was having sex with fish and acted flirtatious with Peter, giving him his number, and telling him they should get together later. Ryan Reynolds also expressed attraction towards Peter.
    • Brian is the family's male talking dog who receives unwanted flirtatious advances from Stewie, the family's male talking baby.
    • Stewie was also attracted to Brian's son Dillon.
    • Adam West. The end of one episode has Luke Perry tricking Adam West into getting into bed with him.
  • In one episode of Spongebob Squarepants, Squidward suddenly became handsome and he was chased around town by men and women who wanted to look upon his handsomeness. Normally he's got Spongebob directing much Ho Yay towards him.
    • Who can forget Squilliam. To quote Squidward: "Oh no, he's hot!"
      • Also in the Spongebob special, Spongebob vs The Big One, JKL gotten the attention of Spongebob, Patrick and Squidward. Squidward even faints because JKL's hottness is just that overwhelming.
    • Discussed in "Driven to Tears". "Women will want will want to be you!"
    • Spongebob has Patrick acting yandere for him on two occasions and being the dad to Spongebob's mom when they took care of a baby clam. At the end he suggested that he was willing to have another baby with Spongebob. Also, in "F.U.N." when Spongebob is chasing Plankton, who had just run off with a Krabby Patty, Spongebob chases after Plankton using a propeller to fly away. Spongebob takes a policeman's baton and spins it around, flying into the air. The cop's reaction is to swoon over Spongebob, complete with heart bubbles.
  • A comb salesman on The Marvelous Misadventures of Flapjack was so gorgeous that he had to wear a mask so that people would pay attention to his combs rather than his face. When his face is revealed, men and women (but mostly men) chase him around town and throw money at him. They would also fall into a daze upon looking at his face, drool, and gain hearts for eyes.
  • In Time Squad, J.T. Laser and the Lance Nine Trillion have this effect on Buck Tuddrussel and the Larry Three Thousand, respectively. The latter is already Camp Gay, but even Tuddrussel's thin wall of restraint crumbles quickly.
  • Donald Duck: One could argue that in The Three Caballeros Panchito and Jose are all over Donald. Even kissing him a few times. In the House of Mouse episode of the Three Caballeros, Donald also is forced to wear a dress before tearing it apart in a rage exposing his nude and toned body while the other two hoist him up...for all to see. In the comics The Three Caballeros Ride Again and The Magnificent Seven (Minus Four) Caballeros, they both praise constantly praise his machismo and bravery. Even Pete in "Music Store Donald" briefly falls in love with him when he hears Donald play the harp. Lastly, more cartoons have shown Donald naked or referred to his body than any other Disney character! Gotta admit this duck is sexy!
  • Jonesy from 6teen. In the episode "Stupid Over Cupid" a Gay Cowboy wanted to go on a date with him.
  • Virgil in Static Shock. Richie, his best friend, rather intensely fanboys him and is hinted to be gay for him.
  • The title character of Johnny Test. If you watch any episode where Johnny's sisters try to woo Gil, at least one of Gil's lines will be either "Hi, Johnny!" (if he is around) or "Say hi to Johnny for me!"
    • In "Join the Johnny Scouts", Johnny becomes a Ladybird Scout to win a bike if he sells 1000 cookies. Gil doesn't quite notice that Johnny is dressed like a girl. "I hate these cookies, but I love you, bro-ham! Laters, Johnny whose new look I can't figure out!"
  • Super Noobs: The Incredibly Amazing Man, who is an arrogant, narcissistic, and destructive superhero, is shown to make a lot of women including Sue Newswoman and [XR4Ti] swoon over him. However, he has this same effect on Kevin and apparently Jock Jockerson as well with Kevin developing a fanboy crush on him. Tyler, Roach, Memnock, and Zenblock are all unaffected by The Incredibly Amazing Man's looks and only see him as a liability to Cornbury.
  • Pinky and the Brain: There's also the episode "Pinky Suavo", where Pinky, through an accident with Brain's "Personalitron", becomes a charismatic, suave, romantic figure loved by everyone. And we mean everyone. Seriously, watch Brain's initial reaction to the new Pinky and just try to deny that he's suddenly developed at least a mancrush on him.
  • On Lil' Bush, Lil' Vladimir Putin. As Lil' Rummy put it "He's got that cool bear, that mysterious accent, and that beautiful well oiled chest."
  • Futurama
    • Headonism Bot.
    • Fry seems to get this from Bender. On Fry's side, they're Just Friends. On Bender's side he directs occasional Yandere moments towards Fry.
  • American Dad!: Stan has Francine as a wife and is occasionally hit on and once tongue kissed by Roger.
  • Tiny Toon Adventures
    • Plucky and Hamton what with their Ho Yay. For example, Hamton once uses a whip to pull Plucky to him and kiss him and Plucky once hooted and hollered at Hamton like he was an exotic dancer for him to "take it all off!" when he was going skinny dipping.
    • In the Valentines Episode Little Beeper fell in love with Calamity Coyote and started chasing him after getting shot by cupid. Calamity Coyote has also been considered attractive by Fifi when he was painted black with white feathers (so he looked like a skunk).
  • Kyle of South Park. Stan is implied to feel something more than just being a Heterosexual Life-Partner to Kyle. And Cartman is Ambiguously Bi and seems to have an obsession with Kyle. For example, in "Funnybot" the translation for part of what Cartman tells the Germans about Kyle is that he's: "A handsome soft Jew. He's fresh. And beautiful, beautiful."
  • The titular Johnny Bravo receives much Ho Yay from Carl. Carl pounces Johnny on constantly (as in "Johnny Goes to Camp"), is very clingy despite Johnny shoving him away, all too into playing Johnny's pretend date ("Charm School Johnny") or wife ("Chain Gang Johnny"), is impervious to the wiles of chicks, often thinking they're evil ("Forest Chump"), and even said he loved Johnny while standing up for him against an angry mob in "Lodge Brother Johnny". Heck, the episode "Carl Be Not Proud" is practically nothing BUT Ho Yay. Great lines like "If I can't make direct eye contact with Johnny, I'll die!" help too.
  • King of the Hill: Bobby Hill's favourite NASCAR driver is Jeff Gordon. Why? Because "he's handsome".
  • The Legend of Korra: Mako has the attention of Asami and Korra and Prince Wu also seems to have feelings for Mako. He seems almost flirty when he thinks Mako comes from money (the Krew took him to Asami's place to hide out after a kidnapping attempt by Kuvira supporters), and he seems very eager to learn more about Mako's past in "Remembrances".
  • Xiaolin Showdown: Chase Young. Jack develops a fanboy crush on Chase Young (complete with adoring gazes through heart-shaped eyes, repeated attempts to hug and paw at him, and whiny jealous sulks whenever Chase rejects him). Oh, and in the evil future where he takes over? He apparently has Chase Young constantly being tied up in nothing but his underwear, with butter being slathered on his abdomen.
  • Blaze of Penn Zero: Part-Time Hero is admired by all his batchmates, including boys and students that aren't even the same species as him.
    Sashi: (dreamily) Wow...
    Boone: (also dreamily) He's so cool that I've forgotten what I thought was cool before him...
  • Rise of the Guardians: Main character Jack. Tooth and her Mini-Fairies all have crushes on him and Pitch has massive Foe Yay and an implied Villainous Crush towards him. The artbook states he's "seductive" and he's pretty much only this way towards Jack.


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