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  • In The Zombie Knight, Imas, a confirmed lesbian, has a crush on Jackson.
  • In the Hurog duology, there are some examples. Ward treats it as a fact that a pretty slave boy will be in danger of being molested by men, and when he meets Garranon, the king's "favourite", he can easily imagine why the king wants him. Garranon is Happily Married to a woman, and actually more of a Sex Slave to the king than anything else.
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  • Thomas of The Dresden Files is a supernaturally-sexy White Court Vampire, and this is a good thing in his usual circles but causes problems when he must walk among Muggles. When he brought up how hard holding down a job was given what happened to women when they got around him, Dresden says something to the effect of "At least it was a woman that time." An apparently straight male character once said of him (when believing him to be Dresden's lover) "it's okay, even I notice how good he looks."
  • Hikaru Genji from Tale of Genji was known to inspire men to weep from his beauty. Of course, Everyone Was Bi back in the Heian era, so it wasn't as much of a big deal.
    • Not just Genji; a lot of the beautiful men in that story spend a lot of time surreptitiously admiring each other and thinking "Man, if he were a woman, I'd totally do him... You know what, maybe I'd do him anyway."
  • Dorian Gray from The Picture of Dorian Gray. Considering it was written by Oscar Wilde, what can you expect?
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  • A very dark example occurs with Acheron in the Dark Hunter series- since everyone wants him, the guys do too. This often ended badly for him, especially as a child.
  • FitzChivalry Farseer turned into one during his second trilogy.
  • Raziel of Lamb: The Gospel According to Biff, Christ's Childhood Pal. Ave. the decidedly straight male protagonist who hates the angel's guts admits that he's probably the prettiest thing he's ever seen.
  • Francis Crawford of Lymond in Dorothy Dunnett's Lymond Chronicles. His male lackeys always seem to fall in love with him, even his sister wants him, and in one book he screws half the French court.
    • In the first book, even the prosecutor at Lymond's trial says if he were ten years younger and a girl, he'd woo Lymond.
  • Mentioned in the official bio (fourth paragraph) of the Doctor Who Expanded Universe's Fitz Kreiner, despite the fact it's never really brought up in. the text. He's a bit of a Ho Yay magnet, but he's never treated as any sort of Stupid Sexy Flanders and no one ever seems to remark upon his quietly intense charms.
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  • Daemon, from the Black Jewels series, manages to use this, along with everything else sexual, as a weapon. Paraphrased:
    Rainier: (who is a homosexual male, and is dancing with Daemon) You can be a sadistic bastard when you want, can't you?
    Daemon: Ah, but you'd let me hurt you, wouldn't you?
    [temperature drops a few degrees]
    Rainier: [says nothing, but looks very, very scared]
  • The novelization of the original Star Trek, specifically the episode "Who Weeps for Adonis?", has Bones telling Kirk about the medical mystery buried in Apollo's "gorgeous chest"; then again, Greek god.
  • In the Outlander series, it's rather ironic to note that Claire's husband Jamie seems to end up having more male admirers than Claire herself. The author must be a Yaoi Fangirl. Especially interesting in the case of how her husband from the present's ancestor Captain John Randall (who looks identical to him), was almost made to look like a romantic interest for Claire in the past timeline, only for him to become obsessed with Claire's husband and hate Claire because he's jealous of how she's Jamie's wife. Also, the Duke of Sandringham apparently tried (unsuccessfully) to do Jamie when Jamie was young, as well.
  • Raoul and the Persian are as entranced by Erik's Compelling Voice as Christine is in The Phantom of the Opera.note 
  • Irial from Wicked Lovely. Niall too. Remember the scene with Seth lusting on him in Fragile Eternity?
  • Even outside of Marvel Star Wars, Luke is quite popular in the Star Wars Expanded Universe. Wedge hugs him at every chance he gets. Then there's Brakiss.
  • Christopher Marlowe's poem "Hero And Leander" practically name-drops this trope. It barely describes Hero, the beautiful woman, but Leander is described in detail, as a really hot guy. Then, this happens:
    Had wild Hippolytus Leander seen
    Enamoured of his beauty had he been.
    His presence made the rudest peasant melt
    That in the vast uplandish country dwelt.
    The barbarous Thracian soldier, moved with nought,
    Was moved with him and for his favour sought.
    Some swore he was a maid in man's attire,
    For in his looks were all that men desire.
    • Translated into Modern English, that says: "So hot even the guys want him, even guys who like hunting better than sex. But we're straight guys, so he must be a woman in drag!"
  • El Draco from Oksana Pankeeva's Strange Kingdom Chronicles until he was mutilated and raped by really BAD guy who wanted him. He was not only raped, but tortured so badly that it took corrective surgery to make him looking normally, let alone handsome. Anyway, his charisma still remained and the scars only attracted the girls.
  • Kushiel's Legacy: Alcuin and Delaunay are both bisexual Yaoi Guys with more notable male lovers than female ones. Averted with Joscelin when he and Phèdre are sold into slavery. The Skaldi women find him, um, desirable, but the Skaldi men thinks he's a pretty-boy with no beard. At least, they acknowledge his "manliness" when he kills one of their own in a sanctioned duel.
  • In The Vampire Chronicles, Armand, so, so much.
    • And Lestat. And Louis. And Nicolas. And Marius. A good deal of the series is built on this trope.
  • Apparently Hughie Erskine from the Model Millionaire by Oscar Wilde. In the first page he is described as really handsome and "as popular with men as he was with women".
  • James Emerson Fletcher of the Bloody Jack series. Clementine's father and a few others want him.
  • Tik-Tok, the Villain Protagonist of the 1983 novel of the same name, is occasionally subject to advances by humans of both sexes. He doesn't mind the attention...most of the time.
  • Patrick Bateman of American Psycho (in the film adaption as well where he's portrayed by Christian Bale) In one scene Bateman is about to kill his associate, Luis, by strangling him from behind, but Luis mistakes this as Bateman coming onto him, causing him to reveal that he's gay and in love with Bateman.
  • Esu: Shiba.
  • Song at Dawn Dragonetz tries to avoid romantic interest in himself yet even men Such as crossdressing lady Sanchez are in love with him.
  • Implied with Finnick in The Hunger Games.
  • The Infernal Devices:
    • De Quincy and Magnus Bane both hint at this about Will.
    • Of course this applies to Magnus Bane as well since De Quincy was interested in him, "as more than friends". Tessa didn't know what Magnus was hinting at, but that was because such things were unheard of in such a time period... (or just not talked about).
  • Adam from Eve and Adam. Everybody wants him, regardless of gender or sexuality.
  • Aiden from Of Fear and Faith mentions that his charms work on men as well as women and he occasionally takes advantage of this, flirting with them to get what he wants.
  • Percy Jackson of Percy Jackson and the Olympians and The Heroes of Olympus can now be officially classified as this as of The House of Hades, since it's revealed that Nico di Angelo had a crush on him in the first series, and is implied to still have one.
  • The titular Harry Potter gets attention from a lot of obsessive fangirls, Cho, Ginny, and one fanboy (Collin Creevey).
  • Ender's Game: Alai has what is very strongly implied to be a crush on Ender.
  • Knight Life Series: In the original Knight Life, a TV reporter comments that he's almost tempted to turn gay for Arthur Penn (secretly Arthur Pendragon, one time King of the Britons.)
  • Eric of Every Fifteen Minutes by Lisa Scottoline has three woman that have expressed interest in him. Also, his attorney Paul is very friendly with Eric, jokes about their interactions being "foreplay" and says Eric looks "damn good" when he dresses up. Paul also informs Eric when he does something badass: "I might be in love with you".
  • In The Kharkanas Trilogy Finarra Stone asserts that young Spinnock gets plenty attention from all genders.
    Spinnock Durav had been pursued by women and men since he had first come of age.
  • The Fault in Our Stars: Augustus, as Isaac points out Augustus’s “physical attractiveness” multiple times.
  • Hoot: In the film, Roy's odd obsession with Mullet Fingers.


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