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  • Unintentionally achieved through a writing mishap in Digimon Story: Cyber Sleuth. Much of the game's dialogue is written assuming the protagonist is male, so if you select a female protagonist instead, many lines where other female characters express interest in them (and this happens a lot) stay the same. Then again, it's not too ridiculous given the female protagonist's plummy figure and Nice Girl attitude.
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  • Corruption of Laetitia: Celeste catches the romantic interests of all three of her main party members. Many harpy NPCs also comment on how desirable she is.
  • In Super Robot Wars Alpha, Sleigh Presty has TONS of Les Yay with most of the female cast she interacts with, especially Selena Recital from Alpha 3, and she actually worries about this because she knows and is attracted to women, and they to her, and she's worried she'll never find a man. It doesn't help she has Well Done Sister complex in regards to her brother Filio, whom she doesn't desire sexually but does consider to be the yardstick she measures a man worthy enough to court her by. And, give how bishounen and in touch with his feminine side he is (in Super Robot Wars Original Generation, it's revealed he's a fan of ballet and even made the ultragirly Fairlions), this REALLY doesn't help her case.
    • It also dosen't help that she sort of lost it when her brother was killed by Ibis in a training accident.
  • In SaGa Frontier, part of Asellus' Cursed with Awesome package is the ability to make women, from the young girl in the dress shop to Princess White Rose, incredibly attracted to her.
  • Fire Emblem:
    • Action Mom Louise from Fire Emblem 7. The Shorttank Rebecca practically goes goo-gaa over her because she's so beautiful and elegant as well as a deadly Lady of War.
      • Also Lyndis. Florina is strongly implied to have a cute girlcrush on her, complete with a kiss on the cheek in the first part of the game and a shared ending.
    • In Fire Emblem: The Sacred Stones, Eirika's elegance and kindness has been praised by girls like Tana and L'Arachel.
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    • In Ylisse, all the young women are seriously wet for Chrom's childhood friend / potential bride and female cavalier Sully since they think she's cooler than most men. It's even in her profile and her single ending!
      Profile: Ylissean women admire her strength and call her "The Woman to End All Men."
      Solo ending: Her dashing figure and significant skills made her a hero to women everywhere.
    • Not to mention, in the Harvest Scramble Sumia is pretty much drooling at the prospect of roping Sully into a crossdressing pageant.
    • Must be hereditary, since Sully's daughter Kjelle is implied to get similar reactions from Ylissean girls too - love letters included! Not to mention, Severa is... distracted by Kjelle's nice abs.
    • A female Avatar, too. Tharja's obsession with the Avatar does not change when she's a girl, and Flavia's offer to be her Cool Big Sis sounds suspiciously like she's about to ask her out. (And she has to clarify it's not like that, but more of an "I'm Taking Her Home with Me!" effect.)
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    • If the Scrambles are to be believed, Severa might have the potential to evoke this. So Kjelle was seemingly drunk when she found Severa attractive? She actually was on a Truth Serum.
    • Cynthia is a milder example. Her supports with Inigo have her getting gifts from some girls; Inigo complains about it and guesses it must be because of her "dashing heroine" image.
  • Fire Emblem Fates:
    • Just like her male counterpart, the Female Avatar from has this effect on girls. ie., her and Azura's supports give strong whiffs of Romantic Two-Girl Friendship, Camilla is as devoted and protective of her as she is of a Male Avatar, no girl can resist her touch in the "skinship" section (which has people of either gender blushing and thanking the Avatar for calling them up)... and Rhajat, the local Dark Magical Girl, is so enamoured with her that she can flat out ask her to marry her as long as she's not her mother. (Even more so, Rhajat is implied to be either the reincarnation or the past self of the aforementioned Tharja...)
    • Laslow's daughter Soleil seems to have quite the luck at picking up girls. It's even funnier when one recalls that her Chivalrous Pervert father is an Older and Wiser, Dimensional Traveler version of the aforementioned Inigo.
  • In Final Fantasy VIII, Quistis Trepe has her own fanclub. It contains numerous women who gush over her beauty just as freely as the boys.
  • In Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII, having Lightning don a masculine-looking garb like Velvet Bouncer will cause some passing female Non Player Characters to mistake her for a handsome man before realizing their mistake. Others won't care about that and will straight up ask Lightning to marry them.
  • Bifauxnen Makoto Kikuchi of THE iDOLM@STER is subject to this in her all-girl school, to the point that she becomes an Idol Singer to create a more feminine image for herself and ward off female suitors. It backfires.
    • Carries over into the anime. During her photo shoot in the second episode, Makoto steps up and gives her most brilliant smile, and completely KO's the male photographer... 's female assistant.
  • Metal Gear:
    • In Metal Gear Solid 3, EVA seems a bit too admiring when it comes to The Boss. If the player knocks her out, they can hear her moan "Boss~" in her sleep. Not to mention that even when an extremely powerful Chinese branch of the Philosophers orders her to kill Naked Snake after she takes the Philosopher's Legacy from him, she doesn't. Why? Because The Boss told her not to.
    • The plot of Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker is about a female admirer of The Boss named Dr. Strangelove developing an A.I. based on her idol.
    • And in turn, Cécile and Paz both become attracted to Strangelove, although Cécile is more comfortable with it. Paz is mostly frustrated and confused, man-style.
  • In Muramasa: The Demon Blade, Raijin makes a curious remark to Momohime about seducing her and Fujin with her "pretty looks." Given the romantic relationship between Raijin and Fujin already... Then there's Kongiku's infatuation with Jinkuro, who is currently inhabiting Momohime's body.
  • Persona:
    • Persona 3:
      • Mitsuru Kirijo, by virtue of Aloof Dark-Haired Girl, Authority Equals Asskicking, and Hidden Depths manages to accumulate admirers of both genders. Just ask around school.
      • Courtesy of having Social Links with all of SEES (as opposed to only the female members, in the case of the male protagonist) and being able to have Elizabeth as her Velvet Room attendant instead of Theodore, the Female Protagonist that can be picked in the PSP port is definitely this. Her interactions with Aigis and Elizabeth are just as romantic as they are with the male protagonist (now with added Gayngst in the case of the former), and her potential friendships with Mitsuru and NPC Saori can become quite intense.
    • Persona 4 has Naoto Shirogane, whose androgynous charms attract both boys and girls. To the point she won a swimsuit competition despite refusing to participate in it.
  • From Castlevania: Order of Ecclesia, Shanoa gets some... interesting dialogue from a number of characters, mainly Laura the jeweler and Monica the seamstress. And then there are the Werebat and Lilith monsters asking to "Let's play, cute little kitty!"
    • That's even getting close to the things she hears from some supposedly asexual creatures... in fact, let's jus say EVERYTHING wants her
    • Castlevania: Judgment shows that even little girls can't resist her. "Just 'cause you're HOT doesn't mean you can be rude!"
  • The Neverwinter Nights mod A Dance with Rogues has the Player Character, who attracts quite a bit of attention from male and female NPCs.
  • Mass Effect:
    • The potential for this exists if you play a female Shepard. Blue-Skinned Space Babe Liara is absolutely fascinated with Shepard for various reasons, and this becomes a romantic interest regardless of the PC's gender. You have the option to tell her to buzz off, however. And if you pick some of the more Paragon-ish background options, a lot of people, including a fair number of women, will be extremely impressed with fem-Shepard. We should note here that the asari are technically a One-Gender Race, but they all look roughly like blue human women and usually use female pronouns to refer to themselves. There's also an amusing bit after Grunt's loyalty mission in Mass Effect 2 where EDI informs Shepard that your success against the thresher maw has led to several mating offers from krogan females for Grunt, as well one for Shepard; the line doesn't change if Shepard is female.
    • Asari are also implied to be attractive to anyone; regardless of their gender, species, or sexual orientation; making them all examples of this trope. Demonstrated best by the salarians, who are all normally asexual and treat "reproduction negotiations" much like a business arrangement... except when it comes to the asari. Though in Mass Effect: Andromeda it's explicitly stated by Cora (who's straight and spent time living with the asari) that while just about everyone finds asari beautiful, it does not override a person's normal orientation.
    • Quarian squadmate Tali'Zorah manages to induce this in Jack during the Citadel DLC. At one point Jack (if invited) says to Tali that she's cute and "If I was a bit more drunk and knew how to unzip that suit..." This may not actually count, since Jack mentions having had sexual relationships with women in the past.
  • In Ōkami, Rao's Gag Boobs are so amazing that even God herself can't help but be distracted by them.
  • Ar tonelico II: Melody of Metafalica: Lady Cloche has an entirely female fanclub, 100 members strong, some of whom joined after "having naughty thoughts of Lady Cloche."
  • The female Grey Warden of Dragon Age: Origins will attract not only two male members of the party and a bisexual woman, but also a number of other female minor characters who include both humans and elves. A female human noble can sleep with another woman in the prologue without so much as a Persuade check... Though given that the other woman is an elf servant and elves are at best second-class citizens while you're the middle child of the local feudal lord, there are some strong potential Unfortunate Implications regarding whether she'd have felt like she could safely say no.
  • In the GBA game SwordCraft Story, you can choose to play as a girl (Pratty). The game's romantic interests will not be affected much by this, even if most of them are also girls. Most explicitly, if you get Sugar as your spiritual sidekick, she will insist throughout the game on getting married to Pratty.
  • Dia in Luminous Arc 2 has quite a notable fanbase from her students, even prompting non-Light users to sneak into her lectures, despite the information being useless to them.
  • Pokémon:
    • Due to Purely Aesthetic Genders, Leaf from Pokémon FireRed and LeafGreen comes off as this when you play as her.
    • Cynthia from Pokémon Diamond and Pearl. She has several male and female fans who say they'd like to see her in a swimsuit.
    • Elesa has the same deal as Cynthia. Many male and female fans alike simply adore her, even in universe where she has both female and male fans cheering for her in her catwalk designed Gym in Pokemon Black and White 2.
    • In "Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Gates to Infinity" Your partner is surprised that Virizion didn't want to be "friends" with the female Swanna in charge of the local inn, then, you remember what "friend" is used to imply in this scene, Swanna's response doesn't helps either
    "But i had to try. Everyone wants to be Virizion's friend. Such a lovely girl"
  • Noel Vermillion of BlazBlue. Litchi Faye Ling dresses her up in cute outfits in one of her endings, and her childhood friend Makoto Nanaya is very protective of her. There's also a lot of Noel X Rachel art, and much of it is official. There are even a few female members that like her. Litchi herself gets fawned over quite regularly by Taokaka, though popular opinion is that she's simply too young to know any better, and Noel's friends Tsubaki and Mai also get a fair amount of attention from the aforementioned Makoto (who's quite strongy suggested to be bi). There's also Makoto herself, whose physique and choice of attire get attention from the likes of Ragna, Bang, Kagura, Noel, Luna, Litchi, and even Celica, and her personality and vigor draws admiration from many more people.
  • While the Duchess in Embric of Wulfhammer's Castle is technically Even The Guys Want Her, as she receives more female attention than male, it remains that all but a handful of characters greatly admire her, and all but a handful of those want to get in her dress. It's rather depressing when considering the Final End.
  • Succubus monsters in Final Fantasy: The 4 Heroes of Light are able to use Entice on every party member, two of whom are female. Apparently they're just that hot.
  • Golden Sun enemies with Kiss of Death attacks (Succubus-type enemies throughout the series, Karst in The Lost Age, and in Dark Dawn Chalis and the Ice Queen) can use them on female characters just as effectively as on male characters.
  • Age of Wonders 3: The Seduce and Charm abilities here do not discriminate by sex. Female units like the Bard and Succubus are perfectly capable of seducing and charming other girls, and if you manage to get Seduce or Charm on a male (usually by giving a Leader or Hero an equip item with the ability) they will still be capable of seducing or charming other guys.
  • Senran Kagura: The dynamics between Haruka and Hibari are quite possibly the most blatant example in the series, especially in Crimson Girls, where Hibari transfers to Hebijo. Haruka fawns constantly over Hibari, calling her cute, etc, and when Homura calls her out on her behaviour, Haruka says that even if she was to fall head over heels for Hibari, it wouldn't dampen her skills. Hibari, on the other hand, refers to her and Haruka's time together as "dates".
  • In Yandere Simulator, there's a game mechanic where you can boost your "seduction" stat by spending the night reading explicit manga. Doing so makes male students more comfortable around you, lessening any reputation loss by committing suspicious actions. If it's boosted enough times, it will also work on the girls. The female version of Senpai might also be this, since both you and the other potential suitors will remain female.
  • Octopath Traveler has Primrose Azelhart, an heroic Femme Fatale whose grace and sex appeal allows her to seduce NPCs of either gender into following her. This is to say nothing of the Les Yay in some of her banter skits with other female party members.
  • Laura S. Arseid in The Legend of Heroes: Trails of Cold Steel has lots of fangirls in her hometown Legram or even at an all-girls school at the nation's capital, Heimdallr.


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