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Even Evil Has Standards / The Venture Bros.

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The Venture Bros.

  • The Guild of Calamitous Intent is separated from other supervillain organizations by its strict code of ethics. Forbidden actions include committing rape, attacking on holy ground, attacking police officers, and violating truces.
  • Brock Samson himself has called out Dr. Venture when the latter manipulates the emotionally abused Sally Impossible for his own selfish goals, stating that it's pretty cold for even someone as amoral as Rusty.
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  • Rusty himself has a moment of his own when he refuses to use his cloning technology to bring back Hitler. And another when he calls out both the Guild and The OSI for acting petty towards each other when they're supposed to be negotiating. Realizing his father was as awful with handling such situations as he was with raising him.
  • Another practice the Guild frowns upon is unauthorized "arching", which led to the third-season-opening crucible of The Monarch by the Guild's top officials, since he'd been arching Rusty Venture for years prior to actually joining the Guild and getting his arching license; as a part of his Guild-approved duoship with Dr. Girlfriend, he promises to give up arching Rusty, legally or otherwise. A promise which lasts until about the end of the season, natch.
  • The Monarch also has standards. Although he's willing to kill his own henchmen at the drop of a hat, he is rather shocked to learn how neglectful Venture is of his sons, and actually treats them better than their father when he captures them, on the occasions he's not trying to kill them along with their father.
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  • Everyone has this reaction to Tim-Tom and Kevin, a duo of Depraved Dwarf henchmen. Their bosses, despite being Card-Carrying Villains, are moved to Squick by the sadistic, psychopathic, lustful and foul-mouthed manners of these two. They are more of a liability than an asset, and no tears are shed when The Monarch's henchmen gather up and off the both of them.

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