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Even Evil Has Standards / The Powerpuff Girls

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The Powerpuff Girls

  • Mojo Jojo shows occasions of this;
    • He was fairly and understandably angry when the Girls beat him up when he was simply sleeping. Even more, when he found out that the Gangreen Gang had incriminated not only himself but also HIM and Fuzzy, just for the fun of it, he teamed up with the other two villains to teach them a lesson.
    • He was also disgusted with Buttercup's idea of beating him and other villains up for money, apparently seeing it as too brutish.
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    • When Mojo once traveled back in time to stop the existence of the Girls, he got to see just what a brat Professor Utonium was in his younger days. He did not like what he saw.
    • In the movie when his ape army starts to turn on him with their own plans he's pretty weirded out and outright disgusted at some of them, finding their plans crass and lacking class.
    • In "Custody Battle", when HIM tried impressing the Rowdyruff Boys by hypnotizing scientists into sending the Earth into the Sun, Mojo called it stupid because it would reduce them all to nothing. Although HIM still stopped it with his hand.
  • Even HIM has his standards. Other than the aforementioned "Telephonies" episode, he teamed up with the other villains to teach Buttercup a lesson after she beat them up simply for money (or being more specific, she knocked most if not all of their teeth out in a barrage of brutal beatings and then traded the teeth away to the Tooth Fairy for money).


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