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Even Evil Has Standards / Radio

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  • Used and then immediately played with a bit in Old Harry's Game, after a baby gets sent to Hell by mistake. The demons protest, stating that they can't torment it because even they have standards. Plus, they'd need much smaller instruments.
    • In the same series, Thomas is such a disgusting moral vacuum that Judas Iscariot calls him "The Guv'nor" and Saddam Hussein refused to buy weapons off him because he was too dodgy. Even Satan was shocked by his rap sheet. (When he tried to sell Satan his family's souls in exchange for his own, Satan quoted the trope name almost verbatum). At the start of the second season, Satan has turned him into a dysentery bacterium because he's lowering the tone of the place.
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    • In one episode, Satan decides to let Nero be in charge of Hell while he's busy doing something else and all of the demons in Hell (who have so far shown to enjoy constantly torturing people) are disgusted by what he's done.
    • Satan also claims to have two morals, one of which is never directly murdering people. It used to be three, but then he got cynical.
    • There is a Pit of Demons Who Are Too Violent Even For Hell.
  • Fox News Radio reporter Todd Starnes, known for his defense of conservative Christians and his negative coverage of the gay community, appeared on the radio talk show of fringe End Times conspiracy theorist Rick Wiles. After Wiles suggested that the head of a progressive religious freedom group be "met in a dark alley by a couple of special forces commandos and given an attitude adjustment," Starnes promptly chewed him out over his rhetoric and ended the interview.
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  • In the Big Finish Doctor Who audio drama The Curse of Davros, Davros explains the reason he chose to go back to the Napoleonic Wars and team up with Napoleon Bonaparte rather than any other time period when a powerful warlord nearly conquered the continent is because all the others had impure reasons for seeking power, including the one who had an obsession with meaningless genetic differences between humans. Of course, given the Daleks are poster-cyborgs for A Nazi by Any Other Name, there's a bit of Hypocrisy involved there.
  • Subverted in The Men from the Ministry, when Sir Gregory wants Lamb and Lennox-Brown to somehow get rid of Ms. Bentwater's overbearing mummy. Lamb suggests contacting the Mafia, which Sir Gregory immediately shoots down... since they don't know their address.