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Even Evil Has Standards / Archer

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Many of the villains of the week on Archer can show this:

  • In the pilot, Kremensky thinks everyone should be nicer to Pam and is suitably disgusted when Archer gets an erection at the thought of Malory dying.
  • Charles and Rudy from "Honeypot" might be an elite Cuban hitsquad, but even they're disgusted with how Archer treats Woodhouse.
  • In "Placebo Effect," Mikey is horrified when he finds out that he was actually stealing chemo drugs instead of cream for male-pattern baldness and replacing them with placebos.
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  • In "El Contador", Roman Calzado does not rape his captives and is disgusted when Archer thinks he would. He even has a sense of fair play when it comes to hunting people for sport.
  • In "Crossing Over", a Soviet sleeper tells Lana everything he knows and begs her to let him defect because he's terrified of Barry, the new KGB head. In the same episode, Boris disobeys Barry's orders and helps Jakov escape.
  • Popeye is a loan-sharking pimp, but when he takes over the cleaners in Season 3, he insists on making it eco-friendly.
  • Ray's brother Randy is an unashamed drug farmer and was ready to kill the county sheriff, but he'll be "damned if [he's] gonna contribute to the obesity epidemic."
  • Malory Archer's as apathetic and vindictive as they come, but is shocked and outraged when she learns Cheryl skipped her parents' funeral. When Cheryl points out Malory threatened to fire her for being late to work again Malory angrily claims she would've given her a break if it meant going to her parents' funeral. In general Malory seems to hold her nastier tendencies in check when it comes to funerals and wakes, and was once frustrated when Archer tried to hit on a dead agent's wife at the man's wake.
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  • In "Three To Tango", Conway Stern betrays Archer and Lana once more for payback from their last encounter in "Diversity Hire". While he shot Archer in the back, he decides against shooting Lana because she just became a mother to AJ.

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