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Examples of Even Evil Has Loved Ones in fan works.

  • In the Death Note Crack Fic A Charmed Life Light and Ryuk genuinely care about each other.
  • Cinder Fall in A Monster's Marriage is an unrepentant monster who happily sold her soul for power but is very much in love with her husband, Jaune Arc, whom she keeps her life as a criminal far from.
  • Ashes of the Past has Giovanni; what pissed him off about the Iron Marauder's little attempt to usurp him as boss of Team Rocket via Celebi was the fact that he might have not met Persian if the Marauder succeeded. Which is why, when it's all said and done, he orders his beloved Persian to give Vicious a stroke in retaliation.
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  • Canid, an MCU fanfic, focuses largely on the relationship between Loki and his son Fenrir. It's fraught at times, but ultimately a loving relationship.
  • Dragon Ball Z Abridged:
    • Jeice and Burter show tremendous friendship for each other. On the rest of the Ginyu Force? Over Guldo's death they were discussing the last time they masturbated.
    • Ginyu as well. He is shaken by Burter's death, calling it a hefty loss, Recoome's is what sends him out for revenge and after Jeice's he voices genuine distress, even pleading with his foes for a brief moment of silence of mourning.
    • Despite being a ruthless tyrant who has little to no hesitation in stabbing an infant, King Vegeta at least cares enough about his son Vegeta to have him taken off-planet just in case negotiations with Frieza went south.
    • Though he tries to brush it off to catch Trunks off guard, King Cold, unlike the original series, is also visibly pissed when Future Trunks kills Freeza.
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    • Mr. Popo actually misses Kami after he fuses with Piccolo.
    • Dr. Gero modeled Android 16 after his son, who was killed in Goku's attack on the Red Ribbon Base.
    • In his own very demented way, Cell considers Androids 16, 17, and 18 his "siblings" and tries to act affably towards them, in-spite of the fact he still plans on devouring the latter two to increase his power. After he does so, he still tries to strike up a relationship with 16, who is understandably reluctant to bond with him:
      16: You ate my family.
      Cell: 16, I'm trying!!!
  • In The Fall of Lord Frieza, Frieza genuinely cares about his family, even Cooler, and actually cries when King Cold is killed. He also cares enough about his race to want to wish Arcos back after its destruction. The same can be said about Cooler, before he's assimilated by the Big Gete Star.
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  • The Grinning Snake, was written by someone who was upset about Shizuru being a Karma Houdini in My-HiME, noting that all the people she killed at the First District had loved ones whom they left behind. In the fic, the daughter of one of her victims makes a contract with Ai Enma and sends her to Hell.
  • The Rise of the Guardians fic Guardian of Light, Pitch is revealed to be Helen's father. While his treatment of her towards the beginning leaves much to be desired, it gradually becomes apparent that he really does love her, despite everything.
  • In Harry Potter and the Puppet of Time Lucius Malfoy is an unrepentant Death Eater who arranged his own father's death (then used it to advance his political agenda), but is nonetheless deeply upset when Draco kills Barty Crouch Jr. He considers it an undeniably good thing the man is dead but would rather his son didn't have to kill, at least not so young.
  • The Heart Trilogy has bit of deconstruction; Smaug develops a complicated relationship with the Seer Kathryn whom he originally kidnapped as his songbird. He comes to regard her as his greatest treasure, but he's still a murderous and greedy dragon whose actions hurt the much more moral Kathryn, and the prideful dragon-dread doesn't easily comply to her wishes. By the end of the trilogy's second part, Smaug is forced to give up his plans to retake Erebor and his treasure if he wants to live with Kathryn. In the beginning of the third part, this trope is discussed, with Gandalf arguing to Galadriel that Smaug's feelings for Kathryn make him A Lighter Shade of Black against Sauron. Smaug's also happy about his and Kathryn's twins Kolstros and Vervenia after they're born.
  • In Supergirl fic Hellsister Trilogy, Satan Girl is literally an embodiment of dark impulses and desires. World-scale destruction, killing sprees and rape turn her on. Still, she's devastated when she finds out her child has been stolen.
    Kara said, <Tell me about your child. How is it you know he is gone?>
    Satan Girl hesitated. For once, Kara saw something other than hatred in her eyes. Even one such as her Hellsister could feel sorrow.
  • The Condesce and Grand Highblood in Hivefled genuinely care about each other, albeit in a selfish and violent way. However, they're supposed to be moirails, yet fuck like matesprits and make each other's violent behaviour much worse. The Grand Highblood also seems sometimes to like Gamzee despite his "unacceptable" behaviour, but expresses it by repeatedly raping and mutilating him.
  • This trope is played with in Lost in Camelot, as while Uther's anti-magic vendetta makes him a threat to them both, he isn’t evil enough for Bo and Merlin to want to kill him, particularly not when they know that it would hurt Arthur (Bo also reflects that even the jerk Ash in the future could have had loved ones before her mother's attack left him on life support).
  • Another Rise of the Guardians fic called Lullabies, by the same author as the above, has another example. Jack is surprised by the knowledge that, out of all of the Immortals, Pitch is the only one who has experience in parenting because he has a daughter.
  • In A Marauder's Plan Barty Crouch Jr. reminisces about his love affair with Rabastan Lestrange and Bellatrix's offer to carry a child for the two of them.
  • In Marie D. Suesse and the Mystery New Pirate Age!, it is unclear how much Madelyn, really cared for her lover, Trafalgar Law, and she caused her brother, Monkey D. Luffy's execution for his sake. However, she greatly cares for her husband Garreth, and her daughter Marie, to the point at which she begs Law to exact his revenge on her, rather than him. He replies that he didn't wait 20 years to settle for that, and there is a way for her to right her wrongs- but it involves changing the past so that, among other things, she never meets them.
  • In The Masks We Wear, both Zuko and Azula are horrified by the thought of their father dying as a result of his insisting on using lightning redirection immediately after learning it. He succeeds.
  • O'Malley from the Red vs. Blue AU Murderer's Row shows a twisted, rapey, interest in Doc. On a more platonic note, he and Gary are, in flashback chapters, shown to be quite friendly with each other, and O'Malley was extremely upset when Delta killed Gary for a perceived betrayal.
  • In My Huntsman Academia, The Admiral is an officer in the White Fang and a Faunus supremacist who would like nothing more than to trample on and enslave humanity for their systematic oppression of the Faunus. At the same time, he loves his nephew Huey and his girlfriend Daisy and his last thoughts before being knocked out cold are the realization that he missed Huey's college graduation and wedding.
  • In #14 (MHA), Bakugou notes that All For One truly seems to care about Inko.
  • My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic:
    • The Alternate Adventures of the Power Ponies: A recurring characteristic. Ahuizotl loves his cats, Mane-iac still recalls a distorted affection for Rarity, Sombra and Discord both genuinely care for their respective love interests, and Longhorn has his daughter Madcow.
    • The Conversion Bureau: The Other Side of the Spectrum:
      • In spite of everything, Queen Celestia still loved her sister. It didn't stop her from turning Luna to stone after she tried to side with the humans.
      • Discord expresses genuine sadness at the disappearance of the alicorn Faust, whom he calls his "mother".
    • Equestria Girls: Friendship Souls:
      • Hurricane still loves his late wife Pansy; hiding it behind a though facade because he presumably doesn't want to show weakness.
      • Human Torch (an Espada) clearly loves his daughter Ember dearly.
      • Human Starlight's entire motivation is due to this, she wants to get back at Soul Society because she believes they sent her friend Sunburst to Hell.
      • The Fourth Espada might be a few eggs short of a dozen, but he cares for his adopted children dearly, to the point where he'll kill anyone who tries to hurt them.
    • Equestrylvania: Nevermore the Perverse created a devastating poison that only affects foals. He was sure to create a cure as well, in case anyone else decided to use it on his own kids.
    • Chrysalis in Friendship Is Magical Girls is as evil as she is in cannon, but she does love her children.
    • Harmony Theory: Charisma, a pegasus that was literally born to be a Blood Knight and The Dragon to one of the big bads still cares about her ex-boyfriend, the unquestionably good and pacifistic Trail Blazer, even long after they had broken up.
      • She is also implied to have remorse over accidentally murdering her own brother, when her "killer mark" first appeared and lead to her being disowned by her family.
    • The Immortal Game: In his own sick, twisted way, Esteem actually seems to care about his daughter Rarity. Likewise, Terra seems to genuinely love Titan.
      • Terra (and Titan too, before he snapped) also loved Harmony (Terra's mother and Titan's first wife) and the original Empyrean (Terra's brother/first husband and Titan's son).
    • Despite being The Caligula, the My Little Pony: The Mentally Advanced Series version of Celestia seems to at least tolerate her sister Luna's antics.
    • Pony POV Series:
      • This describes the relationship between the Dark World versions of Fluttercruel and Discord. They both genuinely care about each other; Fluttercruel is Daddy's Little Villain all the way, and Fauna Luster help you if you hurt Cruel in Discord's presence. When Discord is mortally wounded, Fluttercruel has a full-blown Villainous Breakdown and becomes an Omnicidal Maniac to protect him.
      • Discord also begs the Dark World!Mane Six not to hurt Screwball and Mad Tiara/Diamond Tiara, who are his nieces. He even sends the two of them away with specific orders to never try to fight the mane six for his death because they'd not stand a chance and likely die.
      • Despite all the evil, horrible things they've done, Nightmare Paradox and her Psycho Rangers seem to genuinely love each other as friends, to the point they can still use the Elements of Harmony. Paradox has even been looking for a Nightmare Rarity because of what it'd mean to Banneret. Nightmare Banneret and Mirror also still care for Rarity and Apple Pie as well, but not enough to spare them (though its implied Mirror may have spared her Apple Pie in some way).
      • By the Finale Arc, Diamond Tiara has become a Nightmare and minion of Discord. She seems to be numb to all emotion, and only serves Discord because she believes that is her only purpose. However, she still cares about Silver Spoon, Tootsie, and Alula. She even became terrified for and then rescued Tootsie when Venus tried to kill her.
      • Nyarlathotrot seems to genuinely care about his son, King Sombra. While he sees everybody else, even Discord, as an expendable pawn, he wishes Sombra all the happiness in the world when he is temporarily freed, and arranges for his needs to be met.
    • In the Ponies of Olympus series, Chrysalis seems to honestly love her daughter Aurelia.
    • In Princess Trixie Sparkle, Astelle, the main antagonist of the story, has a soft spot for Princess Luna the little sister she never got to meet.
      • Also Astelle's minion/creation The Shadow Alicorn, sees her as its mother and largely participates in her schemes to make her happy... even if she may not see things the same way. He is also revealed to be an Old Friend to Luna.
    • Despite going through some serious Adaptational Villainy the Ultra Fast Pony version of Applejack still seems to care about her siblings.
  • Zig-Zagged in One Step Backwards And Three Forwards. On one hand, Hawkmoth ordered his minions to stand down once he saw that Chat Noir was none other than his own son, Adrien. He justified this by declaring that they'd already gotten the Black Cat Ring, and the detransformed hero was now powerless to stop them. But this didn't stop him from using his Wish to rewrite reality, and in the new world, he continues to treat Adrien much the same as he did before... with the added twist that he now has an older son, Felix, whom he favors (and who secretly has all of the original Adrien's memories). What's worse, he allows Lila to claim Adrien as her trophy boyfriend as part of her 'reward' — and while he flinches when Felix compares this to whoring his sibling out, allows the situation to continue unchallenged.
  • Perfection Is Overrated, being a My-HiME fic, has even the SUEs, despite their lack of regard for others, possess Most Important people who will die if they lose. They range from those motivated to do morally questionable deeds for the sake of their beloved person, to those who have them despite not seeming like the type to care for others. The only exception is Hitomi. Later on, one of the First District underlings is revealed to have a wife who works at Fuuka Academy and a son who goes to school there.
  • While ‘evil’ and ‘loved ones’ might be overstating the matter, in The Prodigal Daughter, Kilbourne notes that Sloan was respected in Section 31 and quite a few people in the organisation aren’t happy that Doctor Bashir let Sloan die so that he could save Odo.
  • Pokémon Reset Bloodlines: Belladonna and her crew are ruthless and vengeful vigilantes, but they deeply care for each other romantically. Belladonna, when she discovers Ash may be her half brother, refrains from killing him, tries to strike up a friendly conversation with him, and offers him genuine comfort when he cries over the potential death of Primeape.
  • In The Prayer Warriors, Horus has a wife named Baste, and mourns her passing after the Prayer Warriors kill her, and before they cause him to suffer the same fate.
  • In The Transformers fanfic series Prisoner of Destiny and The Big Capture of 1999-2006 by Shebakoby, Megatron, of all people. He goes full Papa Wolf in part 7 of Shadow of the Guardian co-written by Conveyus-Prime.
  • In the Jackie Chan Adventures fic Queen of All Oni, Jade honestly cares about her dog Scruffy, breaks the Dog Talisman to make him immortal again, and pampers him a lot for a while. After Scruffy decides to leave her because of how evil has consumed her, she has a Villainous BSoD.
  • Rosario Vampire: Brightest Darkness: Jovian and Jacqueline Kikion, Hokuto's Co-Dragons during the events of Acts III and IV. The author goes out of his way to establish that Jovian and Jacqueline are nothing more than Psychopathic Manchildren who absolutely thrive on causing as much pain, destruction, and death as possible, going so far as to torture and rape those Hokuto holds hostage For the Evulz. That being said, they have Undying Loyalty to Hokuto, and love each other, even if said love is somewhat twisted; in fact, in Act IV chapter 28, the minute Apoch and Astreal successfully kill Jacqueline, Jovian completely drops her Faux Affably Evil act and starts spamming Wave Motion Guns at the two in a blind rage.
  • Cinder in RWBY: Destiny of Remnant, surprisingly despite everything she has done, still cares for her younger brother Ashe. She's quite uncomfortable about killing Ashe, but eventually went through with it because she couldn't disobey her master Salem, and because she has already chosen her fate.
  • The Star Trek (2009) fic Safe and Sound solidifies what the second film established; that Khan cares about his crew. He even adopts the newly augmented Lucille Harewood and accepts her into his family.
  • She Lives in a Daydream has Cell. Love doesn't redeem him at all, and he still did everything his canon counterpart did, but his love for Pippa was genuine all the same.
  • In the Hunger Games fanfiction Some Semblance of Meaning, District One tribute Obsidian reveals in his interview that he volunteered not only because he wanted to compete in the Hunger Games but because his thirteen-year-old cousin was the male tribute who had been selected. (Then again, Obsidian isn't really evil, even if he is part of the Career pack.)
  • The Somewhat Cracked Mind Of Uchiha Itachi: Rasa is a bastard who stuck the Shukaku into his youngest child and eventually drove him insane, and even went as far as to try and hold a hospital hostage during the Invasion, but when it comes down to it, he loves all his children and is genuinely hurt when he realizes that they all (justifiably) hate him in return.
  • Sonic Boom: Beyond the Black Horizon: Unlike his canon counterpart (who had no bridges left to burn by the time he was sealed off), Lyric had some very close friends in the World-Wreckers. After he's accidentally freed a millennium later and gets Sonic and co. off his back, his primary concern is finding them...
  • Sonic Mania: The Novelization: For all his evil and craziness, Eggman does care about his niece Eggatha. When the Flying Battery crash-lands in the Press Garden Zone, Eggman's immediate concern is whether or not Eggatha managed to escape before the crash.
  • Tsali from Sonic X: Dark Chaos deeply cared about the mercenaries he hired to aid him with exterminating the Seedrians - to the point when they betrayed him to try to end the Metarex War, he was so devastated that he suffered a slight Villainous Breakdown. Especially Talia, as she was madly in love with Tsali and only reluctantly turned against him which is probably why he gave her a Mercy Kill.
  • To Hell and Back (Arrowverse) has several examples:
    • Astra still loves Kara, and spends most of Arc II plotting to sway her niece to her side. She also genuinely loved Non, and is devastated when Kara kills him.
    • Malcolm genuinely loves Tommy. And Oliver, after learning that Oliver is his biological son.
  • In the Harry Potter fanfic Those Gilded Chains We Wear Bellatrix genuinely cares about her family (even her sister Andromeda, who, as a Death Eater, she should hate unconditionally due to her marriage to a Muggle-born).
  • In The Vow, the plot of Kung Fu Panda 2 has been expanded with Lady Lianne, Lord Shen's former fiancée. Shen loved her before his banishment from Gongmen City and he still does, even if that love has been buried with hatred for the perceived betrayal in rejecting him for his crime of mass murder. While he wants to conquer China and make her his queen as a form of punishment, he does want precisely her, the woman he loves. Lianne in turn wants desperately to stop Shen's plans and make him repent as she also still loves him. Eventually Shen sets Lianne free, realizing that he'd rather have her happy than by his side on his dark road, though Lianne finalizes their marriage out of her own will before she leaves. Shen is left in a state of deep depression due to his broken heart, but he survives his canon ending because he wants to see Lianne one more time. The epilogue shows Shen and Lianne living together with their child.
    • Shen has also not been able to completely forget his love toward his parents and his former nanny Ah-Ma.
    • Zhan the Wolf Boss regards his pack as his family, making him concerned when Lianne points out that there will be casualties if they try to conquer the entire China. He also forms a warm relationship with Jade, the dhole spy impersonating as a maid against Shen. After she's exposed, he's genuinely hurt. As she confesses that she did come to like him and tries to reason with him, he sends her out of the city instead of killing her, warning her to never return. They're reunited peacefully after Shen's apparent death.
    • The male leopard member of Haun's gang expresses his desire to free/avenge his sister who's been captured by Shen's wolves.
  • White Sheep (RWBY): Salem is still the Evil Overlord of the Grimm but she loves her husband deeply and positively dotes on her children. Yang remarks on the irony that the Big Bad is a better mother than her own.
  • The Ultimate Evil: Shendu develops a Villainous Crush on Valerie Payne who happens to be the Chans' friend and his Other. Though as vile and cruel as in canon, he makes sure that nothing bad happens to her, and he does at times go out of his way to make her happy, like helping in rescuing her friend Jade.
  • In Danny Phantom fanfic ResurrectedMemories: Even prior to becoming half human, Ember, despite having a difficult human life, did have a strong bond with her younger sister Amy and she is the only one the ghostly girl genuinely misses from her old life.
  • A Brighter Dark: Despite his cold and ruthless actions King Garon is shown to truly care about his children (in stark contrast to the original, where he spent most of his screen time undermining his children at every turn). He tries (awkwardly) to greet his daughter Azura the first time he's seen her since she was kidnapped, and tells Corrin that he truly sees her as his daughter before she leaves with her army for Hoshido.
  • Downplayed in Infinity Crisis. Sin admires her grandfather, but neither of them express actual affection for each other.
  • Subverted in Kara of Rokyn. Lex Luthor loved his family in the past, but after several decades obsessed with killing Superman he has become unable to feel anything other than hatred.
  • Segrif Zepar from A Fake Hero is by all means an unlikeable, arrogant piece of shit that has no qualms when it comes to experimenting on his servants or abduct Sona and her peerage, and yet he is show to harbour genuine affection towards his sister, choosing to get power by his own means rather than kill her and secure his future when he easily could have done the latter.
  • The Touch of Green Fire: Shego may be an aloof super-villain, but there are people she genuinely cares for. She loves being a criminal, but she doesn't want her younger twin brothers following that path. She was also genuinely in love with her First Love Teryl and was hurt by her betrayal. As the series goes on, Shego finds herself attracted to Kim in a less-than-platonic manner as well.
  • Back To Zero: Giovanni is a cruel and arrogant mafia boss-esque character who murdered his own mother. He sends his agents to murder people and has no issue raping his underlings. Despite all this, he does genuinely care for his daughter Jessie, he has a messed-up but romantically tinged relationship with Jessie's mother Miyamoto, and he keeps an eye out for his son Ash.
  • Professor Ratigan in DiscordantPrincess' The Great Mouse Detective fanworks is pretty much the same ruthless criminal mastermind he is in the movie; but his relationship with his daughter Danielle is a very sweet one, and an even more surefire way of getting yourself killed than calling him a rat would be harming or insulting her in any way.
  • In you said no more hurting people, Rubber Soul's reason for trying to kill Jotaro is so he'd be able to take care of his daughter, Anne, with the money he would get from DIO. He is also genuinely heartbroken when Anne loses all love and respect for him because he broke his promise of no more hurting people.
  • In The Smeet Series, Zim is still as much of a megalomaniacal lunatic as he was in canon, while Gaz is still an antisocial misanthrope. Despite this, the two are in a genuinely caring relationship with each other; Zim may be more overtly affectionate in their interactions than Gaz, but she still clearly cares about him, at one point partaking in a bit of Anger Born of Worry when he recovers from a Disney Death by being Eaten Alive by Zimkro.
  • Jackie Chan Adventures: Olympian Journey: Eris is a chaotic goddess, but she still has feelings for her aunt Hestia, and even misses Hestia's cooking. She's also shown wailing at her best friend Patches being dead and tears swell in her eyes when she looks at the remains of Hecate's room in the ruined Olympian palace.
  • Jimmy Two-Shoes The Movie: Misery Loves Company: Lucius Heinous VII is an expy of Satan and a Corrupt Corporate Executive who owns an entire city that he runs like a particularly sadistic and megalomaniacal Caligula, but he deeply loved his wife Maggie and was so devastated when she left him that he became depressed for months on end and still badly misses her a century later.
  • In #14 (MHA) Bakugou notes that All for One seems to truly care about Inko.
  • The Boltons in The Bloods of Bolton may be a cavalcade of sociopaths, but they do seem genuinely capable of caring for each other. Roose may be an utterly ruthless and cruel Lord, but he does care for his son and daughter (his daughter especially) and he also can't bring himself to kill Ramsay despite him attacking Drucilla. Drucilla herself is a sadistic little girl, but she does love her brother Domeric to the point where she actively targets Ramsay despite her fear of him.
  • running with lightning feet deconstructs the concept with the Opress brothers. After being raised by a sociopathic Sith Lord, Maul is so emotionally stunted he cannot envision a relationship in other terms than "student-teacher" or "usefulness" while Savage is so terrified of his younger sibling Feral being hurt or losing his inner kindness he's ignoring or outright bullying him to teach him strength. The result is that Feral genuinely believes his brothers would abandon him for being unable to fulfill their expectations, meaning that Savage and Maul's attempts to care for him only can drive Feral away.
  • In Daughter of Fire and Steel, Lex is opposed to Superman and set up as an antagonist, but he genuinely loved his sister, Lena, and her death is his reason for going to war with the Man of Steel.
  • Chasing Dragons:
    • Rhaegar gets his Berserk Button pushed by the sight of Lannister banners because of what happened to his wife and children.
    • The members of the Myrish Remnant whose POV we see hate the Kingdom of Myr because of the deaths of their loved ones in the fall of Myr and the war leading up to it.
    • Euron Greyjoy, who isn't quite as bad as in canon, fondly remembers his father and despises Balon for ruining the man's life work with his rebellion. Also, there's the matter of Balon possibly being responsible for the deaths of their stepmother and half-brother, which Euron is disgusted by.
  • Natural Selection:
    • Ryuko, despite being a tyrant and a sadistic Blood Knight has shown the capacity to love and cherish others.
      • First among the people she cares for is her girlfriend, Mako. In fact, their relationship is shown to be her most redeeming quality. She genuinely loves and cherishes her girlfriend and will actively curb her sadistic tendencies for nothing more than to make Mako happy.
      • She loves and cares for her Kamui, Junketsu, having known him almost her whole life and having bonded with him at an early age. She's shown a strong comradery with him when they fight Satsuki together.
      • Despite the Villainous Incest present in their relationship, she does genuinely love her younger sister, Nui. Seeing her when she was in a dire situation almost immediately puts her at ease.
    • Nui may be deranged enough to make Ryuko look sane, but she does love her older sister, Villainous Incest aside. When she's captured by Nudists, she shows that there are no limits to what she'll do to save her. She also genuinely loves and cherishes Soroi, as she warmly greets and hugs him when they meet in Chapter 17. It's even noted that Ragyo orders her children not to be affectionate with the hired help, but since Nui does so anyway with Soroi, it shows how much she cares about him.

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