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This page is for gushing about your favourite installments of the works you cherish.

  • The Last Hope will always be my favourite Warrior Cats book. It's a celebration of all the things that have made us laugh, smile, cry, and cheer along with the characters. It also explores how hope works, and regaining what you have lost. It's topped off with the most perfect ending imaginable. A perfect conclusion to a series I have loved for many years.

  • Duke The Lost Engine is my favourite Railway Series book of all time. The first story shows how touching an intergenerational friendship can be, with Falcon and Stuart calling Duke 'Granpuff' and looking up to him as a mentor and (implied) grandfather of sorts. And, the latter half has the most tearjerking ending in the RWS's history: Duke being sheeted up while Falcon and Stuart go off elsewhere. I was crying so hard. It was almost as if you could hear the engines talking to each other and trying to hold back crying themselves. That said, by the end of the story, it also shows that the now renamed Sir Handel and Peter Sam hadn't forgotten about Duke and talked about him in private. I feel that they were trying to protect him from someone who wanted to scrap him. (That's a headcanon for another time) Then, they finally reveal their identities to the other 4 engines on the SKR at the time at the start of 'Bulldog' and we learn so much of what makes them who they are today. In both 'Bulldog' and 'You Can't Win' we see how Duke interacts with Falcon and Stuart individually; Falcon he was a bit more firmer with, due to him being a bit more cocky; Stuart he was a bit more playful with, as he was the cheekier of the 2. And then there's the heartwarming ending in 'Sleeping Beauty' where Duke is reunited with Sir Handel and Peter Sam at last. I tell you, I had tears of joy streaming down my eyes at that bit.