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  • Red vs. Blue
    • Church's time-travel excursion. In his attempts to better the timeline, he ends up causing everything to go wrong. As he tries desperately, and fails miserably to shoot Donut, he sums it up fairly well:
      Church: Oh my God, I suck!
    • Caboose trying to cover Church with a sticky grenade in Reconstruction... and throwing it directly into the wall in front of him. Washington lampshades it by declaring it the "worst throw ever. Of all time."
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    • Caboose setting fire to anything and everything in Relocated.
      Caboose: Ahhh! Now I am burning! That is much worse than other things burning!
      [a fire starts for absolutely no reason]
      Caboose: Oh, come on! How did that even start?
    • In Reconstruction, Church unloads an entire magazine at a guard standing still right in front of him without hitting the guy once.
    • The time Tucker ruined the Dynamic Entry on his Cool Bike by flying several feet over the bad guys and crashing into the wall.
  • Happy Tree Friends is fueled with Epic Fail. And Gorn. Lots & Lots of Gorn.
  • Homestar Runner:
    • The title character is apparently prone to these, if Strong Bad is any indication. One Strong Bad Email segment ("4 branches") discusses various examples of Homestar's stupidity, including getting himself stuck inside a water cooler... somehow.
      Strong Bad: J-Just explain to me what you were trying to do when this happened.
      Homestar: Well, I was in Barbados, hanging a picture on a wall...
      Strong Bad: Okay, that tells me everything I need to know.
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    • The same email also mentions that Homestar has often done things so stupid it wraps back around to smart, like correctly describing Coulomb's law when asked the value of 2+2.
    • Strong Bad is prone to these as well. In the Strong Bad Email segment "2 emails", Strong Bad invites several women to the Ladies' Choice Awards, only to have none show up.
    • Also in "for kids", Strong Bad somehow gets a Game Over in Peasant's Quest with a score of -45 which is impossible to do in the actual game.
    • In "death metal", there's a Cutaway Gag involving a band in the Teen Girl Squad-verse using "d-e words" one should avoid when writing death metal songs. Afterwards, Strong Bad remarks that "Brainkrieg" got "last place" in the Battle of the Crappy High School Bands.
  • Battle for Dream Island has plenty.
    • The fifth challenge was to cross a bridge. And there's a backup one. However, no one has managed to cross it, and both bridges were destroyed.
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    • In "Puzzling Mysteries", the Cherries are struggling to solve a 9-piece jigsaw puzzle. Problem? All the pieces are upside-down and they don't realize it. They were stuck doing that puzzle for a month.
      Pencil: Something tells me we're doinng something wrong. [holds a piece so that it's showing the right side to the viewer]
    • Another Name's performance in the second tiebreaker challenge of "Crybaby!". They fail in 5 seconds.
    • Another Name on the whole is a pretty bad team. They never won a challenge, and by the merge, the team consisted of one member.
    • Leafy and Ice Cube in "The Reveal". The challenge is to split into pairs and make catch the frisbee 3 times put together before the sunset (if you don't do that, you get a penalty). All the other pairs successfully managed to do this. Leafy and Ice Cube, however, weren't able to score a single catch, and lost 1000 pointsnote  for a penalty.
    • Iance's strategy of jumping to get the basket in "Getting Teardrop To Talk". Not only did it cause them to lose the challenge, the writers pointed out several times how ineffective this strategy is.
      Pencil: I got it!
      Match: Really, Pencil?
      Pencil: No, JK, still got half a mile to go.
    • Match's instructons seal the arguably worst team performance in BFB history so far.
      Match: Snowball, is your name Snowball?
      Match: Well, stop it! All those Ls are gonna weigh, like, a flake-ton, and that's why you jump so low!
    • When Donut tried to punish Bleh for answering wrong 3 times straight, he shows them the audio recording of Four's screech. When nothing happens, he tries it on himself and gets stunned.
    • "This Episode Is About Basketball":
      • What does X do first when promoted to a host? He reads the cue colored cards with votes backwards, thus prompting Stapy to hear that he was eliminated first, and hop off before X even finishes reading his votes.
      • Beep. They have only 3 members with arms to help them in the basketball challenge. One is currently dead, one is too dumb, and the other is too scared to throw a ball. When Woody finally throws a ball, and succeeds, they celebrate - only to hear that getting one ball in wasn't enough.
      • Death P.A.C.T. is no better. Tree, who is apparently their best thrower, is stuck inside Bottle and can't throw any further than a few centimeters. And when Pen tries to use Black Hole to help, the result is that all the balls are sucked up.
        Pillow: Fantastic.
    • The entire team of Beep in season 4. All of their members are either disfunctional, useless, or both? Check. Awful challenge statistics? Check note . To add insult to injury, Leafy assembled them all because she thought they needed help.
  • X-Ray & Vav:
    • The very first episode has the titular duo obliterate their city trying to stop three robbers. X-Ray boasts that he's a master of Le Parkour but quickly proves he isn't.
    • Episode 9 of Season 2 has Dragonface fighting and losing to Dwayne. Dwayne is a rock no bigger than Dragonface's hand and isn't sentient or magical in any way. Hilda has to correct herself and say that that was much more pathetic than X-Ray and Vav's Let's You and Him Fight.
  • In Pokémon Rusty, this trope encapsulates Rusty's entire journey. He tries to teach a Zubat Surf and rides on top of it, shoves multiple Bidoofs into one Pokéball, and washes a Grimer down the drain, among many other examples.
  • ASDF Movie:
    • In the sixth movie, a guy is told carrots are good for his eyesight. He responds by jamming carrots right into his eyes.
    • One skit has a man threatening to punch another man in the face. However, since it's Opposite Day, he punches himself in the face instead.
    • There's also the guy who accidentally killed someone because he mistook a gun for a camera.
  • In the Death Battle trailer revealing the animated looks for Wiz and Boomstick, it's revealed that the reason why the two were never seen on camera for seven-plus years was because Boomstick forgot to remove the lenscap off the camera.
  • The Most Epic Story Ever Told in All of Human History:
    • The character named Epic Fail has several within the trailer alone, between going in the opposite direction of his objective, landing gracefully after crashing into a brick wall... on top of a banana peel that immediately causes him to slip and fall anyway, and then blowing up his toaster during The Stinger when he tries to warm up his DVD player in it.
    • Then there's his Evil Counterpart Ridiculously Epic Fail, who attempts to cause evil by blowing up a random box, only for the explosion to send him crashing into a button that causes a rain of kittens and sunshine, making the world a happier place.


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