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Epic Fail / Twitch Plays Pokémon Prism

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Being a new romhack played for the first time by people who can barely avoid ledges, expect a higher amount of Face Palm moments.

  • The mob spent hours in the Mound Cave, which is a special hell filled with pits that lead into dark areas that require lighting up lamps with an electric type to see.
  • Primarily due to its status as Obvious Beta, Laurel Forest is a glitchy mess. It caused Engarde to become a zombie, then a glitched out mess of sprites, then the entire team becoming glitched out and turning into each other. It became so bad it required a save state reset.
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  • The mob attempted to keep the overpowered move 'Dust Devil' on Tyranitar which was in the first slot so frantically pressed Up to avoid overwriting the move. They successfully changed the slot to be changed through all the moves and back onto Dust Devil in time for it to be overwritten.
  • There's also the time the mob glitched into a TREE, forcing a reset.
  • After spending a greater part of the day chasing after a Fakemon Legendary that didn't even show up at it's proper spot because a glitch, the chat finally engaged it in battle... Only to run from it on the very first turn.

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