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Epic Fail / Twitch Plays Pokémon Brown

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  • Zubat's epic losing battle against an Oddish, where it was slowly whittled down 1 HP at a time after running out of Leech life PP. When it managed to confuse the Oddish with 2 HP remaining, the confusion failed the first turn and wore off the second turn.
  • We need to cut a tree to get to the 5th Gym.
    • Worse, attempts to Cut trees often end up in entering the Fly menu instead and winding up back in Merson City or Seashore City.
  • Due to the ease of obtaining Rare Candies in this game, the Mob has been using controlled level-ups to make sure wanted moves are learned and unwanted moves aren't. On Day 8, they use a bunch of Rare Candies to catch Beedrill up and teach him Pin Missile...and just a few hours later, another Democracy session overwrites Pin Missile with Double-Edge, leaving Beedrill with only Normal-type moves.
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  • Sylveon is sent out against Elite Four Drake's Kingdra. Kingdra lowers Sylveon down to one HP, and both sides begin to spam status moves, with Sylveon spamming Amnesia and Kingdra failing to finish Sylveon off due to Artificial Stupidity. Sylveon was prepared to sweep Drake's entire team as the mob finally chooses a move other than Amnesia... and Kingdra finally attacks, fainting Sylveon.


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