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Epic Fail / Twitch Plays Pokémon: Arena

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  • During a match where Chauzu had just won the speedrun world record in Mysterious Murasame Castle, he decided to go all in on a match to celebrate, creating a bet that was over one million for red, a team that was easily countered by Blue. Betters flocked to blue hoping for a massive payout... and then proceeded to commit the most epic throw in TPP Arena history. From opening with Toxic Spikes with Beedrill on an Alakazam, to using Waterfall against it with Floatzel when it had Crunch instead. With all that happening, Chauzu proceeded to sweep blue easily in what should have been an easy win for them, giving Chauzu a payout of over eighty thousand! note 
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  • After winning a bet, User Rolan 120 acquires a balance of exactly 666,666P and goes all-in on Red, likely counting on Red Team using its first two Pokemon to KO Vigoroth and then using Castform to sweep Blue's Donphan and Rhydon (as Castform's Weather Ball will OHKO both of them after a Rain Dance, and neither of them can OHKO Castform). Everything goes according to plan with the battle reaching exactly that situation...but with Rain Dance getting 93% of the Red Team's vote and Sunny Day receiving 5%...guess which one the RNG picked. Donphan's ensuing supereffective Magnitude 7 easily OHKO'd Castform, resulting in a payout of over 22x bet for Blue.