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Epic Fail / Psychedelic Eyeball

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The number of epic fails Psych has pulled off is too much for just one page to handle.

    Final Doom 
  • In Map09 of Evilution, getting killed by barrel explosions set off by a stray Imp fireball.
  • In Plutonia Map24, teleporting in front of the Cyberdemon, which proceeded to immediately destroy him.

    Grand Theft Auto 3 
  • Immediately flipping his wheels and failing Mission 2.
  • In a remote toy car mission, he immediately drives it into the van he's controlling it from, killing him instantly.

    Grand Theft Auto: Vice City 
  • His boat catching fire and his frantic attempts to leave. It goes exactly how you think.

    Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas 
  • Getting Smoke's car wedged in an ally early in the game, forcing him to shoot it and blow it up.
  • When arriving at his destination to start a mission, he leaps out of his still moving car, only for it to park on top of him before he can get up, trapping and killing him.
  • Upon entering a plane to try and find the nearest gym, he ends up doing a loop and crashing into the ground immediately.

    The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild 
  • The entirety of the torch cube incident. It has to be seen to be believed.
    UZworm: You have successfully done the anti-puzzle! You've completed the opposite of the puzzle! There is literally no way you could've done it more wrong than the way you just did it! It's impressive in a way.

  • Psych throwing nine interceptions in a game of Tecmo Bowl with PanAnning.

    Pilotwings (reversed controls) 

    Super Mario Bros. 3 
  • In 3-8, he grabs a Fire Flower at the same exact moment he gets eaten by Boss Bass.

    Super Mario Bros. 3 (reversed controls) 
  • Psych getting stuck in 2-2's quicksand, allowing the piranha plant inside to kill him.
  • Psych falling down a pit trying to chase a mushroom in 2-3.
  • In 3-3, he gets a Fire Flower, declaring he no longer has to worry about Boss Bass, only to get eaten immediately after.
  • Psych, while big, falls into a pool of water in 4-4 and gets destroyed by the Cheep Cheep inside.
  • During his many attempts at 3-8, he had the frog suit and fell in the water. He intended to swim up, but his reversed controls had him swim off the bottom of the screen instead.
    • His very next attempt has him eaten almost immediately.
    • Happens again when he forgets he has to mash jump to swim.
  • On the world 4 airship, he gets to the end and attempts to hit the item block before entering the pipe. In his attempt to make the mushroom go left, he positions himself on the right side. He overcompensates, missing the block and falling off the ship instead.
  • During 6-3, Psych notices he has everything he needs to activate the coinship and gets very nervous while on a floating platform. After seemingly checking his controls, he runs the wrong way, falling to his death.

    Super Mario World (reversed controls) 

    Super Mario 64 (reversed controls) 
  • He had over 90 deaths on Cool Cool Mountain alone.
  • Psych grabs the bouncy box at the start of Shifting Sand Land and lands directly in the middle of the nearby quicksand whirlpool.
  • In Shifting Sand Land, he attempts to use the cannon to skip the Tox Box maze. Guess how well that goes.
  • Also in Shifting Sand Land, he spends about a minute trying to kill a single Pokey. After succeeding, he casually runs into the nearby quicksand, killing himself immediately after.
  • Somehow managing to softlock the game in Tick Tock Clock by getting wedged between two platforms when he got knocked down.

    Yoshi's Island 
  • When bouncing off of Gustys in 5-7, he flies on the otherside of a wall, softlocking himself, as he hadn't beaten the level yet and thus couldn't Start+Select his way out.
  • In 6-7, he tongues a Tap Tap while riding a fast platform. It ends up colliding with him, sending him off the platform to his death.

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