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  • Kids Praise: The eighth album is a typical 90s baseball story, except that the kids' first game has them lose to their rivals by over 40 points without scoring a single run themselves.
  • Nickelback's "Get 'Em Up", a single from No Fixed Address, is about a Bank Robbery that is foiled before it begins because the would-be robbers forget that banks close on Sunday. They're quickly caught by the police.
  • "Weird Al" Yankovic:
    • In "Genius In France", he claims to have gotten a negative number on his SATs.
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    • His I Lost On Jeopardy also counts as two other contestants mop the floor with him on the show. Al doesn't even get a copy of the home game.
  • Danny Kaye's Dodgers song is from the the Los Angeles Dodgers' perspective, but the bottom of the ninth inning is Epic Fail from the San Francisco Giants' perspective. The Dodgers are up to bat and the Giants lead 4-0. Two consecutive fielding errors land Maury Wills and then Jim Gilliam on base. Jimmy Davis gets a single, as does Tommy Davis (bringing Wills home). Then a third fielding error with implied major confusion turns Big Frank Howard's apparent sacrifice bunt into another four runs, and the Dodgers win it 5-4.
  • Ninja Sex Party: In the song "Dragon Slayer", Danny Sexbang is chatting up a girl at a party and trying to get her to go out with him by telling ridiculous tales about himself, such as claiming that he slew a dragon. In the end, the girl decides to go home with everyone except Dan.
    Danny: Oh, I see you've chosen the football player... and the scientist... and apparently the weightlifter as well... and the dragon... and Ninja Brian... and the Manticore? He wasn't even in this song!

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