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  • Gazelle's tiger dancers are becoming very popular simply because of how they generate fanservice for only wearing skimpy looking shorts and dancing in an alluring manner.
  • Gazelle, considering she is played by Ms. Fanservice herself.
  • Fabienne Growley, the snow leopard news anchor, simply because of her cuteness and British accent.
  • Flash the sloth benefited from having one trailer based around him, and the beautiful execution of making jokes about boredom without actually inducing that feeling in the audience. And there's the Brick Joke at the end.
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  • Finnick only appears in three scenes, and has a minor role in the movie as Nick's partner in crime, but he's proven to be very popular with fans due to his adorable looks contrasted with his deceptively deep voice and in-your-face attitude. His short screentime has caused many fans to think that They Wasted a Perfectly Good Character. In addition, he spurred the illegal sales of fennec foxes as pets in China because children wanted one after seeing this movie.
  • Gideon Grey. He returns as an adult for but a few minutes in the third act of the film and is revealed to have become a successful pastry chef, plus he gives a meaningful and heartfelt apology to Judy for bullying her as a child. That, coupled with his sweet, friendly Southern demeanor, garnered him a legion of fans in his second appearance alone.
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  • The limo driver, Renato Manchas. He only has one scene with just a few spoken lines before going "savage", but his accent, his trauma in dealing with Otterton, his dapper chauffeur's uniform, and his eventual fate all made him very popular with a lot of fans. Many saying they hope to see more of him in the sequels.
  • Bobby Catmull is only seen during the school play hosted by young Judy about how predators and prey started becoming more peaceful. He never had any lines in the film, and is only seen playing musical instruments. Nevertheless, he has started gaining a following by fans, showing up in fanart about what he has accomplished as an adult.
  • Sharla who announces that she'd like to be an astronaut during the school play and later gets bullied by Gideon Grey also gained her own set of fans. Despite her limited screen time, she's typically depicted in fanart as a successful female astronaut when she grows up. If a Zootopia sequel or animated series ever happens, fans hope Sharla and her brother Gareth might encounter officers Judy and Nick in Zootopia.
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  • Gary and Larry, the two timberwolf guards that Judy distracts by starting a howl, are getting a fair amount of fanart themselves (especially of the shipping variety), despite having only that one scene.
  • The tiger on the bus and the rabbit mother who was scared of him have gained surprising popularity. There's even a quite popular fanfic shipping them, using the names Tobias and Hazel.


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