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Ensemble Dark Horse / Titans (2018)

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  • The Faux Affably Evil Nuclear Family.
  • Jason Todd's guest appearance was well-liked, with many feeling that his portrayal was better and more nuanced than his comic counterpart. In a DC Universe poll, the majority of voters preferred to have Jason stay alive, rather than be killed and return as Red Hood.
    • His popularity only increased after the second season, with most fans pointing to him and Gar as the best characters among the current Titans team, though whether this is due to them being well-written or just not as unlikeable as their teammates is up to interpretation.
  • Donna Troy's cheerful disposition and Platonic Life-Partners chemistry with Dick had many fans hoping that she'll be a regular for Season 2 - which wound up being the case. And although she drew criticism for some of her actions in the second season, her death was universally panned, with the hints of her return doing little to dispel the backlash from losing her and how she died.
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  • The Wilson Kids too, since this is their first proper live-action incarnation. Jericho was well received for being a cheerful Handicapped Badass played by an actual deaf actor, Chella Man. Rose made her way into the fans hearts for being an snarky Action Girl and quite eye candy courtesy to Chelsea Zhang.
  • While they only made a minor appearance in one episode, the Doom Patrol were beloved by viewers. Their eventual spin-off has received nothing but praise from fans.
  • Garth quickly became a fan-favorite thanks to his Nice Guy personality, and because just being around him helped the original Titans to act better. His death was not well-received as a result, though most did predict it in advance.


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