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  • From the microseries, we have Captain Fordo, the badass leader of the ARC troopers. The Nelvaanians are a race of Darkhorses as well for the cool Vision Quest they put Anakin through and the sheer tragedy inflicted upon their kind.
  • Cronal has appeared in one old comic, one novel, and a handful of online and gamebook articles- but is widely regarded as one of Palpatine's most powerful and chilling minions.
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  • Nom Anor, probably the most popular new character introduced in New Jedi Order. Mainly due to his competence, snarkiness, and the fact that he just won't die. He's the James Bond of the Yuuzhan Vong, and as evil and irritating as he is, many can't help but admire him.
  • Vergere for her fascinating philosophy, Trickster Mentor antics and being a firmly grey figure in a world of black and white.
  • Nen Yim. Though not so much as Nom Anor, she's pretty popular among a certain subset of the fanbase (especially among the general Vong-fans).
  • Darth Talon probably has the most merchandise and publicity of all the Legacy characters. Here's a hint, it's not because of her winning personality.
  • Emperor Roan Fel.
  • K'Kruhk, a recurring Jedi who's the Star Wars equivalent of Kenny and is often seen donning a Nice Hat. This, alongside the fact that he's quite a bit more badass than most Butt Monkeys, has made him rather popular with the fans.
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  • Delta Squad from the Republic Commando Series are far more popular than the other characters from the series due to not receiving the Mandalorian favoritism Karen Traviss gave the other clones and due to their one game starring appearance in Star Wars: Republic Commando. They even got a cameo in The Clone Wars!
  • Maris Brood is absolutely adored despite her very short screentime.
  • Gizor Delso is rather popular with his source game's modding community, in addition to his role in the story providing a rather neat excuse to have the Empire fight the Separatists.
  • Luxa from Knights of the Old Republic II. Several fans wanted her as a squadmate despite her short screen time.
  • From Star Wars: The Old Republic:
    • Nico Okarr, despite having less screen time in "Return" than anyone else except Jace Malcom, was definitely the star of the show. He doesn't even appear in the game proper.
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    • Jace Malcom himself is no slouch either. This ordinary Republic trooper charges lightsaber-swinging, Force-lightning-shooting Sith warriors and wins.
    • Blizz, rocket-launching Jawa, has been this for developer Daniel Erickson, an appreciation that spread to the rest of the playerbase. He even adorns the logo of Torhead and won a popularity poll on IGN.
    • Darth Vowrawn: an Affably Evil Dark Lord of the Sith. Member of the Dark Council for decades, he is funny, charming, and isn't the typical Bad Boss you tend to encounter within the Empire. He is also the main supporter of the Sith Warrior during Act 3 and unlike most of your Sith allies in both Sith class stories, he has yet to betray you. Many players like him, and he possesses a degree of popularity equal to Darth Marr amidst the Dark Council.
    • Darth Marr won a lot of players over with his dry sarcasm, badassery, intelligence, and desire to forge a new era for the Empire in a reasonable way. Some have even said they wouldn't mind making him the new Emperor.
    • Try an experiment: Go to Fan Fiction Dot Net's Star Wars Game section, and try to look up stories about characters from The Old Republic, as opposed to Knights of the Old Republic I or II. Which SWTOR character has the most fanfics about them, after trying all the options? Corso Riggs, the romance option for a female Smuggler. To give you an idea, Corso Riggs has three pages of fanfiction written about him, while none of the other romance options go past one page, if they have anything written about them at all. Apparently Bioware really hit it out of the ballpark with Corso Riggs.
    • Archive of Our Own writers are just as fond of Vector Hyllus. Many a fanfic writer on that board would not mind marrying the entire nest.
    • The SWTOR Kink Meme on LiveJournal is mostly filled with fanfiction of Malavai Quinn. It appears that depending on the fanfiction site, the Ensemble Darkhorse changes.
    • Thana Vesh. A character whom the Imperial Taris planet questline is somewhat centered around, and is both a Green-Eyed Monster and an Alpha Bitch who absolutely hates having her master, Darth Gravus, consider you to be better than her. She has several flirt options with male characters that are pure Belligerent Sexual Tension. You would expect her to be considered The Scrappy on account of her arrogance, Stupid Evil tendencies, and the unconsummated nature of her 'romance'. Instead, she's become so popular despite her relatively minor role that she has six different petitions (one of which has hundreds of signatures) on the official website demanding she become a (romanceable) companion. BioWare is apparently aware of her popularity, as they made her armor available to players in the form of a Cartel Pack outfit.
    • The Lady of Pain from the Bounty Hunter questline, a One-Scene Wonder that many players have stated they would have preferred as the fifth companion and resident Token Evil Teammate, instead of Skadge.
    • Ashara, for the Sith Inquisitor, especially for Light Sided players, due to her rationality.
    • Lord Praven, a Noble Demon Sith Lord the Jedi Knight encounters who has a profound sense of honor and fairness. He spares a group of civilians instead of killing them For the Lulz like most Sith, offers a one-on-one duel instead of ambushing you, and can be redeemed to the Light side. If that happens, he pulls a Big Damn Heroes during Corellia and is still very much a badass. More than a few players wish he could be a companion.
    • The Dread Masters grew into this, Starting off as relatively minor characters from a Planetary Quest into Helming the role as Villainous Masterminds for about years worth of new Quests.
    • Theron and Lana from the Forged Alliances and Shadow of Revan storylines have proved popular with fans. Individually, Theron is liked for being an snarky, attractive Badass Normal, and Lana is liked for being one of the only reasonable Sith in the game. Collectively, they're liked for their superb voice acting, for actually investigating and doing things themselves instead of always relying on the PC, and for having surprisingly good romance sidequests for non-companions (not to mention being romancable by both genders).


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