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  • Mary Andrews has received a lot of praise, being a loving and supportive mom to Archie and one of the clearly better parental figures, more than most of the mothers living in Riverdale. Despite the divorce, her and Fred demonstrating a supportive and natural friendship is one of the more praised aspects of her character. Being played by Molly Ringwald certainly doesn't hurt her popularity.
    • Fred Andrews as well for being a great father figure to Archie.
  • Despite being dead, Jason also tends to get a lot of fandom love, especially as more about his relationships with Polly and Cheryl is revealed. It also helps that Cheryl's love for him is one of her most humanizing traits.
  • Farmer McGinty has appeared exactly once but he's still one of the most memorable characters in the entire show thanks to being played by the legendary Tony Todd, who positively oozes menace every second that he's onscreen.
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  • Sweet Pea is very popular, due to his snarky sense of humour, Foe Yay with Archie, and the good looks of his actor.
  • The judge from "Nighthawks" is also quite popular, due to being played by Chris Britton, better known as the voice of Soichiro Yagami.
  • Penny "Snake Charmer" Peabody qualifies, though among Jughead fans it's definitely in a "love to hate" sort of way. Being played by Brit Morgan helps, along with her Deadpan Snarker personality, the fact that she's arguably a more interesting villain than any of the main antagonists like Hiram or the Black Hood, and the way the show keeps hinting that she has an intriguing backstory that many fans are eager to find out more about.
  • Nana Rose Blossom gets this treatment from Choni shippers, for being supportive of her granddaughter and going through intense physical pain for her in "The Noose Tightens". Plus, she's a badass grandma who's Creepy Good and adorable, so what's not to like?
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  • Fangs has developed quite a fandom, partly due to the Ship Tease between him and Kevin.
  • Jellybean, Jughead’s younger sister, for being a Badass Adorable Little Miss Snarker, as well as her interesting dynamics with her father, brother, and mother (who also qualifies, partly due to being played by Gina Gershon).

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