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  • Jarvan. Extremely well-loved by fans for his excessive badassery and being Rated M for Manly.
  • Lux. While she is often compared to Morgana, she is still more or less beloved for a fun and unique playstyle and being the second female champion in the game after Kayle to not have huge boobs and skimpy clothes (whilst looking fairly human).
  • The devs and tier list writers consider Mordekaiser one of the worst and most useless champions out there. Now go ask players. They will remember Mordekaiser fondly mostly not because of his gameplay, but because of the hilarious meme based on how the Brazilians take him. "Mordekaiser es #1. HUEHUEHUEHUEHUEHUEHUE."
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  • Nasus has awesome voice acting (and his replacement voicework is generally considered to be only slightly under the par set by the previous work) and is considered one of the most balanced characters in the game. A lot of his fans also dig that, for all the "Big Dog's" ability to kick ass, storywise he's one of the more laid-back champions.
  • Despite having very little mention, there's a fair number of threads requesting that Professor Stanwick Pididly be made into a champion.
  • Urf was meant to be a one shot joke, but he became so popular with the fanbase that he's been given a spot on Warwick's costume roster and a spot on Summoner's Rift. He's even the star of several fanmade flash games.
  • Riven has been getting this treatment too, due to her moe-ness as well as just how badass she is, and... how broken story-wise she is, being one of the few good-hearted souls from Noxus, she'd usually enjoy a lot of fan love when lores are concerned, to the point that some thinks she's the main heroine of either the whole game or at least just the whole Demacia vs Noxus conflict. Helps that she's voiced by Cristina Vee.
    • Battle Bunny Riven is a skin version of the trope. You'll more likely find someone who plays Riven just to put on this skin rather than the default one (mostly because the model of this skin is smaller than the others), and this skin also dominates most of Riven's fanart, maybe even more than (or close enough to) her default skin.
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  • Ever since Jax was Rescued from the Scrappy Heap, he's been consistently well-loved by the fanbase due to being both highly unique and fun to play, not to mention manly as hell.
  • As the game's first dedicated female tank, as well as being one of the most sensibly-dressed and well-covered females in the League, on top of being the personal pet project of one of the most well-liked members of Riot's staff (who based her on his wife), Leona has become one of the most popular female champions in the game.
    • Her lunar counterpart, Diana, enjoys a lot of popularity for largely the same reasons, plus the reasons listed in the Draco in Leather Pants section above.
    • In fact, the whole Mount Targon residents can count, seeing that Mount Targon itself is mostly not involved with the main conflict of Demacia-Noxus-Ionia/Piltover-Zaun/Freljord civil war. It has even less champions representing it than Bilgewater. Leona's friend, Pantheon, despite being the oldest guy to enter the League of Legends and largely forgotten lore-wise in favor of the Leona-Diana rivalry, also racks up a lot of popularity due to his sheer manliness (so much he's called MANtheon, his ult being called MANdrop), being a total Shout-Out to Leonidas' Spartan Warriors, and his baker joke. Also helps that in spite being one of the relics of the past, Pantheon gameplay-wise aged pretty good and still feels balanced, even if not a pro-pick material.
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  • Draven has also gotten a lot of popularity due to his egotistical personality, Large Ham, his manly appearance, and voiced by the same guy who did Jax. Riot has taken some note of this, and his skins tend to go the extra mile in delivering "the Draven experience" in new ways.
  • Poros. They're tiny, they're adorable, and they can apparently survive anything- even lasers (okay, not always, but then they Took a Level in Badass).
  • Lulu. Holy guacamole, Lulu. Going by the game-provided material, she'd come across as a quirky-but-not-especially-important character, there more to fill out the yordle contingent than anything else and give Team Yordles a dedicated support. She's certainly never actually participated in a going storyline or has any champ-specific callouts, either on her or from other characters. Going by forum posts, fanart and other fan efforts? You'd assume she's one of the game's central characters, up there with people like Ashe, Garen and Katarina in terms of importance, due to the sheer volume of fan effort and love behind the character. That she's also been consistently powerful ever since her release and has been a constant pick/ban in Season 4 is icing on the cake.
  • And then there's Teemo, who's a... unique case. While he is memetically the most evil and hated character in the game, it's all in good fun and it's given him a lot of attention from the community and even Riot, with the 'Satan' meme being referenced by Gatekeeper Galio and God King Garen, and 'Little Devil Teemo' being the main antagonist of the Doom Bots Of Doom mode.
  • Braum seems fit to be one himself. Some like him for his Testosterone Poisoning character design, others for his unique take on the support-tank role (being a Rated M for Manly guy in a class filled with either ladies, non-human or Taric, basically answering the fans' request for someone like Angus the Puncher). For some, they may also appreciate Braum's character for being one of the few sincere nice guys in the League, and without having a tragic lore.
  • Usually, during character promos, there's always this one knight guy wearing a helmet who would end up as a victim of the champion in promo, sometimes the guy makes an appearance in character splash arts. This guy is often affectionally called "Helmet Bro" and has an unusual amount of popularity. Hell, he's even getting his own animated series!
  • During the Shadows and Fortune, you'd expect that the main focus would be on Miss Fortune and the Shadow Isles champions. They do get a lot of focus, but the most praised part turns out to be the parts belonging to Olaf, who by all accounts should have no business in there (he's usually stationed at Freljord) and gameplay-wise, having his name becoming synonymous to "Being gutted to death to the point of completely unviable competitive-wise." He just sails himself to Bilgewater, doing what he does best at trying to seek glorious death and it results a series of action-packed awesome narrations that wins over many.
  • Not quite to the extent of others, but Vel'Koz tends to be consistently loved, in part due to his character (and the tentacle jokes made about him), but particularly he's loved by those who care about the balance of the game, simply because he's often considered one of the most well-designed champions, having received no significant buffs or nerfs since his release and generally feeling fun and fair to fight against.
  • The Kindred have plenty of fans, despite only being released in October of 2015. Some love them for their aesthetics, while others like the way their personalities clash, with Lamb being a cold Emotionless Girl that personifies the acceptance of death and dying peacefully, while Wolf is an aggressive, savage hunter Blood Knight that personifies trying to flee death, and suffering as a result. A select few also enjoy their kit, which finally introduces a proper marksman jungler into the meta-game, while still allowing them to be viably played in the bottom lane as a standard ad carry. And some just think Lamb is hot.
  • A surprisingly popular non-champion is Gromp, the frog monster in the jungle. It may stem from Gromp being one of the most damaging non-epic monsters, capable of helping quite a lot in taking out somebody during a jungle invasion.
  • Thresh. Despite being a relatively younger champion, he already has a Championship skin, a Pro Team skin (Samsung White), and a legendary skin. He was also one of the first champions to get statue merchandise, and Riot just keeps giving him more. It probably helps that he was an overpowered Kill-Support upon his release.
  • Jinx. Holy hell do people love Jinx! A Cute and Psycho Stripperiffic Cloud Cuckoolander with less boobs than Annie who loves carnage for its own sake, talks to her rocket launcher and never stops grinning, she rapidly became one of the most popular female champions in the game shortly after (and frankly even before) her release. The fact that she's also an incredibly fun and effective but also well-balanced champion from a gameplay perspective is just the icing on the cake. Pick a Top Ten List or sorts that refer about Ax-Crazy characters and you'll more likely see Jinx pop herself in.
  • Even before Jhin was officially announced, both of his teasers left a huge impact on the community. Riot did not disappoint, as the day Jhin was revealed, fan art of him exploded. He has since become universally beloved by both the casual and the competitive playerbase, due to both his interesting backstory and personality and his fun and unique kit that still manages to have a niche in competitive play. The fact that he was picked for LCS within the first 2 weeks he was released cements him as this. As if to further reinforce how in love people are with the Virtuoso, Dark Cosmic Jhin was reported to be the most popular skin of 2019 a mere 2 months after its release.
  • Bard has fans all over the fanbase for being a fun, unique and reasonably challenging support with a plethora of uses for his abilities. Fans also adore his aesthetic, comparing him to something out of a Studio Ghibli movie.
  • The 2018 Bilgewater event introduced several short stories/audio dramas narrated by an old, grizzled bilgerat named One-Legged Lars, who immediately won fans over due to his charismatic narration and voicework, as well as just for being a civilian who had encountered Nautilus, Fizz, and Tahm Kench, and survived. His sudden murder at Pyke's hands at the very end was met with much mourning.
  • After the release of K/DA's "Pop/Stars" music video, the member who seemingly attracted fans' attention the most was Akali, due to her both her surprisingly impressive rap verse and the visually stunning artwork she'd whipped up using only a couple cans of spray paint. She became such a hit that shortly after the initial event, she was given her own Prestige skin!


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