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  • Boba Fett. He only appears for eight seconds and gets killed by Hitler of all people, but his lines were so awesome that he's become very popular, with people pleading for him to return. Interestingly enough, he was voiced by Ray William Johnson, a particularly divisive YouTube personality, which shows how much people liked the character. To the point where he got his own bonus episode during the season 4-5 hiatus.
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  • Edward Kenway. His cameo in "Blackbeard vs. Al Capone" was so popular, there is a huge, increasing number of fans begging for him to have his own battle.
  • Raphael and Michelangelo (the artists) are quite popular thanks to being played by Smosh.
  • According to many of the comments on YouTube, Mr. Stay Puft was best part of the "Ghostbusters vs Mythbusters" rap battle - with many saying he won.
  • Michael Bay's appearance in "Spielberg vs Hitchcock", where his raps are agreed on as some of the weakest in the battle (his first verse is pretty much just how much he's all about Money, Dear Boy, and the second about how he doesn't care about his critics), but the cinematography and effects are praised as excellent. In other words, Michael Bay's rap segment was just like a Michael Bay movie.
  • Lump the wiener dog appeared in the "Bob Ross vs. Pablo Picasso" battle for all but 1 second, but he's one of the most popular cameos in the ERB series. As of this writing, his wiki page has 92 comments, showing that this minor character had sparked more discussion than many of the actual rappers (including the "stars" of the battle he appeared in — Bob Ross and Pablo Picasso — themselves).
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  • Sacagawea has been called the best part of "Lewis and Clark vs Bill and Ted", mainly for much of her cameo consisting of her beating up a bear in the background.
  • From "Alexander the Great vs Ivan the Terrible", Frederick the Great proved very popular despite getting the least amount of lines of all the main rappers. It helped that he got his own unique beat, and an awesome one at that.
  • Also from "Alexander vs Ivan", Pompey the Great got a lot of love due to being a Butt-Monkey who only had one line in the battle, leading many fans to view him as a tragically wasted character.
  • Juliet from the Romeo and Juliet vs. Bonnie and Clyde. Her rapping segments are the most popular for how hilarious and memetic they are, and if youtube and wikia comments are to be believed, then Juliet alone won the rap.
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  • To quote a comment about Carlin vs Pryor, vs Bill Cosby vs Joan Rivers vs Robin Williams, the rapper that won is Robin Williams, and he won just by entering it. This was a result of audience's sympathy for the real-life person (he was added to the battle due to fan demand!) and Lloyd's excellent performance.
  • There are a lot of comments saying that J. Robert Oppenheimer may be the best character performance ERB has ever done. Peter absolutely nails the haunted, distant, cheerless nature of a post-WW2 Oppenheimer and the 1950s television sound distortion and the rather ominous background tone really drive home the whole impact. It also helps that Oppenheimer's verses were both incredible-sounding and filled with many a Genius Bonus, and he was pit against a relatively-disappointing Thanos. There's even a persistent rumor that the video was seen by another member of the Manhattan Project, who agreed the portrayal was spot-on.


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