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Given the long length of the stories, and the widespread character focus, there are a lot of them.

  • Abram is probably the fan favorite of the series after watching how he Took a Level in Badass so many times by going from a tribute not wanting to kill and surviving off of water, to someone who was able to defeat a Career with an Improvised Weapon, to a body-building rebel, to a Frontline General in the Mockingjay Rebellion. Not to mention inspiring a decent amount of sympathy and possibly being the son of another Victor.
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  • From The Lumberjack and the Tree-Elf, Blight's most popular fellow tributes are probably Plautia, the Token Good Teammate of the Careers (who's also a good knife thrower with a sense of humor), Devon (with his insistence on calling District 10 Texas, decent survival skills and friendship with Blight) and Blight's empathetic (yet tough) District partner Charlie and her (loyal) ally Qin Li, with some fans admitting to having been rooting for them as much if not more than Blight despite the Foregone Conclusion nature of the story.
  • Charlie's father Mayor Lourdes and sister Carla have their fans, the mayor for being a Reasonable Authority Figure who saved the District from starvation during a bad winter. And both for being committed to the Rebellion, remaining and remaining brave and not wishing ill to Blight even as he's in the arena at the same time as Charlie and one has to die for the other to get home. Carla even got to reappear in Arrow after being listed as dead in the epilogue of The Lumberjack and the Tree-Elf, having gone into hiding in District 13 after being declared Legally Dead.
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  • Madame Lucia is pretty popular for being an eccentric, yet caring and extremely skilled stylist and eventual rebel who is initially Blight's only supporter after he Got Volunteered for the Games.
  • Johanna received a lot of praise as the Framing Device narrator for the main story, but her snarky, Wise Beyond Their Years toddler self from The Lumberjack and the Tree Elf is the real scene stealer.
  • Cecelia's little sister Kerry has a lot of readers who just adore her, Her being reaped for the Games was a very unwelcome moment for fans, although some of her scenes afterwards as a Stoic Woobie were appreciated.
  • Of Cecelia's fellow tributes from Fall Into the River, the most popular are probably Loomer, for being a Crouching Moron, Hidden Badass, District 4 tributes Andromache and Gillard (for some displays of decency, and interesting interactions with Cecelia near the end), and Abundance, for wounding a Career in the bloodbath and her attempt at Victory by Endurance and refusing to take sponsor gifts in order to avoid being beholden by the Capitol.
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  • In The Bonds of Blood Ambiguously Bi Dark Action Girl Citrine is probably the most popular of Enobaria's alliance. Genner from 5 and Naomi from 12 (who are briefly allies) are also popular, for being resourceful, well-characterized in their interviews, doing a decent job of hiding and staying alive for a while, and remaining defiant when they're captured by the Careers.
  • Enobaria's Native Guide in District 11 and later love interest Matthos has his fans.
  • Enobaria's Hard-Drinking Party Girl friend Maura is well-liked in The Bonds of Blood and also appreciated during her reappearance in The Victors Project for providing some signs of Children Are Innocent while still showing a lot of Career upbringing signs. Her being the only notable District 2 character to believe in a higher power than the Capitol was also viewed as interesting, and a nice bit of Hidden Depths.
  • All four District 11 Victors. Orchus for how he wins without fighting and then manages to escape from the Capitol's notice. Wren for being the original ABAC Victor, a badass lesbian and her platonic alliance with Rem. Seeder for being such a warm character and Badass Pacifist. Chaff for taking out all six Careers in such a tough way
  • Ermine's friend Esther for being one of the only District 1 characters who actually manages to seem innocent, while still showing some impressive skills.
  • Cool Old Lady Bovina generally draws some smiles, especially in her older appearances.
  • Granyte, for being Closer to Earth than the other District 2's and the novelty of him being a volunteer but not a Career.
  • Song is liked for being nicely developed and a contrast to the other post-Gleam District 1 Victors.
  • Cashmere's Hidden Depths, dynamics with Beetee and eagerness to do something to help bring down Snow and Luster make her pretty popular.
  • Circe is very well-liked for being a representative of a new culture in the series, and for her evoking a witch theme and winning through creative use of poisons.
  • Circe's escort Carpithia is liked by fans for having more depth and remorsefulness than the average Capitolite, and genuinely caring about her tributes even if she can't go as far as to actually recognize the evil of the games.
  • Plenty of fans wish that Mitt hadn't been the tribute for the 3rd Quarter Quell after seeing him survive the arctic arena with luck and a little bit of guile without making a single direct kill.
  • Chevy, District 6's older male Victor, has some fans for being a world-weary Family Man who has to put up with a lot of All the Other Reindeer treatment for winning due to Executive Meddling while hiding his own PTSD.
  • Honorius is well-liked for his fighting skills, strong relationships with so many of his fellow Victors, being the first of a Badass Family/ Power Trio of Victors (his two cousins also have impressive feats and character arcs but are far more divisive characters for committing rape and being a Capitol loyalist who see the Games as just respectively), as well as his Character Development in realizing the Games lack of honor and becoming sympathetic to the rebellion.
  • Jules had his fans for being the Nice Guy of the first three District 7 Victors even before it is revealed that he managed to kill a peacekeeper raiding the mentor center with just his chair at the age of 87.
  • Dido is a fan favorite for the sheer hilarity of her character, and for ultimately going against the Capitol.
  • Emrys. His Kill It with Fire victory method is considered one of the coolest and he does get some respectable Character Development later on.
  • Elena and Danny's Star-Crossed Lovers story and its brutal aftermath has many fans pretty invested in them.
  • Brutus has fans who absolutely love him for his Beware the Nice Ones arc; being an absolute sweetheart at times but still caught up on the competition of parts of the games and being a One-Man Army.
  • Nolan's alliance (a Career defector, Noolan's brave Stealth Expert District partner, a District 5 girl who took to a bow Like a Duck Takes to Water, and a rare District 12 tribute to make a good showing) for being a great Five-Man Band and providing some decent novelty, and a great final battle.
  • Cute Mute Barty, for his skillset and tragic backstory. His foster family also get some credit for being surprisingly tender and providing rare insight into the middle class of District 2.
  • Lyme's mole arc and general feats of coolness are pretty well-received.
  • Gleam's victory (utilizing knife-throwing and climbing skills learned at his parents circus) was one of the better liked early ones, and his character arc has a decent bit of depth, as well as pathos given the poor direction it takes.
  • Gates has his fans for his very impressive technology based victory, which In-Universe makes the Capitol so frightened of/outraged by him that they give him brain damage to reduce the threat he poses. How he manages to maintain some of that intelligence in spite of said brain damage (even beginning the preparations for the gadgets that allow District 3's Flawless Victory in Arrow) adds to his popularity. His Odd Friendship with District Two Career leader Ahenobarbus is also well-received.
  • Luxe is considered a pretty good first Victor for District 1 due to his major role in the rebellion and providing a good contrast for so many of those who followed him.
  • Cotton invited all kinds of speculation and excitement from the fans long before appearing in person, based off of her brief mention in Fall into the River and her appearance as a often silent Trap Master with a strong moral code was well-received.
  • The most frequently commented on 1st Quarter Quell Tribute is the girl from District 12 (and her pet cat), for being such a tragic figure in a few short sentences. The two volunteers from 11 and the girl from 7 make a bit of an impression as well.
  • District 5 peacekeeper Thimble (for his epic Big Damn Heroes/ Heel–Face Turn moment) and his enemy turned ally Miles Donovan (for being the brother of Foxface, and the leader of a very brainy and effective rebel cell behind some impressive sabotage and assassination feats).
  • For a character who never appears and is only mentioned very briefly, Julianna Cardew is easy to feel good things about for being a Capitol presidential candidate wanting to abolish the Hunger Games.
  • This version of Ceaser is well-liked for being a Consummate Professional with some Hidden Depths: Seeing the Games as just a job, but having some moments of compassion and self-awareness.
  • Arachne Trinket has some fans for her opposition to the 3rd Quarter Quell and Get Out! reaction to finding out about her husbands pedophilia.
  • Large Ham, Small Name, Big Ego stylist (or Artiste as he would put it) Hector is considered a scene stealer despite his unpleasantness. His Pet the Dog moment in Arrow adds to this a bit.
  • Evelyn has fans for being resourceful, and still somewhat likable even after talking a massive level in cynicism due to Character Development and so many decades of mentoring.
  • Mitch Murphy and Blane Gavin (the respective eldest nephews of Blight and Connor) for being a Battle Couple who provide an Epic Big Damn Heroes moment in District 7's chapter of Arrow in the form of combining The Cavalry with a "Scooby-Doo" Hoax by dressing up like Blight, his lover Jason and scores of dead tributes as they attack the peacekeepers.
  • Finnick's airing of the Capital secrets is shown in glorious detail here, and makes him into a very popular character (as does his role in the Victor talent show).
  • Even those who like Cerulea agree that she's extremely Out of Focus, but she gets some respect for being a decently intuitive, skillful and friendly non-Career trainee Victor from a Career District.

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