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  • WandaVision:
    • Dottie only has limited screentime, but due to a combination of being played by fan-favorite actress Emma Caulfield, being so entertainingly mean and featuring in a scene that managed to be funny and eerie all at once, she was quickly beloved by the viewers. This is best demonstrated by her actress's name shooting up to the #5 most searched name on IMDB after the first three episodes - the second highest out of all the cast while outranking the other lead actors with much more screentime and plot relevance than her like Paul Bettany, Teyonah Parris, and Kathryn Hahn.
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    • While he was moderately liked as a side character in Ant-Man and the Wasp, Jimmy Woo's popularity shot up immensely with the release of "We Interrupt This Program", with many fans latching onto his dorky, yet still professional attitude in figuring out the weirdness of Westview. It also helps that he's much more competent at his job here (or at least as competent as one can be when dealing with a Reality Warper like Wanda), his goals are much more sympathetic than in the aforementioned film, and is capable of throwing down when necessary. The amount of attention Woo attracted was so great that it actually lead to discussions of a spinoff series for the character based on The X-Files, with actor/director Stephen Ford writing a pitch for it.
  • The Falcon and the Winter Soldier
    • Joaquin Torres is first seen in a sidekick-like role for Sam, and he became an immediate fan-favorite due to his geeky, likable personality, with many considering him to be the "younger brother" to Sam as far as their dynamic goes. The fact he's also Sam's Legacy Character in the comics helps, as this brings the possibility of a Hispanic superhero to the MCU's future. Heck, the showrunner admitted he would've been given a "giant storyline" if the show was 10 episodes long.
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    • Dr. Raynor the therapist is turning out to be a favorite as well, being a former soldier who doesn't take crap from two Avengers.
    • Carl Lumbly's Isaiah Bradley has garnered just as spirited praise for his appearances in the second, fifth and sixth episodes. Many fans love the idea of seeing a prequel series showing his past as the first black super-soldier in the MCU who fought the Winter Soldier and won.

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