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  • Poor Anguirus - he crawls around on the ground, he's got no flashy beam-weapons, and whenever he appears you know it's just so Godzilla or the new Monster of the Week can beat him up to show how tough they are. For this reason, a lot of fans who feel sorry for him name Anguirus as their favorite kaiju.
    • Just a punching bag? Anguirus nearly took down Gigan all on his own - which is no small feat, considering that Gigan is one of the few kaiju that is truly on-par with Godzilla himself.
    • Let's not forget that he was Godzilla's very first opponent and nearly won! Plus, as noted above, he matched Gigan and was one of the three kaiju who directly kill one of King Ghidorah's heads in Destroy All Monsters. Punching bag my ass.
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    • In the Mark Cerasi Godzilla novel series, Anguirus fights and defeats Gigan by himself, after the cyborg monster totally obliterates several Russian cities and new cosmodrome, and pulls him into the Baltic Sea to his death. Later on Anguirus twice battles the Russian-built super-robot MOGUERA and nearly wins both times (he is defeated, but merely sedated so he can be kept in an enclosure).
  • Don't forget Godzilla, Mothra, King Ghidorah: Giant Monsters All-Out Attack! The movie features Godzilla, Mothra, King Ghidorah and some other monster who appeared for five seconds in Destroy All Monsters and who doesn't even make it to the final showdown. Which just means little Baragon went up against Godzilla all by himself!
  • Hell, nearly every Toho Kaiju is an Ensemble Darkhorse of one kind or another. The most notable examples besides Anguirus are: Biollante, a gigantic rose/Godzilla/human hybrid that operates on sheer terror; Gorosaurus, the giant Tyrannosaurus rex from King Kong Escapes who got a Moment of Awesome in Destroy All Monsters! (Heck, if fellow Ensemble Darkhorse Baragon's suit hadn't been so damaged, he might not have appeared at all!); and Mechagodzilla, Godzilla's Humongous Mecha Evil Twin that always gives the King a run for his money.
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  • BAGAN. The one Monster in the series that to this day is still no where to be seen except on one video game, but is one of the most powerful monsters in the series. Also being the only monster to force Godzilla to transform into a Superpowered state, ONLY for Bagan to not only SURVIVE the fight, but just be beamed away by the retreating aliens.
  • In many ways, Zone Fighter. Despite being a ripoff of Ultraman, He is the only Tokusatsu superhero to have teamed up with Godzilla (and vice versa). Thanks to the internet, many fans still hope to see him return alongside Godzilla to this day.

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