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Warning. Unmarked spoilers ahead.

Danganronpa is no stranger to having likeable characters, but among the fans there are always a select group of characters that stand out more than others.

  • Danganronpa: Trigger Happy Havoc
  • Danganronpa 2: Goodbye Despair
  • Danganronpa 3: The End of Hope's Peak High School
    • Seiko Kimura is absolutely loved by fans. This is all thanks to her Creepy Cute design, her tragic backstory and being one of the most useful characters in Future Arc, as it is thanks to her cure medicine that Kyoko was able to survive, and although despite being received with a Broken Base and a bit of an Ass Pull, people were glad it was Seiko of all people who caused Kyoko to survive. The fact that Ruruka Ando constantly antagonizes her has contributed into increasing the hate towards Ruruka big time. It is safe to say that Seiko is one of the few things in Danganronpa 3 that has been universally acclaimed by the fanbase, if not the only one.
  • Danganronpa V3: Killing Harmony
    • Even if she is a Decoy Protagonist and overall only has one chapter that focuses on her, Kaede Akamatsu is one of the most beloved characters in this entry of the series, having 100% Adoration Rating both in and out of universe. These reasons include her being a much more straight forward protagonist than Makoto and Hajime as she actually attempts to lead the group throught the Killing Game and try to make sure that they all stay as friends ever after, even going as far as to try to kill the Mastermind since the begining, only for her plan to fail due to the mastermind already having knowledge of her plan, and said Mastermind also using it to her advantage to murder Rantaro and incriminate Kaede of a Murder by Mistake, having her executed. Kaede also has a Small Role, Big Impact in the plot of Danganronpa V3, as her death is what motivates Shuichi Saihara, the real protagonist, to be more confident in himself. The love people have for Kaede often lead to some fans seeing Shuichi as a Replacement Scrappy of her and stating they'd rather have had Kaede as the true protagonist, which seems to be the case in-universe ("This guy should have died instead of Kaede").
    • The same goes for Rantaro. In spite of being only present in one chapter and being even more Out of Focus than most other first victims, he's surprisingly well-liked by fans for his mysteriousness and being a Cool Big Bro, having managed to beat out several characters who have bigger roles (such as Keebo, who's no slouch in the popularity polls either), placing 6th place in the popularity poll. Fans have been clamoring for a spin-off starring him because of his interesting backstory, and it would appear fans will get their wish, as Kodaka has mentioned plans for a spin-off starring Rantaro in an interview.
    • Almost everyone loves Himiko Yumeno. Common reasons for this include both her appearance as a Moe Cute Witch and counting with a talent that had been highly requested by fans, and her Chuunibyou and Cold Ham personality. Fans also like that she goes through Character Development and learns to be more expressive, following Tenko's advice before her demise. It also helps that unlike characters in the previous installments, Ishimaru and Hiyoko, she actually gets to complete her character arc and is not outright murdered in the very next chapter, in fact, she survives the Killing Game.
    • Gonta Gokuhara is also liked thanks to his status as the Gentle Giant, like Sakura and Nekomaru before him, and having a Big Brother Instinct towards all of the other students (despite being the youngest), and him being a Tarzan Boy whose goal in life is to become a gentleman. Fans did not take his execution very well, and neither the circumstances surrounding it (He was tricked by Kokichi into murdering Miu, who was trying to kill Kokichi herself. Needless to say, Kokichi, despite hiding it, regrets sending both of them to their deaths)
    • While being somewhat of a Base-Breaking Character for a minority, most fans have taken up a liking for Miu Iruma thanks to her... interesting personality, her useful talent, her interactions with Keebo and her Large Ham persona, which she uses to hide the fact that she is actually insecure and really shy on the inside, plus she also tried to help catch the Mastermind early on by helping Shuichi and Kaede by making camera for them and was distraught when Kaede died. Fans also enjoy her Hidden Depths as to why she wanted to become an inventor, and she has definetily being better received than previous perverted characters in the franchise, in which their tendencies, which don't have a real explanation unlike Miu, got to the point where they got grating. This surprised Kodaka himself, who said that while he personally liked her, he didn't expect Miu, to be so well liked by the fanbase.
    • Ryoma Hoshi is this especially to western audiences. He has definitely being way better received than the past characters with a Non-Standard Character Design, Hifumi and Teruteru (in which they have both been received as The Scrappy in their respective games), because he has a way more serious personality than either of them, and because he is a Kindhearted Cat Lover and a Badass Adorable with a Dark and Troubled Past who was able to take out Yakuza members with a custom-made steel tennis ball all by himself. Most fans felt like They Wasted a Perfectly Good Character by having him as the victim of chapter 2, and most fanworks depict him as a survivor alongside Kaede.
    • While the Monokubs are some of the most hated characters both in and out of universe, mainly Monokid and Monophanie, Monodam is the exception to the rule. Reasons for this include him not talking as much as his siblings do, resulting in him being less of an annoyance, killing both Monokid and Monosuke during the first and second executions respectively (With Monokid being as a form of revenge of him being bullied by him) and him taking over Monokuma's role as the headmaster in chapter 3, which even includes the "Monokuma Theater" segments! Unfortunately, Monokuma regains his position and his remaining siblings begin bullying him, which causes him to destroy himself in the third trial's culprit's execution.
    • Keebo has also become this thanks to his unique character design and likable, if somewhat gullible, personality coupled with his unusual talent helped him stand out quite a bit. And that's without accounting for his roles in Chapters 5 and 6, where he finally takes center stage and has numerous Big Damn Heroes moments in the process.

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