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  • Doctor Who The Abridged Series lampshades it in part two of Logopolis Abridged.
    Master: You know, Doctor, I believe TV Tropes calls this situation "Enemy Mine". It seems we must join forces to face this common threat.
  • About halfway through the play-through of the Bowser's Enchanted Inferno episode of Mario Party TV, the other three players realize that Steeler has all three of the bonus stars, and team up against him in minigames. Steeler did not approve.
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  • In UA:LA, Hero and Stacks join together to fight off Heiki and his fellow Villains after Hero tries to stop Heiki from having Stacks killed.
  • Obscurus Lupa talks about this in one of her reviews in relation to the gay marriage debate. She notes that, whatever your views on the subject, it's pretty likely that both sides will be united in finding Ben & Arthur offensive.
  • A common premise to many Jreg videos is different extremist political ideologies joining forces to fight centrists.
  • Mahu: In "Second Chance", even nations who naturally detest one-another are willing to join their forces to fight a common foe. As the Galactic Commonwealth continues to grow in power, it becomes the main target of these alliances.


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