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  • The Light Warriors of 8-Bit Theater are in a constant state of this. It's stated that the greatest threat to the team is each other.
  • Basic Instructions: How to Unite Against a Common Foe
  • In Captain SNES: The Game Masta, Golbez agrees to team up with Samus Aran against Eggplant Wizard and the Monkeyspank viral AI, mainly because he knows he doesn't know enough.
  • Consolers: Nintendo, Sony, and Microsoft fight about everything except their shared hatred of Apple, a threat to their collective business.
  • In Drow Tales, after a long and bloody war between the Sharen and Sarghress clans, who have long considered one another to be their Arch-Enemy, Sabbror agrees to turn over all Sharen holdings in exchange for the Sarghress clan's help in getting revenge against the traitors that condemned the Sharen to a Fate Worse than Death.
    • Later, Zala'ess and Quain'tana make a deal to end the war since both sides will only exhaust each other if they continue. When Kharla'ggen unleashes her power on the city to turn everyone into Meat Puppets they also find themselves among the only people not affected and team up to survive.
  • The pirates and the Imperial Guard of Dubious Company are forced into this after Izor's Amazing Plan gets screwed and throws everyone into an alternate dimension.
  • In Fafnir The Dragon, the far right wing of the Republican Party allies itself with al Qaeda to kill Barack Obama on the day of his inauguration, which sets off the first arc of the series.
  • In Girl Genius, we learn of Madwa Corel, an evil Smoke Knight who remained slavishly loyal to Lucretia, even after the rest of the Smoke Knight order severed all ties to The Other. She and the knights who remained loyal to her are considered a serious enough threat that, according to Violetta, "if there is a chance to take them out, our Smoke Knights have standing orders to set aside all other assignments and rivalries and do it."
    • The Knights of Jove is a vast conspiracy made of several different groups related to the Storm King, to oust Baron Klaus Wulfenbach from power. However, after the two-year timeskip where Klaus "Take-Five Bomb" screwed Mechanicsberg out of time and he vanished, the power vacuum and rise of the Other resulted in total chaos. After two years, Klaus' reign is considered a lost golden age, forty of the fifty-two noble families have been killed and the Knights of Jove are now working toward geting Gil, Klaus' son, back into power to keep Europa from falling apart or succumbing to the Other.
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  • In Guilded Age, when the beast the cultists let into the world attacks, the Peacemakers and the World's Rebellion champions agree to work together to fight it. Neither side is particularly happy about it, but both agree that the threat to innocent life is too great for them to put their own conflict before stopping it.
  • In Homestuck, the Prospitian and Dersite armies briefly unite against Jack before being slaughtered en masse; the survivors are pretty chummy from then on.
  • In Kiwi Blitz, when Blitz' kiwi mecha gets impounded, she decides to steal it back. She enlists the help of an earlier foe, a master thief known as The Raccoon.
  • Ménage à 3: The trope is briefly but eloquently demonstrated by Yuki and Sonya in this strip. They can't stand each other, but Angel just made the mistake of challenging Yuki's ego, Sonya's competitiveness, and the woman they both love.
  • In The Order of the Stick:
    • Elan and Thog temporarily team up to escape from prison and travel back to the Order after Elan "fast-talk" Thog. Being both Cloudcuckoolanders, they get along surprisingly well.
    • The City-State of Cliffport gives its backing to Gobbotopia's claim to nationhood, since both nations have been attacked by the elves.
    • While Elan sees his father Tarquin as evil and doesn't want his help at first, later when it comes to defeating Nale they rather Agree to Disagree.
      • And promptly subverted when Tarquin allies with Nale. Then Nale double-crosses him, so Tarquin kills him.
    • In the prequel, the appropriately-named Start of Darkness, Right-Eye attempts to ally with human wizard Eugene Greenhilt, despite hating humans, in order to eliminate the threat Big Bad Xykon poses to goblinkind. However, it fails because as Eugene explains, he's now a family man and mentions not wanting to look back on his life wishing he did "petty revenge" (which he ironically ends up doing due to his vows, since he's barred from the afterlife.) Right-Eye actually takes these words to heart and decides to become a family-man himself, even building a village of humans and goblins co-existing, doing a different of Enemy Mine with humanity and full-out graduating into letting go of hate for humans. Too bad Xykon came back...
  • Penny and Aggie; during the "Popsicle War" arc, when Meg and Karen and their clique (including Charlotte and Cyndi) executed increasingly cruel stunts against both Penny and Aggie and their respective friends, Penny(whom Aggie had previously seen as a friendly enemy) forged a truce with Aggie to stand against Meg and Karen. This led to Penny and Aggie becoming Fire-Forged Friends (and in later arcs something more...). During the final arc, Aggie wrote a sonnet about her history with Penny, summing up the Popsicle War arc with this stanza:
    "My puzzling ally—pulling me by hand,
    From deep depression's suffocating pool
    She joins my friends to hers, making a band
    Of sunshine fire, to fight the truly cruel."
  • In Rusty and Co., Mimic points out the wisdom of this to Yuan-Tiffany, since they don't want to kill each other.
  • Posey from The Sanity Circus is trying to get Attley to work with her to stop the other Scarecrows killing Attley for her uselessness. Attley isn't monumentally reluctant to go through with it.
  • According to Scandinavia and the World, the only way to get Iran and Iraq to stop fighting each other is to present them with someone they hate more: Denmark and his Muhammed cartoon.
  • Schlock Mercenary Defies this with Maxim 29 from The Seventy Maxims of Maximally Effective Mercenaries: "The enemy of my enemy is my enemy's enemy. No more. No less." but the actual trope does come into play at least once. True to the maxim, both sides will invariably race to put their knife in the others' back first.
  • During the "Dangerous Days" arc of Sluggy Freelance, the gang's (first) trump card against Hereti Corp is Oasis, who had kidnapped or tried to kill most of them in the past. Only her devotion to Torg and mind control programming kept her somewhat on their side.
    • Also, due to his Sociopathic Hero nature, almost any time Bun-Bun is persuaded to help the other characters has shades of this.
  • In Snowflame, Snowflame and his Hero Antagonists have to work together to bail out Arkham Asylum after it is flooded with fear gas.
  • In Tower of God, after a Mêlée à Trois between Viole, Arkraptor and Kang Horyang seemed to have no end, Arkraptor and Horyang decided to team up against Viole. It didn't work.
  • In TwoKinds one of the main character's old friends is a bit biased against Keidran. However when the rest of their party is incapacitated by an assassin attack, he has to put aside some old grudges.


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