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  • Dr. Bright, the titular character of The Bright Sessions, would rather keep Damien out of the AM's hands and on her side, even if it means being forced to give him free therapy and endure his stalking. Although Damien doesn't always necessarily agree with Dr. Bright and seems to go out of his way to make her life difficult, he claims he would never hurt her and that he sees her as the big sister he never had. He also points out that they're not only confidants, but also the closest thing either of them has to a friend. When Agent Green first contacts Damien, the latter first refuses to believe Dr. Bright told Agent Green about Damien's ability. Even after accepting it, he refuses to go to the AM, stating, "Dr. Bright doesn't trust you, and I trust her." Later, Dr. Bright apologizes to Damien and asks for his help infiltrating the AM. Things don't go well and their relationship never recovers, but Dr. Bright does later express sadness that she wasn't able to help Damien.
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  • In the Cool Kids Table game Bloody Mooney, the kids get the attention of the government agents following them as soon as it becomes clear that Mooney is dangerous.
  • In the Red Panda Adventures episode "Stop the Presses", the Red Panda is forced to work with his self-proclaimed arch nemesis the Mad Monkey when Nazi spy Archangel arranges a hostage situation at the newspaper where his wife and partner, the Flying Squirrel, works. This results in situations such as the Red Pandas getting the willies when the Monkey uses the Squirrel's Catchphrase of "Yes, Boss" at him and arguing about whether or not using their combined hypnotic powers to make their enemies ignore them counts as invisibility. In the end, they stop Archangel but the Mad Monkey reveals that while all this has been going on his army of mind controlled baboons has been robbing the city and he gets away because the Red Panda can't chase him and tie up Archangel's goons.

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