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Eldritch Abomination / Star Wars

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While the villains of the Star Wars films tend to be more humanlike in nature, both the Star Wars Expanded Universe and Star Wars Legends have introduced some more otherworldly horrors from within the galaxy and from without.

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Canon Works

    Comic Books 
  • Solo introduced the Summa-Verminoth, a colossal space cephalopod living in the Akkadese Maelstrom near the Maw, a series of black holes near Kessel and that is capable of generating enough electricity to look like it's making a lightning storm in space (and it took Han Solo luring it near a Black Hole to kill it). However, Darth Vader (2020) introduced a subspecies of Summa-Verminoth that not only lives in the Red Horror Nebula near Exegol, it is capable of Mind Raping anyone that comes near it.

    The High Republic Franchise 
  • The Drengir are a species of sentient carnivorous plants that not only want to spread themselves across the galaxy and feed on all non-botanical life forms, they are also highly-attuned with the Dark Side of the Force, capable of controlling others with a Dark Side poison and severing Jedi's connection to the Force. It's notable that even the Sith thought they were too much and had them sealed away on Amaxine Station, until a group of hapless Jedi who got trapped on the station during the Great Hyperspace Disaster and accidentally unsealed them and unleashed them on the galaxy.
  • The Nameless, first introduced in The Rising Storm via a creature known to Marchion Ro and the Nihil as "the Great Leveler". Not only was the Leveler sealed away in high security by Marchion's ancestors, these supposedly non-sentient creatures are capable of attacking Jedi through the Force. Their mere presence can cause fear-heightening hallucinations in Jedi (obscuring what the creatures look like to them), can cut Jedi off from the Force, and at best, leave them severely traumatized, or at worst, calcified to death. In short, they are one of the few things that can scare Jedi. The Nameless are also the subject of many horror stories In-Universe (even being tied to a prophecy pertaining to the Chosen One), and one name given to the creatures, "Shrii-ka-rai", translates to "Eaters of the Force". And while the hallucinations the Jedi experience are horrifying as is, what little we see of the Nameless's actual appearance from a non-Force user's perspective in Trail of Shadows isn't any less. It's a twitchy, deathly-looking long-limbed abomination with claws, many sharp teeth, and mouth tentacles. And the bad news is that Marchion has more of the Nameless at his beck and call.

    Western Animation 


  • There's a case in The Crystal Star, with Waru. "Hethrir's scientists breached the walls between dimensions and brought into existence a massive slab of meat covered with shining golden scales. Though this entity, Waru, lacked discernible sensory organs, it was highly intelligent and could communicate in a deep resonating voice." The scales were variable in size and a syrupy ichor oozed from between them. The ichor could be breathed by humans, and it was Bigger on the Inside. It was promised a way home by the man who summoned it, and it worked with him and healed the sick, was worshipped, and ate people to replenish its healing energy. It was always lonely and ended up eating the guy who summoned it before collapsing in on itself.
  • Abeloth from the Fate of the Jedi series. The mention of tentacles and the associated imagery does not help... Her home planet is a place in the Maw where plants eat animals, which also happens to be the location of Force purgatory. Useful for something that sustains itself by eating force-sensitive souls. The name, incidentally, is a Shout-Out to the aboleths from Dungeons & Dragons, which are also examples of this trope.
  • New Jedi Order: The Abominor — initially only represented by the one-off Droids cartoon villain, the Great Heep — where retconned into a species of planet-consuming Mechanical Abominations who played a hand in the Yuuzhan Vong developing their hatred of non-organic technology and droids. It's also suggested that Ronyards, a droid-dominated planet from a one-shot Marvel Star Wars, is actually a planet-sized Abominor.
  • Cult Encounters and Supernatural Encounters: The novella The Trial and Transformation of Arhul Hextrophon, which spent over a decade in Development Hell before its release in 2018, works Waru and Abeloth plus Mnngal-Mnngal (in the Tabletop section) into an entire pantheon of horrors: Abeloth, Mnggal-Mnggal, and Waru are all siblings, along with Typhojem the Left-Handed God (the chief deity on the ancient Sith) and Gorog the Night Spirit (the Endorian God of Evil from the Ewoks animated series), and are children of Tilotny and Cold Danda Sine of Alan Moore's Bedlam Spirits (from Marvel's original line of Star Wars comics); many other bizarre beings from throughout the franchise make appearances as well. The biggest and baddest of them all is implied to be a Morgoth-like character called Näkhäsh, Father of Shadows, of whom even this Wham Episode of a story says little, but who is implied to have, at the very least, corrupted the Bedlams in the first place. Fortunately, most of them were already disposed of by their Good Counterparts, the Celestials, millennia prior to the events of the films.

    Tabletop Games 
  • Star Wars d20's The Unknown Regions supplement: Mnngal-Mnngal is a formless black goo that takes over a host and devours them. It wants to consume all worlds in existence, which would be bad enough... but it delights in tormenting sentient beings even more than it does taking them over. Doesn't sound too bad by the standards of alien horrors in Star Wars... until you learn that the reason the Unknown Regions have been cut off from the rest of the galaxy since time immemorial is that the Celestials thought that the Mnggal-Mnggal was too much for them to deal with! Word of God says it and Waru are the same sort of being.

    Video Games 
  • Knights of the Old Republic: The Star Forge is revealed to be a massive factory that draws energy and mass from a star to endlessly produce warships. The Forge is also a tool of the Dark Side, created by the Force-using Rakata and is quasi-sentient as a result, it fed off of their power and negative emotions until it destroyed their Infinite Empire, and remained dormant for thousands of years until Revan found it.
  • Knights of the Old Republic II: The Sith Lords:
    • Darth Nihilus started out like any other man, but became more of a force of nature than a sentient being after he was empowered by the massacre of Malachor V. Official databooks list him as Human (dark side aberration). He's effectively nothing but walking void held together with the remnants of his formerly-human mind with no motivation beyond his need to devour all the lifeforce he can to sate eternal hunger. His ship, the Ravager, is also essentially a wreck that is only kept working through his power. His ship's "crew" are only a step up from walking corpses thanks to his all-consuming influence. Many of them are just husks for his will, devoid of independent thought.
    • The Jedi Council consider The Exile to be one of these. The real reason she was exiled in the first place was because they were terrified of her nature as a Force black hole. Ultimately, it's this peculiarity that allows the Exile to defeat Nihilus.
  • Star Wars: The Old Republic:
    • Like Darth Nihilus, the Sith Emperor gained immortality by absorbing all of the Force energy of a planet, to the point that the Force ceased to exist in its atmosphere, and plans to do the same to the entire universe.
    • Sel Makor created the Voss species and grants them their visions. It is the living embodiment of their war with the Gormak and grows stronger with every death.
    • The final boss in the Terror from Beyond Operation named The Terror From Beyond. It is a giant tentacled abomination summoned from a giant hyper-gate by the Dread Masters.
    • The World Razer, who the Rakata were so afraid of, they built an entire planet to imprison it. You have the option of releasing it.