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Eldritch Abomination / Monster Hunter

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Despite being a series of games that tends to be semi-realistic, even the Monster Hunter franchise has its share of bizzare, out-of-this world creatures, most of which retains animal traits.


First Generation


Second Generation

  • Yama Tsukami. Much like how the Kirin doesn't resemble a typical dragon, the former is rather a massive cephalopod creature. It's classification as an Elder Dragon is due to both its power and how it doesn't truly belong into any other class.

Third Generation

  • Alatreon. Described as a living natural disaster due to its unstablity, it can use almost every element at its disposal.
  • Dire Miralis. Besides it size, it's said to bring the end of the world akin to Satan. Sometimes theorized to be a mutated Fatalis (itself already a low-key Animalistic Abomination), Dire Miralis has a much tougher hide, its wings have fused into a mortar system, and it’s INCREDIBLY destructive, being known to sink islands and living in an ocean that it completely depopulated just by stepping in and boiling it.

Fourth Generation

  • Gore Magala, a monster unusual enough that it was placed in its own category due to the bizarre alien appearance, resembling a Xenomorph dragon. In the story, it spreads an unusual virus that causes other monsters to become more aggressive and violent. Fittingly enough, its final form, Shagaru Magala even resembles an angelic monstrosity.
  • Gogmazios. How it remained hidden for such a long time despite its massive size is a mystery, but what's even more perplexing is how it resembles a Dracolich and seems to be made of the oil and tar that it eats.
  • Narkarkos, a gigantic cephalopod monster known for being perpetually hungry, much like the Yama Tsukami. Unlike the Yama Tsukami, however, it can utilize the powers of monsters that it has eaten as it were its own. And unlike say, the Deviljho, which is perpetually hungry, the Narkarkos eats out of satisfaction.

Fifth Generation

  • Vaal Hazak, an absolutely nightmarish creature that resembles something out of Bloodborne with its grotesque animal hide and its ability to weaponize some very harmful gases and resurrect smaller monsters.
  • Xeno'jiiva, the final monster in World. It has various eyes, unusual glowing body parts, and unnatural fire colors, all of which would not make sense on any other monster here, as they all resemble real-life animals. Fittingly enough, its the sole reason that the migration in World has been strangely accelerated and is taking in the bio-energy of dead Elder Dragons that dies in the New World. What's more concerning is that the one fought in the game is believed to be a newborn infant... if it's that powerful as a newborn, exactly what would an adult be capable of?
  • Behemoth usually averts this trope back in its home game series. As an in-universe example in the Monster Hunter universe? It sticks out like a sore thumb. While visually not grotesque (It's a big Canine/Bovine hybrid), it has plenty of magical abilities that Fatalis or the Unknown Black Wyvern would have.
  • The Leshen of Witcher fame, unlike the Behemoth mentioned above, is already one back in its homeworld, but it's even one moreso here, being a Humanoid Abomination with a very unnatural appearance and powers that let it control the earth. Geralt even mentions that the sheer abundance of life and natural energy within the Ancient Forest has empowered the Leshen magnitudes above its normal strength.

Frontier Monsters

  • The Unknown Black Flying Wyvern. While it resembles a Black Rathian in appearance, it's actual appearance and biology remains a mystery. Furthermore, its powers and abilities are much closer to that of Fatalis rather than the Rathian that it resembles.

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