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    Tropes H to K 
  • Hair of Gold, Heart of Gold: Nazz.
  • Hair-Trigger Temper: Sarah, full stop. Eddy, too.
  • Heartbeat Soundtrack: In 'Run For Your Ed', after Double D realized that the ship-in-a-bottle that got stuck on Ed's finger belonged to the Kankers.
  • Hello, Nurse!: "Boys Will Be Eds", where all the boys (except for Jimmy and Rolf) are crazy about Nazz, and barely hear what she's saying because she's so cute when she's mad.
  • Here We Go Again!: "The Ed-Touchables", "Dueling Eds," "Ed, Ed, And Away", "Luck of the Ed", and "Thick As An Ed" all end this way.
  • Hero Antagonist: Captain Melonhead and Splinter the Wonder Wood (AKA Johnny and Plank) in "Robbin' Ed," before (supposedly) going full on villain in the movie's VERY end.
  • He Who Fights Monsters: Subtle suggestions are made throughout the show that Kevin's Jerkass behavior is a result of constant harassment from the Eds. In "See No Ed" he becomes increasingly suspicious after the Eds disappear for an extensive period time, to the point of becoming a paranoid wreck convinced the Eds are preparing to scam him at every turn. His point of view changes after witnessing Eddy's own Freudian Excuse in The Movie however.
  • He Who Must Not Be Seen: Eddy's brother. At least, until when he finally appears in the movie.
  • Hidden Depths: May, according to the Valentines day episode.
    • Eddy was revealed to have these in The Movie.
    • In one episode, Nazz surprises everyone by quoting the Workers Rights Act, saying "A babysitter's gotta know these things!" afterwards.
    • As horrible as Ed is on the Violin, he can play the flute well enough to get animals to follow him Pied Piper-style. An earlier episodenote  showed he is also insanely good at copying other people's handwriting, to the point where, when Eddy tries to confess to Edd who really wrote them, Edd doesn't believe him.
  • High-Pressure Emotion: In "Oath to an Ed", Sarah drives Eddy into this when he is trying to earn a badge by mocking him until he shouts at her.
    • Marie has undergone this at least twice, in "May I Have This Ed" and the Valentines Day Special; both times when she sees Edd with another girl.
  • Hold Up Your Score: Done by Kevin in Season 3's "Rock-a-Bye Ed" where he acts as a judge for Nazz's Gymnastic Contest. He give Ed's complete wreck of a try a "d0rk" made out of a former "10".
  • Humiliation Conga: Kevin does this to Eddy on two separate occasions. The first one is during "Your Ed Here", when he learns that Eddy's middle name is "Skipper" he essentially blackmails Eddy for the entire episode to prevent him from telling the kids. He gradually forces Eddy to do more and more humiliating things, but decides to tell the kids anyway, who take it Up to 11 when they all mock and tease him for his middle name. The second time is in "Smile for the Ed" when he causes Eddy to botch his school picture by calling him a dork at the last second. The botched photo makes the rounds at school and all the kids make fun of him for it.
  • Hurricane of Puns: The episode 'They call him Mr Ed' is about nothing but puns on the word 'Up', which then switches to the word 'Down', and climaxing when the Eds are all the way Up on the moon with no way Down.
  • Humongous Mecha: Edd has successfully built at least two of them—one in "One of Those Eds", and a T-Rex mecha in one of the flashback sequences in "The Good Ol' Ed".
  • Hypercompetent Sidekick: Edd is this to Eddy big time.
  • Hyperspace Mallet: Rolf smacks Edd with the "Hat of Discipline", which is essentially a giant mallet-hat.
    Edd: ...What is that, Rolf?
    Rolf: The Hat of Discipline. DO YOU LIVE IN A CAVE?!
  • Hypno Fool: In one episode, everyone but the Kanker Sisters and Jonny. Yes, even Plank.
    • Jonny came around to it eventually.
  • Hypocritical Humor:
    • A meta example in the first scene from "Know It All Ed", where the Eds find a box of turkey basters and try to sell them as "Canadian squirt guns", with Ed famously commenting "Canadians are weird!" The show, of course, was made by Canadians.
    • One episode focuses on Eddy trying to prevent Kevin from revealing his Embarrassing Middle Name (Skipper). After it's outed, Edd tries to comfort Eddy by saying that he has one too (Marion). As soon as he learns it, Eddy shouts it out for all the cul-de-sac to hear.
    • Jonny talks to a slab of wood, but is quick to call others crazy or weird.
    • In "Pain in the Ed", after chastising Eddy that "underarm growth is a poor excuse for maturity" after the kids see right through his attempt to pass off carpeting as armpit hair, Edd immediately starts pulling pieces of carpeting out of the arms of his shirt.
  • Idea Bulb:
    • "High-Heeled Eds". While trying to think up a way to scam Sarah, Nazz and Jimmy, Eddy gets one, though it flickers out briefly until he adjusts it.
    • In "It Came From Outer Ed", Ed gets an idea for a scam and holds up some turf over his head while saying, "Boing! It's a light bulb!"
  • Idiosyncratic Episode Naming: Every title is a play on a popular phrase, or the title of a related work, with "Ed" replacing at least one syllable.
  • Idiot Ball: Everyone's held it at least once, but Eddy's the one who usually holds it.
  • Impossible Leavening: In "An Ed Too Many", the Eds make pizza. Eddy ignores Edd's instructions for how much yeast to use for the dough, pouring in the entire container. The thing rises so much that Eddy's fist gets caught in the thing when he tries to punch it down. They have to have Ed belly-flop on the thing to press it down enough.
  • Immune to Mind Control: In the episode where Eddy tries hypnotizing everyone in the cul-de-sac, his attempts to hypnotize Lee Kanker don't work. Why? "I eat my roughage!". In the same episode, Eddy tries to hypnotize Jonny, but fails. However, it works on Plank.
  • Improv: A surprisingly notable aversion of this for the series in whole. Despite the completely random lines that Ed and some of the other characters say throughout the series, every last one of them was written into the script first. Ed's voice actor, Matt Hill, once explained that Danny Antonucci did not allow the actors to improv or ad-lib even the smallest amount. This once lead to a recording session lasting FIFTY-SIX takes before Danny finally thought that the delivery was perfect to use for the episode.
  • Inflating Body Gag:
    • In the episode where the Eds are pretending to be one another, Ed (pretending to be Eddy) makes Eddy (pretending to be Edd) drink enough juice to fill a swimming pool causing him to become massively bloated.
    Ed: (As Eddy) Kids will pay big money to ride a blimp! You're a genius, Double-D!
    • Likewise, in an episode in which Ed and Edd are trying to make Eddy taller (due to the latter's hatred of being short), Ed convinces Eddy to eat an inflatable raft. As Edd points out: "Well, he's certainly... um... wider..."
  • In One Ear, Out the Other: Happens a few times. On one occasion Eddy sticks his hand clean through one of Ed's ears and out the other, and in another Eddy squirts a turkey baster at the kids the water passes through Sarah, Jimmy, and Johnny's ears.
    • Ed has also managed to stick a celery stick and a giant Stock Femur Bone clear through his head between the ears.
  • Inverted Trope: The show inverts the popular Medium Awareness sub trope of only the craziest characters possessing it. Johnny 2X4 is the kookiest character on the show but he's the only one to be explicitly ignorant of his nature as a cartoon character. This Companion Cube Plank on the other hand is aware.
  • Invisible Wall: In one episode, the Eds have built an office-like area with nothing but lines of tape indicating where walls would go. At one point Ed smacks right into one—much to Double D's surprise.
    Ed: Oops! Forgot about the wall!
  • Iron Butt-Monkey: Whoever's the Butt-Monkey of the week becomes this, but it's usually the Eds, but especially Eddy.
  • Irony: In "All Eds Are Off", when Ed wins the bet and decided to spend the prize money on gravy.
    Eddy: (angry) Oh come on! You're gonna spend the money on more gravy?
    Edd: (happy) Irony, Eddy. Look that up in the dictionary.
  • It Amused Me: The reason why Kevin popped the bubblegum bubble that Ed, Eddy, and Jonny were riding in at the time in "For Your Ed Only". He gets a minor comeuppance later on when the Eds tie him to a tree after he eavesdrops on them over Sarah's diary.
  • I Wished You Were Dead: G-rated variant in "See No Ed", where the Eds seem to have disappeared:
    Jimmy: I have a confession: I've wished for this every birthday. Might it have come true?
  • Jack Bauer Interrogation Technique: When Ed can't remember where he hid Eddy's secret stash of magazines, Eddy uses giant clothespins to try to torture the information out of him.
    Ed: Eddy, will these leave marks?
    Eddy: Big ones, Ed!
    • Eddy also attempts this on Plank in "The Ed-Touchables" when Johnny was accused of stealing a bunch of the kids possessions. He first ties to slap him across the face which resulted in a hand full of splinters. He then attempts the old Chinese water torture by dripping water over his "head" with a water gun. It had no effect on the piece of wood, but it drove Johnny into falsely confessing because the water made him have to use the bathroom.
  • Jerkass:
    • Eddy is arrogant, scams his peers, is full of himself and likes to think that he's better than everyone else on the show, and fans wonder why him and his friends get the living shit beaten out of them sometimes. It is revealed in The Movie that Eddy's jerkish behavior is all just an act since he thought that acting like his brother would make him look cool to all the other kids. In the end, Eddy realizes that being a jerkass was what was keeping him from being popular and tearfully laments that he'll never learn his lesson.
    • Kevin is the Jerk Jock who always insults the title characters. In one episode he finds out Eddy's middle name after finding his wallet and threatens to tell the other kids, but promises to not tell if Eddy does everything he says. Eddy does so. Kevin tells them anyway, and his "excuse" is "Oops! I forgot!" He also is frequently a prick to the other characters, most notably Jonny 2x4 and Jimmy.
    • Ed's little sister Sarah is a violent, manipulative Bratty Half-Pint that frequently abuses her brother physically and verbally on a scale only slightly lower than what Eddy suffers from his brother.
    • The Kankers love to bully and force-kiss the Eds and rarely get punished for their actions.
    • The worst of them is Eddy's brother. He beats down on his own brother and Double D in a manner that makes the cul-de-sac kids and the Kankers feel disgusted.
  • Jerkass Ball:Everybody in this show has acted like a genuine jerk in at least one episode, including the most innocent characters like Jimmy, Rolf, Nazz, and Edd. For example, the beginning of "If It Smells Like An Ed". Everybody sans Sarah laughs after Eddy gives Jimmy a wedgie. During the celebration of a Friendship Day. Even Double D couldn't resist laughing!
  • Jerk with a Heart of Gold: Almost all the ones mentioned above (see Jerkass) evolve into this in the movie, especially Eddy. However during the show:
    • Eddy. He's greedy and arrogant, but he does have his moments where he shows he genuinely cares about his friends. He rarely shows his softer side but it's there ("Momma's Little Ed", "Jingle Jingle Jangle", "A Fistful of Ed"). He may have a Hidden Heart of Gold, if you think about it. He always tries to make money because he wants to buy the jawbreakers and share them with his friends, and that's why he scams. Also proven in 'Here's Mud In Your Ed', where he begins thinking of what he'll do when he becomes rich: the first thing he wants to do? Buy Double D a new hat, when you would expect greedy Eddy's first thoughts to be of his own self. In "Hand Me Down Ed", where the boomerang seems to turn the holder into their most repressed traits. Ed becomes a genius, Double D loses all his inhibitions, and Eddy of all people becomes a doting mother. Makes you wonder how he really is inside without without his mask of a jerk.
    • Bratty Half-Pint Sarah may be a total jerk towards the Eds (And downright abusive/manipulative towards Ed), but she shows genuine kindness and concern over her friend Jimmy, she has a soft spot for Double D and, most of the time, she gets along well with Nazz. And deep down she does care about Ed, such as when, in one episode where the Eds were trapped in a "haunted" house and pretending to be attacked by ghosts, she squeals: "Somebody save my idiot brother!"
    • Kevin seems to have been somewhat of a not-so-nice nice kid either. However he's good friends with Rolf, and will lend him a hand when needed. He also sticks up for the other kids if the Eds do something to them and, with three exceptions, he seems to be pretty generous with the mountain of jawbreakers in his garage—and it's worth noting that he was originally going to share some with the Eds before Eddy tried to pull his drawbridge scam on him. And in a couple of episodes, Kevin can be seen getting along with Double D (such as when Kevin strikes up a conversation with Double D while fixing his bike).
    • May Kanker is mostly seen being a local bully along with her sisters. But unlike them, she's implied to be a real sweetie deep down and has true feelings for Ed, not just a creepy obsession (it was evident in the Valentine's Day special). She's really more naive and dimwitted than evil.
    • Lee and Marie are this as well, though it rarely shows. As much as they like to pick on May, they still care about her. Such as when they capture Ed to apologize to May when they went too far with insulting her. And they are quite protective of her in the Valentine's Day episode (Marie: "Where's our May?!", Lee: "Tell your stupid friend to stay away from our sister!")
  • Kaiju: Ed's a small-scale one of these in "The Day The Ed Stood Still", with some Xenomorph for flavor. The Mis-Ed-Ventures game would later feature a level with Ed's monster "form" playing this straight.
  • Kafka Komedy: Very few episodes end in the Eds' favor. Of course, about half the time, it's Laser-Guided Karma.
  • Kangaroo Court: In Ed's nightmare at the beginning of "Rock-a-Bye Ed", he's put on trial for shirking his responsibility as an older brother to Sarah with Jonny (as Ed's mom) as the judge. When Jonny tells Ed to make a statement Ed can't say anything because his mouth has been erased, and the jury of Sarahs declares him guilty.
  • Karma Houdini:
    • The kids and the Kankers can do almost anything they wish to do and NEVER get punished for it. The Eds, meanwhile, have only gotten away a few times.
    • Edd gets a minor one in "Smile For the Ed" when Eddy gets a week's detention for impersonating the principal, which he actually did (though he was trying to help).
    • Eddy gets his only calling in "A Fistful of Ed". Despite the anguish he put Double D through, the only punishment he receives is Kevin taking his jacket. He doesn't even get his usual beating (like the one Jimmy gave to Double D in the episode).
    • In The Movie Kevin complains that the Eds are supposedly going to get away with their antics "again", suggesting they have managed to get off scot free in some unseen incidents. Or he's just refering to one of the examples here.
    • Played with after Ed plasters all the kids to his wall in "The Day The Ed Stood Still"; Eddy and Double D escape the scene, but wind up hiding under Eddy's bed, knowing fully well that once the kids get unstuck, they'll be coming for them.
    • Ed and Eddy get off scot-free (unless you count running screaming from broccoli again) with messing with everyone's heads in "My Fair Ed", ditching Double D and leaving him to face the pounding Kevin promised him if the other Ed boys annoyed him again that day.
  • "Kick Me" Prank: Eddy to Edd in "A Case of Ed", Kevin to Rolf in "Out with the Old, In with the Ed".
  • Kick the Dog:
    • Eddy, Ed, Marie and Lee forcefully separating Edd and May, respectively, in the Valentine's special. While it's technically the right thing to do, it's hard to see such a happy pair split apart like that (neither of which did anything to each other).
    • Edd himself has a minor one in "Mission Ed Possible" when he willingly gave Eddy and Ed's report cards to their parents, not caring whether or not they would be subjected to physical or mental abuse afterwards. This is the guy who'd wipe Ed's drooling mouth and nurse Eddy whenever he gets hurt. He gets repercussion at the end by Kevin, as usual.
    • Kevin, kicked the biggest one in the episode "Your Ed Here" when he told Eddy's middle name anyway.
  • Kids Are Cruel:
    • Everyone on the show has been known to treat each other like total crap. No one on the show is safe from teasing, bullying, getting beat up or even sexual harassment (which is always from the Kanker sisters).
    • This is taken to the nadir in "Out With the Old, In With the Ed" when Rolf chops down Edd's door with an axe, and the kids rob his school supply closet bare. What The Hell, Neighborhood?
  • Kidanova: Eddy tries, as does Kevin, who's only slightly more successful.
    • Double D could count. Sarah, Marie, May, and Nazz's have expressed interest in him at points.
  • Kissing Discretion Shot: Whenever the Eds are caught by Kankers, you never see them getting kissed by them on the mouth on-screen, with the exception of one episode ("Ed Overboard" where May kisses Ed on the lips). The only other instance you see kissing on-screen is when Eddy kisses Edd, due to peer pressure, in "Your Ed Here".
  • Lampshade Hanging:
    • In response to Edd's suggestion to go to his house to watch a movie marathon, Eddy responds with "What? And ruin the plot?"
    Eddy: You're supposed to be the smart one, Double D; you're messing up our group dynamics!
    • After slipping on a banana peel in another episode:
    Kevin: Man that's old!
  • Large Ham:
    • Ed has shades of this in Season 5 and the movie, though he still retains his Funny line generator.
    • Rolf. He's as a large a ham as a ham can get.
    • It's not just these two characters. Everybody on the show had at least one Large Ham moment each throughout the series.
  • Laser-Guided Karma: The Eds get struck down by this nearly all the time.
  • Last Episode, New Character: Justified; Eddy's brother is mentioned frequently throughout the series, but doesn't officially appear until the series finale (the movie).
  • Later Installment Weirdness: After the series was Un-Cancelled, the show's format suddenly shifted from being perpetual summer vacation to having the cul-de-sac kids finally in school.
    • Not to mention, the art and tone also shifted in the show after being uncancelled. While the earlier episodes were more cartoony and brightly colorful with (typically) a whole lot of noise and madness appearing on screen, the later episodes actually have a bit of detail drawn into themnote , and the colors of the show have been somewhat muted down a notch, what with it no longer summer and now fall and winter. And not to mention, the show also had A LOT more quieter moments without dialogue or sounds outside of the music.
  • Lead In: Every episode.
  • Leitmotif:
    • Not a music example, but the makers seem to like giving Eddy the sound of someone shuffling across a basketball court when he's running.
    • Ed sounds like a horse galloping most of the time when he runs. When he's not sounding like a car with a faulty clutch. Actually, Ed makes a lot of horse sounds come to think of it...
    • Whenever Edd starts sweating, little farting sounds can be heard.
    • Sarah tends to get wildcat noises, especially when enraged.
    • For an actual musical example, the Eds are represented by instruments when they speak (becomes especially prominent in later seasons). Ed a trombone, Double D a clarinet, and Eddy a bass line. When they have a scene together, the instruments combine to play an excerpt of their jazzy theme song.
    • Sarah usually gets a dainty piano jingle whenever she's on screen.

    Tropes L to P 
  • Left the Background Music On: Edd actually lampshades this in one episode, where the Eds open up a hula school, and he is lassoed into setting the mood by playing traditional hula music on his steel pedal guitar; once Sarah and Jimmy interrupt the lessons, he then switches the mood to sound more like the show's style of music scoring, that is until Eddy shouts at him, "Give it a break, will ya?!"
  • Lethally Stupid: Ed caused massive property damage and physical injury through things and people around him through a mix of Literal Mindedness, inability to tell fiction from reality and not knowing his own strength. In fact some episodes revolve around his dangerous idiocy.
    Eddy: Why do you always have to WRECK EVERYTHING!?
  • Like Father, Unlike Son: According to the early series bible Ed's father doesn't really relate to his son but does try to impart some knowledge to him even if it's about second-hand cars.
  • Lightning Bruiser:
    • Kevin is perhaps the fifth physically strongest character in the series, but his prime trait is riding his bicycle at ludicrous speed.
    • Ed as well in Mis-Ed-Ventures when using Batter-Ed.
  • Literal Metaphor:
    Eddy: Keep your shorts on, Ed! No seriously, keep your shorts on. (pulls up Ed's trousers)
  • The Load: Ironically enough, Eddy, the leader of the trio, has played this role to the Eds in more than a few occasions. The episode A Twist of Ed is the most notorious example. Double D conceives the idea to use reverse psychology on the Kanker sisters to get them off the Eds' back. It works well until Eddy breaks a sweat, which causes the Kanker sisters to catch on and flip the script on the Eds.
  • Long Bus Trip: This is how the episode with Ed's imaginary friend Jib is resolved.
  • Loving Bully : The Kankers, of course.
    • Sarah could count if one relies on Fridge Brilliance, that she has turned into a Tsundere towards Edd. Despite it rarely shown after "An Ed Too Many", Sarah still has a crush on him, but it doesn't save him from a beating.
  • Lower-Class Lout: The Kankers.
  • Lustful Melt: Performed by Eddy and Kevin in "Pop Goes the Ed", when they first see Nazz in her bikini.
  • MacGuffin: Jawbreakers.
  • Made of Iron: Every single character are able to survive things from being crushed by a house to having their own face ripped off.
    • Averted with Eddy's Brother. He delivered a pretty sickening No-Holds-Barred Beatdown on Eddy and Eddy survived with bruises and marks. In his brother's case, one hit with a door and he was out cold.
  • Madness Mantra: "Shower, shower, shower..." Edd goes off the deep end when he can't start his morning with a shower. For comparison: Buttercup goes without bathing for days and develops a stench so offputting as to cause people to flee the room. Edd does the same thing in hours and dumps a trash bag's positively putrid contents over his head to cement his Sanity Slippage.
  • Malaproper:
    • In one episode, Ed pretends to be Eddy, Edd pretends to be Ed, and Eddy pretends to be Edd, with hilarious results. Trying to use a larger vocabulary like Edd, Eddy has a few of these.
    • In another episode:
    Ed: Allow me to re-irritate.
  • Masculine Girl, Feminine Boy: Sarah and Jimmy. Also, Marie and Edd.
  • Manipulative Bastard: Jimmy becomes this in "If It Smells Like an Ed", when he masterminds a very elaborate plot for revenge on the Eds after Eddy wedgies him. Edd himself concedes to the brilliance of Jimmy's plan when Jimmy reveals himself behind the whole thing, and he is clearly impressed.
    Edd: Ingenious. A little long-winded, mind you, but absolutely cunning.
  • Mattress Tag Gag: In one episode, Eddy torments goodie two shoes Edd by ripping a tag off his mattress (while Edd's hat was tied to the ceiling light).
  • Maybe Magic, Maybe Mundane: Did Ed successfully summon Evil Tim, or was the flock of crows attacking the Eds just a coincidence?
  • Meat-O-Vision: While stranded on a improvised raft with Johnny and some animals, Rolf becomes hungry and looks at the raft. Instead of finding the animals tasty, Rolf instead sees Johnny's head as a roasted turkey.
    Rolf: "If we do not find dry land soon, I will have to feast upon your succulent...noggin."
  • Mickey Mousing: Almost every episode does this, often uninterrupted in its entirety. Played with in one scene of "Brother, Can You Spare An Ed?", where Edd provided Mickey Mousing on his pedal-steel guitar until Eddy told him to knock it off.
  • Middle-of-Nowhere Street: The cul-de-sac.
  • Mind Screw: "Don't look now, but there's a cow hovering just overhead..."
  • Minimalist Cast:
    • The cast of characters never expanded beyond twelve people throughout the show's five season run, making it one of the longest-running series (animated or otherwise) to have one.
    • Finally ended in The Movie/Series Finale with Eddy's brother.
    • There's also Jib, if he counts.
  • Misery Builds Character: After the Eds wrongfully accuse Jonny of being a "serial toucher" and sentence him to rolling down a hill in a giant tire, Eddy justifies it by citing the trope. Given his rather shocking history of abuse from his older brother, he might justifiably believe it.
  • Misplaced a Decimal Point: Edd seems to have made this error on a few occasions.
  • Misplaced Retribution:
    • Frequently done by the cul-de-sac kids. No matter which of the Eds have wronged them, the wrong Eds are almost always punished for one Ed or two's action.
    • In the Halloween special, Ed goes around beating up people and EDD AND EDDY are beaten up instead and Ed goes unharmed, and in the episode "All Eds Are Off", Ed contaminates the pool with gravy and Eddy receives detention for it instead.
    • In "My Fair Ed", Ed and Eddy cause varying degrees of trouble for the kids, and they blame Edd for apparently not reeling them in (the episode even ends with Kevin going to beat up Edd after Ed and Eddy destroy his bike).
  • Mistaken from Behind: Done twice in "In Like Ed". Eddy tries to hit on Nazz at a party, only for it to turn out to be Edd in disguise. A minute later, Eddy tries to stuff a piece of cake down Edd's pants, only to find it was Nazz, who decks him in response.
  • Mountain of Food: In "Stop, Look and Ed", Sarah and Jimmy make a big mountain of ice cream (and proceed to slide down it with their mouths open).
  • Mouth Cam: In one of the episodes, they're filming a video, Ed randomly swallows the camera (shouting "Man the helms! DIVE, DIVE!"), ending up in a shot from inside his stomach as Edd digs it back out.
  • Multi-Character Title
  • Mundane Made Awesome: Peeling potatoes, if Rolf is to be believed.
    Rolf: Behold, the potato. Bow to this fruit of the earth, then PEEL IT, AS IF IT WERE THE LAST TASK OF YOUR MISERABLE LIFE!
  • Murphy's Law: The Eds are frequent victims of this.
    • Jimmy even acknowledges this trope in "Cry Ed":
      Jimmy: Murphy's Law, do your stuff!
  • Muscles Are Meaningless: Ed, Sarah, and Rolf have virtually no muscles but are incredibly strong, but Rolf does when he flexes or becomes enraged.
  • Naked People Are Funny: Happens a lot.
  • Name and Name: Or Name, Name and Name, in this case.
  • The Napoleon: Eddy and Sarah.
  • Nausea Fuel: In-Universe: when Ed gobbles all the food in the Cul-De-Sac, Eddy makes a scam of selling it back to the hungry neighbors: he roots around in Ed's stomach and yanks out the requested item. Edd is noticeably sick when it comes to retrieving milk.
  • Never My Fault: Eddy does this for an episode when he upsets Rolf after throwing the Sea Cucumber Ball and more so when Rolf gets upset. Admittedly Eddy is often the first to say he never does anything wrong, and that it's outside forces doing it.
  • Nice Guy: Edd, Ed, Rolf, Jimmy and Jonny. Nazz is the only female character who fits the trope.
  • Nice Hat: Edd, Kevin and Eddy's brother.
  • Nice Mean And Inbetween: Edd is the nice one, always trying to find a reasonable, non-violent solution and apologizing for his friend's behavior. Eddy is the mean one, always getting the two others involved in his scams and screaming at them when he doesn't get his way. Ed is inbetween, not as mean as Eddy, but more impulsive than Edd. On occasion, this can switch to Ed (nice) and Edd (in-between), since Edd has been known to lose it a couple of times, and Ed doesn't have a malicious bone in his body. That is, unless there is a malicious rock in his shoe. The Kids Jonny and Nazz (nice), Kevin and Sarah (mean), and Jimmy and Rolf (inbetween), also the Kanker Sisters Lee (mean) Marie (inbetween) and May (nice).
  • Nightmare Fetishist: Ed.
  • No Fourth Wall: If the series didn't drive this home, then The Movie most certainly did, with a glaring example at the start of it: When the Eds try to escape from the kids in the beginning, they find a emergency glass in Eddy's brother's room, reading "Break Glass in Case of Movie".
    Edd: In Case Of Movie, Break Glass?!
    Eddy: Bingo! My bro's always prepared!
    (Item turns out to be a peanut. Beat)
    Eddy: A peanut?
    Ed: Cheap movie.
    • Done again in The Movie at the end when Double D, commenting on how they finally got a favorable outcome, says it only took them "a hundred and thirty episodes, four specials and a movie" to do so.
      • Let's sing a song!
    • And before that, references are made to the time left in the movie and getting to the Eds/Eddy's Brother before it runs out.
    • Also, during The Stinger, Plank tells Jonny they can't go through with their revenge scheme because there's no time left in the movie.
    • An example in which Double D referred to the events of "Ed in a Half-Shell", in which Eddy "took Jimmy under his wing". Eddy's response? "Oh yeah! Didn't we get an Emmy for that episode?"
    • Played insanely straight in the episode "One Plus One Equals Ed", where the trio finds multiple quirks about the animated scenery before turning into some major Nightmare Fuel.
    • Near the end of "Momma's Little Ed", Eddy blames his rudeness on Kevin, despite being told by Edd "Kevin wasn't in this episode, Eddy."
    • Oddly averted in an early episode where Eddy loudly declares "This ain't a cartoon!" after Ed drops an anvil.
    • In 'Brother, Can You Spare an Ed?' Edd asks, "O, what dastardly seed have we sown?" leading Eddy to comment, "Who writes this guy's stuff?"
      • Earlier in that same episode, Eddy offers to take some money off of Ed's "poorly-drawn fingers".
    • In "Ed Overboard", the Urban Rangers are enlisted in rescuing Ed from the Kanker Sisters, but they ask that the Eds be temporarily sworn in, leading to the line:
    Eddy: I'd swear, but Standards won't let me.
  • No-Holds-Barred Beatdown: The Eds usually receive these from the Kids. Jimmy dished one to Edd in "A Fistful of Ed."
  • No Indoor Voice: Eddy and Sarah, most of the time. Rolf and Ed, sometimes.
  • No Name Given: Eddy's Brother is never given a name even in the movie, where credits even state him as "Eddy's Brother".
  • Nobody's That Dumb: In season 4, "Here's Mud in Your Ed", after Eddy realizes that Rolf and Jimmy scammed him with a fake money tree seed and bangs on Rolf's front door demanding he get his stuff back, Rolf offers that he will give Eddy the "real" money tree seed if he stops. Edd tells Rolf that Eddy wouldn't fall for the same trick twice but he's proven wrong when Eddy agrees to it and the "real" money tree seed he receives is just a bolt. Ed even comments that even he isn't that gullible.
  • Non Sequitur: Ed has the attention span of a goldfish, often lost in his own world, so much of his dialogue makes no sense whatsoever to anyone around him.
    Ed: Shush! My yeast is rising.
  • Noodle Incident:
    • The plot of The Movie centers around this. It was evidently so horrifying, so far beyond what the Eds usually do, that the kids aren't looking for their money back—they want to kill them.
    • Whatever Plank did in the election episode.
    • What purpose did Ed make his "freezer experiment" for?
    • From "Eeny, Meeny, Miney, Ed":
      Edd: Why are Eddy's clothes on the floor? Is he running around naked again?
    • This exchange in "Rambling Ed":
      Eddy: If [Sarah] told you to jump in a lake, with a rock tied to your head, and wait for naked photos of you to develop, so she could hand them out to all the kids in the cul-de-sac, would you?"
  • No Social Skills: Jonny, which is probably why he carries Plank around in the first place.
  • Not Actually the Ultimate Question: Inverted in "One + One = Ed":
    Edd: I feel we're getting closer to answering that all-important question!
    Eddy: "Is Eddy rich yet?"
    Ed: "Can Ed go to the bathroom?"
  • Not Allowed to Grow Up: Subverted in "Take this Ed and Shove It" which implies that the entire series is childhood memories being told by aged versions of the Eds. While playing cribbage, no less.
    • Interestingly, that episode was originally meant to be the series finale, but due to popular demand, the fifth and sixth seasons and The Movie were made.
    • Averted for the most part; the first four seasons are in the summer, seasons 5 and 6 take place in the school year, and The Movie takes place in another summer, meaning the characters grow up about one year. Proven in one episode where the Kids celebrate Jimmy's birthday.
  • Not Distracted by the Sexy: Downplayed since they're kids, but Jimmy and Rolf are the only males on the show who aren't attracted by Nazz's charms and prettiness; the former for being Ambiguously Gay and the latter for not understanding her mannerisms since she's a foreigner.
  • Not-So-Imaginary Friend:
    • There are times when it seems that Plank is more than just a piece of wood.
    • Ed's imaginary friend Jib. No one believed he existed until he beat up Eddy.
  • Nothing Is Scarier: Most of the Kankers' rampage in "Run for Your Ed" happens offscreen. What we do see is pretty horrendous.
  • Offscreen Moment of Awesome: Even though the Eds have been shown to fail several scams, there have been instances (off-screen) that they kept their profits, meaning that although not shown initially, they probably had their jawbreakers. The Eds seemed to also have had enough money to bribe the Kanker Sisters (except Eddy, who was too greedy to do so) at the end of "Luck of the Ed".
  • Oh, Crap!:
    • In one episode, where Rolf gives his cursed phone to Eddy, a runaway ice cream cart bursts into his room, bounces off a chair, bounces off the ceiling, and lands squarely on Eddy. The look on his face before contact can only be described as this.
    • Edd makes a sterling facial example in "Run For Your Ed", as seen here.
    • During the climax of 'If It Smells Like an Ed', the Eds share an expression best described as pure terror when they are faced with the Sadistic Choice between the Angry Mob of kids and the affections of the Kanker Sisters.
    • A recurring example is the Eds screaming in unison upon seeing or hearing the Kankers.
    The Eds: KANKERS!
  • The Old Country: Rolf's indeterminate home country. The people eat weird meat dishes in abundance (Italy?), wore Lederhosen and yodeled (Switzerland?), and all the locals including animals wore wooden shoes (Netherlands?; when the Eds try to fool him into believing he's returned they wear costumes ranging from Russian babushkas to kilts with powdered wigs, and Rolf doesn't bat an eye.
  • Older Than They Look: Sarah and Jimmy are apparently old enough to attend middle school. Averted in "All Eds are Off" in one scene, where they're shown getting things out of cubbyholes instead of lockers, so Peach Creek Jr. High is presumably a joint middle/elementary school.
  • Once per Episode: Every episode opens with one or more of the Eds doing something strange, or some sort of scam, that has almost nothing to do with the rest of the episode and only occasionally setting up a completely different plot.
  • One Crazy Night: In "A Glass of Warm Ed," Double D and Eddy spend nearly an entire night trying to keep Ed under control as he sleepwalks and eats almost all of the food he can in the cul-de-sac. Although the episode ends with the aftermath the following morning, most of the episode takes place that one night.
  • One Steve Limit: As we can see in the episode title, this has been averted, leading to the next trope:
  • Only Known by Their Nickname: "Double D" ("Edd" or "Eddward").
    • In the first episode, Eddy does say Edd's name as announced in the title, when complaining about having to wear bunny slippers into Edd's room. Ed does the same in the same episode, when he first greets as him as, "Edd, Double D".
    • Besides the first episode, Edd is only ever called Edd like in the title (and not Double D) when there is a Title Drop but this happens rarely (like Jimmy saying "No Ed, Edd, or Eddy! Hallelujah! Let's go to my house and party!")
  • Only Child Syndrome: Ed and Sarah are brother-and-sister, Eddy has an older brother, and the Kankers' are sisters—all the other characters are presumably only children (Edd's the only one confirmed to be so).
  • Only One Name: Other than the Kanker Sisters and Nazz, whose surname and middle name are revealed in the movie, none of the characters seem to have surnames.
    • The Eds have their middle names revealed, so presumably they have last names, we're just never told what they are. Also, it's a bit ambiguous as to whether Jonny has his last name given or not (though the fact that most official materials write it as "2x4" rather than writing out the words suggests it's a nickname given to him for constantly talking to a piece of wood).
  • Only Sane Man: Edd is this most of the time, especially to his friends.
  • O.O.C. Is Serious Business: "Little Ed Blue" is the only time we see Ed not his dimwitted, happy-go-lucky self. The Ed we see in this episode is downright terrifying.
  • Operation: Jealousy: Attempted by Marie in "May I Have This Ed", after Nazz drags Edd onto the dance floor, with an insensate Eddy. She fails so spectacularly, it leads directly to the whole school getting leveled.
  • Oven Logic: In "Oath to an Ed", Eddy did this with a microwaveable burrito, five seconds after he'd already delegated the task to The Smart Guy. It ended up imploding on them. No burrito merit badge for them.
  • Ow, My Body Part!: Lampshaded in one episode where the Eds stage a plane crash in Kevin's yard, claiming it was the result of Ed's attempts at sky-writing.
    Eddy: Ed was flying, sky-writing...when...he ran out of syllables!
    Ed: (Edd pulling him from the "wreckage") Ow, my liver! Ow, my lasagna!
    Edd: (Softly) Ed, lasagna isn't a major organ.
    Ed: It isn't?
    Eddy: He flew into erase a...spelling mistake...then crashed into your yard! It was hideous! If only he had landed on his head!
    Ed: (Being dragged by Double D) Ow, my finger nails! Ow, my skin! Ow...hi, Kevin!
  • Panty Shot: Nazz in a couple of episodes ("Boom Boom, Out Goes The Ed" most notably).
  • Pass the Popcorn
    Eddy: What do I look like, some popcorn fairy!?
    • In an earlier episode, where Ed sleepwalks and eats the entire Cul-De-Sac's food supply.:
    Eddy: Take a seat Sockhead, to the greatest show on Earth! *whips out some popcorn*
    Edd: Are you gonna share those?
  • Peek-a-Bangs: Marie sports a mixture of the sexy/deceptive variety.
  • Peeling Potatoes: "Will Work for Ed". Ed's first job on Rolf's farm.
    Rolf: Behold the potato! Bow to this fruit of the earth, and then peel it as if it were the last task of your miserable life!
  • Personal Raincloud: Jimmy had one in "Tinker Ed" after he found out fairy tales aren't real.
  • Perspective Magic "One + One = ED".
  • Pet the Dog:
    • Kevin has been able to strike up a polite conversation with Double D a few times. He even calls him "hombre" (dude).
    • In the Kankers' debut episode, they were actually pretty nice to the Eds, and not abhorrent at all. What caused them to go borderline crazy was the Eds' rude behavior towards them, and they actually got what they deserved in that episode.
  • Piano Drop: To get to the candy store, Eddy takes a shortcut through Jimmy's yard and runs under a ladder. Jimmy's "garden in the sky' then falls but misses Eddy. Eddy then starts to run, only to have a piano fall on him.
    Kevin: That's for gobbling all over my bike, dork!
  • Pink Girl, Blue Boy: Sarah and Jimmy. Sarah wears a pink tank top while Jimmy wears a blue shirt.
  • Power Trio:
    • Big, Thin, Short Trio: Ed, Edd, and Eddy in that order.
    • Blonde, Brunette, Redhead: The Kanker Sisters are May, Marie (who's stylized as blue), and Lee in that order.
    • Comic Trio: The Eds form one with Eddy as the Schemer, Ed as the Dumb Muscle, and Edd as the No Respect Guy.
    • Freudian Trio: The Eds usually follow the "Ego, Super Ego, Id" formation. Ed is the Ego, usually goes along with whatever Eddy's plan is but follows Edd as well. Eddy is the Id as he's the one coming up with the selfish plans and is ruled by his emotions and wants. Edd is the Super Ego, being the source of rules and the one to tell Eddy that his plan is doomed to fail or keep Ed from getting into too much trouble. Sometimes it mixes this up with Eddy being the Ego, having to mediate Ed and Double D so they can focus on his plan.
  • Precocious Crush: Sarah has one on Edd though it rarely shows up and doesn't stop her from beating on him.
  • Prematurely Marked Grave: A variation of this appears in "Know it All Ed", in which a squirt gun craze (actually turkey basters) cause the cul-de-sac kids to adopt a Wild West atmosphere; the Eds are set to face the Kankers in a high noon style showdown, but as they journey to the construction sight, they pass what looks like three graves dug in the ground for them—Ed thinks it's cool, and Edd is only frightened even more, but Eddy brushes it off. After they continue on their way, it turns out that they were individual mud pits that Rolf dug for his pigs.
  • Present Peeking: In "Jingle Jangle Eds", Eddy finds his Christmas presents and peeks inside, only to be severely disappointed. ("A dickie? They still make those?") He then goes house to house trying to get some of the other kid's presents instead.
  • Pro Wrestling Episode: "Tag Yer Ed"
  • Prank Injuries: In The Movie when the trio were in the gag factory.
  • Pushover Parents: Implied with Ed and Sarah's parents, who don't punish Sarah for her rude behavior—possibly due to fear.


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