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  • The earliest installments of Piper's Pit (with Roddy Piper) from the winter of 1984 were rather staid and unremarkable, with Piper simply insulting his guests (if they were faces) or dominating conversations to the point they couldn't get a word in edgewise. The first really lively Pit was taped March 6, 1984, with guest André the Giant, where Piper and Andre milked the segment for all it was worth: Piper insulted Andre's intelligence and suggested he was scared to face him in the ring, even going so far as to say he could slam him if given the chance. Andre finally had enough and picked Piper up by his T-shirt, leading to one of Piper's earliest trademark quotes: "You do NOT throw rocks at someone with a machine gun!"
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  • Prior to the rise of the National Wrestling Alliance 1948, the rival sports of pro boxing and pro wrestling were largely governed by the same athletic commission in the USA. Despite the rise of the NWA and UWA, however, a good deal of Mexican Lucha Libre is still governed by the same commission that handles boxing, though it is still a minor example since it used to be known as the wrestle y box, rather than the box y lucha libre.
  • Prior to 1956, not one of EMLL's anniversary shows took place in Arena México. After 1956, every last one of their anniversary shows took place there. Also, prior to 1977, there were multiple anniversary shows, rather than just one annually.
  • While the WWWA championship belts are mostly remembered for being the top titles in All Japan Women's Pro-Wrestling, they were originally the top titles of a rival foreign promotion that happened to have a prolonged foothold in AJW.
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  • When Frontier Martial-Arts Wrestling started out, it actually lived up to its name, pitting pro wrestlers against martial artists of other styles. However, as time went on "everything should be allowed in puroresu" started to reach it's logical extreme and FMW became best known for being that promotion that indirectly coined the term "Garbage Wrestler" and was most celebrated by it's fan base for showcasing several different styles of pro wrestling.
  • ECW was initially an old school regional based promotion note  before it adopted garbage wrestling and a heavier, more "extreme" atmosphere.
  • CZW may have the reputation of a No Budget Garbage Wrestler indie fed imitating ECW, but it's come a long way from its days as a backyard fed imitating ECW. It's gained locker rooms, which it fills with trained, licensed wrestlers and personnel. It actually gets the attention of and takes into mind the rules of athletic commissions. It runs in sporting venues, some of the same ones ECW did.
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  • Ring of Honor started out as a "super indie" with very open ended contracts to which only a few wrestlers were signed with the goal of simply showcasing the best in the world. This came to a fairly quick end when Ric Flair no showed an event without notice. Also, the company began as a money making vehicle for RF Video, who it broke away from after only two years. And it only did 20 something shows a year as a opposed to the 52+/one a week that would become standard when it got HD net.
  • Figure Four Online Weekly started out as a parody newsletter before becoming a legitimate extension of The Wrestling Observer.
  • Wrestle-1 was originally the name of crossover show hosted by All Japan Pro Wrestling but became better known as its own separate promotion when The Great Muta left All Japan out of shame for Taru's attack on Super Hate and most of the roster followed him when Nobuo Shiraishi decided declaring bankruptcy was better than letting Muta come back.
  • New Japan Pro-Wrestling's NEVER(New Blood Evolution Valiantly Eternal Radical) shows were supposed to be about young up and coming talent and independent circuit wrestlers who had not yet or had no desire to sign onto a major promotion long term. However, the NEVER Openweight Title belt has become best known for Katsuyori Shibata's battles to prove his superiority to New Japan's "Third Generation" and while many of the NEVER Six Man Tag Team Title holders are young and or independent wrestlers just as many have been in the major promotions for quite awhile such as Toru Yano Satoshi Kojima.
  • Watch any wrestler work a gimmick they had before becoming famous (e.g. The Undertaker during his "Mean" Mark Callous days), or during their days as a jobber or jobber-to-the-stars before they received gimmicks in the first place, and it will feel weird watching it.
  • The first Royal Rumble in 1988 featured only 20 wrestlers instead of 30. The stipulation that the winner would main event WrestleMania wasn't added until the 1993 edition.
  • The first WrestleMania is the only one not to have a major title defense (the main event was a tag team match featuring champion Hulk Hogan). The second WrestleMania was held in three different arenas (New York, Chicago, and Los Angeles) and was held on a Monday night.
  • Impact Wrestling started out as "NWA-TNA" running $10 weekly pay-per-view events (rather than more expensive monthly or quarterly events), heavily emphasized the T-and-A that it was originally named to suggest (including having scantily-clad dancers in cages, taking the WCW Nitro Girls concept Up to Eleven), and it was affiliated with the National Wrestling Alliance to give its titles some degree of credibility. Most of these components disappeared after the first couple of years, some much sooner.
  • The first Diva Search took place in 2003. It wasn't much more than a fan vote on the internet, and only had four contestants. The winner was a fitness model named Jamie Koeppe, who did one photoshoot for WWE magazine and was never heard from in the wrestling world again. It wasn't until the next one that the Diva Search became something that occurred on the live shows.
  • Solo Darling, so, so much. She won the WXW Women's Title (Wild Samoan Afa's promotion) before she developed her squirrel girl persona. There was her time as Tracy Smothers' "daughter" Christie Belle-Smothers. Quite unlike the Kid-Appeal Character she plays in her squirrel girl and killer bee modes, her character in NWA Ring Warriors was focused on Lust.

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