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Early Installment Weirdness / Live-Action TV

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  • This is quite common on panel shows where the format gets mixed around quite a lot in the early days and not every component remains. The first episode of Have I Got News for You featured eight different rounds, only four of which survived to the show's better-known format.
    • Anyone who has only started watching Have I Got News For You since 2003 may be surprised to learn that the show once had a regular host at all, never mind it being Angus Deayton.
    • The first two series of Would I Lie to You? featured more rounds and questions, a completely different set and the deadpan Angus Deayton as host. The show didn't really achieve success until it cut out the less amusing rounds, got a set with a brighter colour scheme and the more lively Rob Brydon as host.
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    • Played in the first two series of Mock the Week, in which Rory Bremner's impressions are a key part of the comedy before being dropped once he left the show.
      • In the first series, all six panellists participated in the Wheel Of News round. This was dropped to four in Series 2, three in Series 9, and then just two in Series 11.
    • For the first two series of QI, the 'obvious but wrong' answers were written on cards, which Stephen Fry would reveal when the answer was given as well as the sirens and flashing screens. In the very first proper episode, only the cards were used.
    • The first Big Fat Quiz of the Year (in 2004) had twelve rounds, one for each month, but subsequent years had six rounds by merging the months, while adding a few bonus rounds, before the rounds became topic-based in 2010. The first year also lacks a question where Jon Snow describes a song as if it were a news story.


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