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  • The final level of Hitman: Blood Money has a room that cannot be accessed without carefully placed teleportation skills using the Command Window. The room is the crematorium where 47 was to be killed.:, which, most likely would have been implemented, had the alternate ending not been chosen instead.
    • There is also the Mark III rifle, which, while fully functional and having a space in the Hideout in the SD version of the game, is unable to be obtained in-game without the give all cheat or modding it.
  • Aside from some data for the cancelled Thief II Gold bonus levels, the entire multiplayer feature in Thief II definitely counts. Cut from the game due to time constraints, multiplayer was later modded back in using netcode in the game's files, and maintains a small community of players.
  • Yandere Simulator has three characters who are no longer accessible except for modding them in:
    • The generic blue ponytail students from the first few builds (actually the original Aoi Kiryu model used for Yandere-chan), who were replaced by the Rainbow Six.
    • Victim-chan, a girl with two yellow pigtails who existed in an early, non-public build in order to demonstrate getting away with murder and the consequences for not cleaning up all evidence. Her routine was 'go talk to Senpai, then go stand by the incinerator'.
    • Witness-chan, a girl with red twin-tails who existed to demonstrate the Loner persona's reaction to murder. She would stand by the incinerator all day in a perfect position to witness you killing Victim-chan.


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