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  • Stern's Iron Maiden pinball was originally intended to have Machine Monotone speech, but it was removed as a cost-saving measure.
  • Gottlieb's Rescue 911 has four white targets on the playfield that serve no purpose. Rumors are that they were meant to spell K-I-R-K for a William Shatner tie-in mode, but it was removed when Shatner's likeness was not available.
  • Black Hole's rotating backglass and Machine Monotone speech were taken out of the exported versions of the game.
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  • Although Devil's Dare was designed with speech, most machines replaced the original sound/speech board with a sound-only board, leaving the game without any speech or music, and playing slot-machine-style chimes instead.
  • South Park originally had a "Carpet Munching Race" Video Mode — as Stan, the player competed against Cartman to see who could munch carpet faster and impress Ms. Ellen as the bigger Lesbian. It was disabled soon after the game's release at the insistence of Comedy Central, but ROMs with it re-enabled are available from after-market vendors. Click here for details on the mode.
  • Similarly, Williams Electronics' Star Trek: The Next Generation originally had a "secret Video Mode", which was a version of Breakout. It was disabled in the final game, supposedly to avoid a possible lawsuit from Atari. It can sometimes be seen during the attract mode, however.
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  • The basic ("Pro") edition of AC/DC omits the Underworld mini-playfield of the higher-end versions, replacing it with a caricature of lead guitarist Angus Young's face.
  • Pre-release advertisements for Laser War showed off a backbox topper that would display laser light patterns in time to the game action. Unfortunately, it was removed from the final game to cut costs, and only a handful of prototypes exist.
  • Data East's The Phantom of the Opera has a 'fast lock' light on the playfield that serves no purpose.
  • The Twilight Zone was initially designed for three magnets in the outer loop. One of them was dropped as a cost cutting measure. The home ROM is ready to use it if installed by the owner.
  • Williams Electronics' Judge Dredd pinball's Deadworld, originally intended as an elaborate ball-locking mechanism resembling a ringed planet. Balls would fall onto one of three holes on the slowly-rotating ring to be locked; then a crane would remove the balls one by one to start Multiball. Unfortunately the crane was complex and had reliability issues; and if it failed, the game would become unplayable. In the shipping machine, the holes in the ring were replaced by notches. The first two balls would not be physically locked at all; the third ball would still fall into a notch on the ring, and the crane would still try to remove it, but if the crane failed then the ball would simply fall out of the notch and onto the playfield as the ring continued to rotate. It is possible to reverse this change using hardware modifications and prototype ROMs, as described in this article.


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