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  • Lampshaded in the Casper review:
    Nostalgia Critic: I already had an abortion.
    (Casper stares at the Critic, wide-eyed)
    Nostalgia Critic: Okay, that was a little disturbing—
    Casper: Wow.
    Nostalgia Critic: Okay, that was a little dark humor, I mean it's nothing—
    Casper: Wow!
    Nostalgia Critic: Okay, okay, let's just move on!
    Casper: ...You sicken me.
  • The Nostalgia Critic has one of these reactions in his review for Tank Girl.
    Nostalgia Critic: Wow, that was offensive and unfunny. It's like a female Jeff Dunham.
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  • In Star Trek: The Motion Picture review, he jokes that Vger has no emotions or needs and so is the perfect woman. Immediately there's a chorus of feminine booing and he gets slapped. A few moments later he's on feminism's side and bashes Twilight for setting women's rights back years.
  • He's called himself out on this one, twice;
    • His joke about Splinter's VA sounding like a chain-smoker in TMNT (2007). It was Mako Iwamatsu, who had died of throat cancer before the movie was released, and the movie was dedicated to his memory. He apologized, mentioning he was completely unaware of any of it, and he's made a gag of walking on eggshells around his earlier roles, like in Sidekicks. He even honors the guy in his review of Pearl Harbor.
    • In the initial version of his Ernest Saves Christmas review, he told a joke about autism as a pot-shot to the puppet show's quality. He considers this a bigger mishap than screwing up basic math, and later edited it out because he found it too offensive.
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    • Sometimes, he catches himself about to make a quip that goes too far, stops himself, and the "Joke Aborted" screen shows.
    • The Ponyo review has him try his hardest not to make fun of then-recent events in Japan whenever tsunamis and flooding are brought up.
    "But hey, I'm sure that's a lot of people had when they went through- Ooh, dammit! You almost made make a joke about it!"
  • In his The Room review, the Critic is baffled that Johnny laughts at Mark's story about a woman beaten up by one of her boyfriends upon finding out of her many lovers.
    Critic: [fake laughter] That's not funny, you sick fuck.
  • In his review of Pearl Harbor, the Critic hits the Rage Breaking Point and delivers a hard-core "The Reason You Suck" Speech at Michael Bay for having a random Navy man hollering "I can't swim!" while his ship is sinking, calling it incredibly low for the sake of "ooh, America is suffering!". Turns out that it wasn't mandatory in the U.S. Navy for their shipmen to learn to swim until after this attack.
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  • In the behind the scenes video of The Shining review, Malcolm is the only one not laughing about his white-face and says that he doesn't know how to make it not offensive.
  • In an episode that had jokes with worse backlash, he chose to have the booing sound-clip in Dawn of the Commercials for when he ruins a sweet McDonald's commercial by calling it an advert for stranger danger.
  • The behind the scenes of The Lorax review had Rob asking why Doug why he is so mean-spirited to Once-ler fangirls, Loki fangirls and his own.
  • In the behind the scenes of Foodfight! (and later in "Disney Afternoon"'s commentary), Doug has a laugh about everyone who was upset (most saying the non-slapstick of it made them uncomfortable) by Critic abusing Malcolm in “Disney Afternoon”. Also invoked in the same video; Rob thinks Doug's jokes about being shitty to his wife are gross, and Doug teases that he's the worst husband ever for them.
  • In the behind of scenes of Jurassic Park III, Malcolm describes the 'Child Tamara getting abused by Doug' scene as “completely insane”. Rob also makes it very clear that he didn't have a hand in writing that scene and it was just Doug's brain. Lampshaded by the Critic himself during the review:
    Critic: ...Wow. I was in a dark place when I wrote that.
  • Avoided in Jingle All the Way, as a joke was originally going to be Critic hanging himself (quite realistically even) because of Sinbad's ranting. But as Doug explained, a white man, a noose, and a black man equals invoked Unfortunate Implications.
  • Invoked again by Doug in the Small Soldiers BTS, where he makes Nazi jokes and in the same breath makes fun of anyone who might be offended in the future.
  • In Rise Of The Commercials, he lampshades the shittiness of making fun of “Canada pointing out that 1 in 2 girls are assaulted” by saying he can't make fun of them for anything else.
  • Doug mentioned the backlash to the Bridge to Terabithia episode in the “real thoughts” review, giggling over how mean the title card was and side-stepping the issue of calling a child too pretty, saying she just wasn't right for the role.
  • Talking in an interview about the Demolition Man review, Doug was disappointed to learn that tumblr didn't take his Take That! bait like he thought they would.
  • A joke not being funny was turned into the joke in his review of DuckTales when an episode has Webby paint herself up to look like a penguin, complete with painting her face black. Cue Doug visibly straining to avoid grabbing the literal "MINSTREL SHOW JOKE" that was hovering over his head before flying away.
    Doug: The sacrifices I make for good taste!
  • Doug has something of a Heel Realization about all the jokes he's made at the expense of Patch Adams once Carin is murdered, as he fears he's been mocking someone who was killed in real life since the movie was Very Loosely Based on a True Story. After quickly Googling it and learning that not only was the person who Carin was based on a completely different man in real life, but that the movie was shamelessly disrespecting the man (who actually was murdered in real life under different circumstances) by changing his character so much to make something of a Love Interest out of him and tacking on a cheap Rape as Backstory onto her largely fictional character for drama, he flips out and has this reaction about the movie.
    Doug: (whipping the movie poster with his belt) BAD MOVIE! THAT'S A BAD, BAD MOVIE!! I AM SO ASHAMED OF YOU!! BAD MOVIE!! Okay, all bets are off! If this movie can't even represent a dead person by getting his GENDER right, NOT making up a false romance, ''AND A CHILD MOLESTING STORY, ALL OF IT FABRICATED... I mean, I know a person really was murdered in real life, but it wasn't the same way, it wasn't the same time, and it wasn't even the same gender as they're saying here. And what is so strange about this is that it totally proves why the method they're so poorly trying to convey to us wouldn't work! People do make bad choices when they're emotional, and bad things do happen! Again, the real teachings of the real Hunter Adams are much smarter than this. And by trying to simplify it to such a disgusting, fictionalized degree is absolutely HORRIBLE. Let me tell YOU something, movie. Maybe YOU should have been "emotionally invested" when you were representing the life of a man, his theories, his friends, his real life practices, and his actual hard work! FUCK...YOOOOOOOUUUUUUU!!!
  • His reaction to the "Institute for Sexually Molested Children" scene from Freddy Got Fingered. Understandably so, as it actually makes him disappear briefly.
    Doug: (hushed) I wasn't here for a second, was I? That scene actually took me someplace else. A place...not of this realm. It was not a good place. In fact, it was a very, very bad place. One of the worst places I've ever been. was so bad...I almost want to go back to it. I want to study it. I want to understand how, on every level of unpleasantness, this scene went above and beyond what I thought possible in a film. James Gunn was fired for tweeting scenes like this. And this guy was given $14 million to bring it to the big screen. I have never witnessed a scene like that in cinema. And only this story and this tone could build up to something so heinous. There is no place you can look, no area you can escape to, nothing else you can think about except every possible ugliness crammed into this one moment.
  • He laughs at a cat nearly getting caught in a trap during Sleepwalkers and then makes an "oh fuck" face when he realizes it looks like a real trap.
    • Subverted in his Blank Check review, where he makes a joke about Michael Jackson, waiting just under two months after his death, telling us it's no longer too soon and nothing we can say about him could take away what he truly was...
      Nostalgia Critic: Don't be afraid, people. No matter how hard you laugh, he will always be a genius.
    • Addressed by Rob after Justin's death, saying he was going to force Doug to hold himself back from writing suicide scenes/suicidal feelings with the Critic, at least for a short while. But Doug apparently didn't listen, as Ghost Dad was reviewed shortly after and it was entirely based on Critic making everyone think he had committed suicide. There was also the “Disney Afternoon” behind the scenes where he wanted to create a suicidal Straw Fan replacement of Douchey, and the “When Is A Movie Just A Movie” title card had Han Solo about to shoot himself.
    • In the Phantom commentary, Tim makes a joke about Prince's death (who had just died the afternoon of filming) and Doug and Beth both tell him "too soon!".
    • In Old Vs New: Cinderella around the same time, Hyper misinterprets Critic's statement that "Sometmes a prince leaves no impact on you whatsoever" (referring to the prince from Cinderella) and his later reference to the animated Cinderella prince having "A shit-ton of eyeliner" as a dig at the artist Prince, and tells him "too soon" both times.
  • In the review of Dreamcatcher, Chester A. Bum (a homeless man with mental problems) gets really upset at Stephen King's constant use of Neurodiversity Is Supernatural, here represented by Duddits, the psychic Manchild with Down Syndrome who may or may not be an alien.
    Chester A. Bum: You really think all of my mental problems is because I was an alien, huh?
    Nostalgia Critic: It's not like that...
    Chester A. Bum: No no no no, I get it! It can't be because of how I was born, or my environment! Clearly, being an alien explains it just as well!
    Nostalgia Critic: No, I...
    Chester A. Bum: It's like if an Asian person walks by and I'm like, "Ooh, maybe he looks that way because he's an alien! It's a perfectly legit reason!" I hope I will be seen as more than just an excuse for your stereotypes, sir!


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